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A humbling confession

I'm not going to mince words or sugar-coat things here... I think my best days as a gamer are behind me now. I don't even say this with a great deal of sadness or anything. It's just what it is. It's not so much that I don't have the interest in gaming or anything like that. It's just that with the way the industry has "progressed" the past 10 years or so, I've simply become an occasional participant. I've now become the guy that picks his spots and stays in a niche because the so-called "big" games have next to no appeal to me whatsoever.

To think that in the next few months, there will be five (FIVE) new systems on the market (3DS, Vita, Wii U, PS4, Xbox One), and not a single one of the has come close to compelling enough for me to take a plunge. Unlike in previous gens, where I didn't have a source of income and ways to buy video game systems and titles in a timely manner, I could go out and have a new system tomorrow if I wanted to, but I simply have no desire to do so. And even as new installments of some of my all-time favorite franchises, like Mario and Pokemon, stare me in my face, I have no excitement for them, much less the games that get the front page attention most of the time on sites like this one.

Pretty sure I had a similar rant to this around this time last year, but I'm just as sure that things have gotten even worse now. Pretty soon, I'll have to change screennames or something, as Madmangamer doesn't really fit my persona these days, even if I still do play a handful of games pretty regularly.

Oh well. What can you do? :lol:


(Wow, haven't posted a blog entry here in a while.)

As a longtime gamer, Im learning that people are so closed-minded and misunderstanding of Nintendo these days, its a travesty. I dont know if I should laugh, cry, or be angry with many of my fellow gamers. Nevertheless, it does bring about an itch that I may find enough motivation to scratch soon enough

More as (and if) it develops.

I feel bad for Elise...

Howdy! Again, I post another blog entry after a considerable time of absence on this blog. It's official: My productivity is almost non-existent nowadays. *sighs* Enough about that, though. Over the weekend, I managed to pick up a couple of games, Fortune Street (Wii) and Sonic Generations (PS3). Both games have had moments of imperfections, but I'm glad to that my collection has to solid additions. As a matter of fact, I've already beaten the main story of Sonic Generations, which brings me to the topic of this entry.

Generations was no doubt a tribute to the history of Sonic, and in some ways, manages to show the good and the bad that the series has gone through over the years. However, that's not to say that this tribute is a shameless one. During the end credits, a certain someone caught my attention and got me pondering a few things. This certain someone was Princess Elise, the human co-star of the oft-panned Sonic the Hedgehog game from 2006. Personally speaking, I don't know much about her as a character, seeing as how I've never play Sonic '06 and probably never will. The only memories I have of her would be an interview with her voice actress, a few images, and to a lesser extent, that infamous scene where she plants one on Sonic. And to be perfectly honest, that's what bugs me. (I know, who wasn't disturbed by that last bit, but that's not what I meant... lol)

I bring this up being admittedly ignorant as to how her tale in Sonic '06 unfolded and exactly what Sega/Sonic Team's plans for her ever really were. Nevertheless, I feel as though this is a character whose fate has been sealed by the fact her initial role just so happened to be part of a disasterous game. No, I'm not about to make some 'equal rights' rant about the whole thing, but it still bums me out that the chance of seeing her again in a future Sonic game are probably slim to none now. Ironically enough, one of my favorite stages from Generations just so happens to be Crisis City from Sonic '06, so perhaps I feel a little sympathy for Elise, being a part of that game that hasn't gotten the same exposure as a character like Silver. Not to mention when I think about games like the Mario&Sonic series, I think she would have made at least a great cameo.

The fact that seeing a half-second image of her during a montage video was the first time in years Elise has even come to my mind made me realize that she's pretty much has become a forgettable part of Sonic history, and that's a bummer. So until further notice, I think I'm going to challenge myself to keep Elise in mind and hope that her Sonic-related future doesn't always remain blank because of a train wreck. Of course, this could have easily been a topic about Big the Cat, Fang, or some other long-forgotten Sonic character(s) that Generations failed to acknowledge, but you don't get many opportunities to stand up for a princess. :P

My next act: decide! :P

So much for my increased activity, huh? As usual, I have desire to put together things on my GS page, but I'm stuck between different ideas. So, I thought I would see how things would fare if my decision was out of my hands. Simply put, I'm going to leave my next journal entry AND review in the hands of whoever reads this blog entry. I'll leave the choices now.

Journal possibilities:

  • Top 10 video games of all-time (my favorites, that is)
  • Top 10 Wii games of all-time
  • Gaming guilty pleasures
  • My Nintendo assessment post-Wii U launch


  • Super Mario Galaxy
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 2
  • Kirby's Epic Yarn/Kirby's Return to Dreamland/Kirby's Dream Collection
  • The Last Story

I think that'll do for the moment. If this doesn't work, back to Plan A, obviously... :P

An unusual Monster/Zombie pairing spicing things up.

Yo! Hope everyone is doing alright and enjoyed their Thanksgiving/Black Friday endeavors, provided that you had any. The past few days, I've actually had a few topics of discussion on my mind, but instead of creating a more serious blog, my most recent gaming activity has inspired me to simply speak about a couple of games that I'm currently playing. They both involve a healthy dosage of monsters or the undead, as the title suggests, but they're also night and day in terms of atmosphere and intended appeal.

To be honest, though, it's really the first of the two games that's the mold breaker here, but for me, it's also a venture into a familiar land and an even more familiar series. That game would be Pokemon Black 2. I would have gotten Black 2/White 2 sooner, but I was actually held up by my indecision over which version to get. Yeah... I still do that after all of these years. :P Nevertheless, I've enjoyed my return to Unova a lot over the past week. Honestly, I've found this gen's Pokemon games to be more challenging and deeper titles than in the past, even though I'm more familiar with the core game than ever, which is kinda cool. I actually felt the need to grind through most of Black 2 to this point in order to keep my team strong enough, but now that I'm at Victory Road, things are finally starting to take form as usual.

The game as a whole has been great, though. As a fan of the series since the late Red/Blue early Yellow days, I can appreciate the subtle refinements and tweaks the series has made over the years, even as many gripe about the series not evolving. Black 2 is no different, and I've actually gotten a kick out of things like the more individualized Gyms, new side activities, and even things like using multiple Repels without going to the menu screen each and every time. And while I'm at it, while Victory Road is usually one of my least favorite areas in a Pokemon game, I'm loving Black 2's so far, as it feels more organic than any other Victory Road in the series. Again, longtime Pokemon fan here... :P

On the other hand, there's that game that features zombies where I have no familiarity with at all. As a matter of fact, my history with Lollipop Chainsaw's developer pedigree has not been very enjoyable at all. I've actually mentioned the fact that I've had trouble finding what makes Suda 51's games worthwhile from strictly a gameplay point of view. I managed to play Killer 7 for about 10 mintues before realizing that its control scheme simply didn't work for me, and I only got through one of No More Heroes' levels when I just knew that the game's action wasn't going to keep me engaged. Therefore, to play a Suda 51 game past the first stage where I'm actually looking forward to playing more is a shocking [and pleasant] experience.

Just as shocking is despite the fact that the game's nature is very explicit, something that's usually a red light for me, it hasn't bugged me much to this point. By comparison, Bayonetta's whole demonic vs. [supposed] angelic angle bugged me a lot more. And honestly, I find myself enjoying Lollipop Chainsaw more at this point, albeit still quite early at the moment. It's no Ninja Gaiden, nor would it be the kind of game I'd pay $60 for, but at the more modest price of $25, I think I actually found a nice addition to my PS3 collection, which is starting to come along nicely.

Well, there you have it. A couple of games that have made my gaming life more interesting, all of a sudden. In other semi-related news, I'm still trying to decide what game(s) I'd like to review. I have a few in mind, but that first step's the hardest, you know? :P As always, though, I'm open for suggestions. And I think I'll call it an entry now. Thanks for reading and later!

Feeling (Almost) Good Again

Howdy! Man, a couple of months sure can fly by these days, but in any case, it's good to be doing this again. I thought now would be a good time to follow-up on my last blog entry and the "changes" I was planning to make. I will say that it's nowhere as dramatic that I made them seem a couple of months ago, but I'm pleased to say that I'm starting to see some. The most obvious change I've made would in fact be my activity on the gaming forums, which has decreased dramatically. It's something that I planned on doing ages ago, but now, for the first time, I feel like the 'politics of gaming' mean very little to me, which is kinda cool, even though I do miss the occassional intelligent gaming-related discussion.

And speaking of politics, I'm pleased the political season here in the US has come to a close. This one, in particular, has been on my mind so much in the past month, it was stress in itself. Granted, it was a pretty big deal, but I always seem to carry on things in my mind longer than I should, so it's nice to see some sort of closure. Perhaps the reason I've been feeling so bummed lately would because of my tendency to have my mind clouded by so much of what is usually very little.

But for the first time in a while, I'm starting to feel loose and free again. It also helps that I've officially burned myself out with DOA5 at the moment, so I can actually focus on a few things I'd like to accomplish. One of those things would be re-igniting my creative endeavors, and as far as this site goes, it most likely means that I'll be cooking up a review or two down the line. I also want to try my hand at a FAQ, depending on whether or not the game in question has gotten its share of them already (which it probably hasn't).

All of this is coming the day after my 25th birthday, too. Hard to believe that I've been on this earth this long, and I'm not going to lie... I thought I would have progressed much further than I have in life. Nevertheless, I still believe in myself, my morals, faith, and dreams, and I'm still pretty young at heart. I'm still very raw and untraining in the areas I wish to develop, but I'm still working on making my goals a reality one day, even if its in a very humble fashion at the moment. But, I digress. This wasn't supposed to be THAT kind of an entry, so I'll quit while I'm ahead. :P

But yeah... things are starting to look up again, and I thought it was worthy of blogging about at the moment. Thanks for reading. :)

Making changes.

There are points in time where we all come across an impasse and must make decisions. For me, this appears to be one of those times.

At the moment, it's nothing too drastic, but here's hoping some sort of domino effect can take place (and for the good, I might add). In recent weeks, I've felt a sense of stagnation in my life's progress on a multitude of levels. For the sake of keeping this blog entry somewhat readable, however, I'll just talk about what's relevant with this site for the most part. :P

More than at anytime I can remember, not only has my activity of this site has been pretty low, my interests in gaming in general has been almost non-existant. I suppose that's what happens at a time where next to nothing on the market appeals to you and when your favorite system of the generation (Wii) begins to make the transtition to something you couldn't care less for (Wii U), but it's still an odd feeling nevertheless. Fortunately, there are a couple of games (Kirby's Dream Collection and Dead or Alive 5) that should be arriving at my home in the coming week that will serve as some redeemable avenues within my lifelong hobby of gaming. Still, I can't help but believe more and more in a notion that I've had for months now:

I'm losing, no, I'm out of touch with video games.

Still, I do have a passion for video games as a whole, even if that passion is mostly dormant at the time, and the last thing I want to do is announce a farewell speech to the various people that I've grown a lot of respect for over the years. The challenge at hand here is remaining engaged within a field that I really have little interest in at this point in time and even feel like I shouldn't be. As I said earlier, it looks like I've come across an impasse. Therefore, I think now would be as good of a time as any to start making changes to how I engage myself with video games, including on this very site.

I'm not sure what those changes are at the moment, to be honest, nor can I say if it would involve me to change the tone in which I handle myself (not to worry about this too much, though, as I will always try to be as respectful as I can). Nevertheless, I'm going to accept the challenge of trying to break my own mold with the hope that it will create new opportunities and offer me a broader view of gaming and more importantly, myself. It's a bit sudden, but I'm also hoping that I can get the kind of support and direction I'll need to pull this off.

In a way, it's already underway. For starters, my PS3 is being formatted as we speak... but for the sake of trading it in for a new one, on top of getting rid of some "dead weight" in my collection, so to speak. I don't know where this will lead me, so wish me luck. :P

Gaming goals: My own and how do you approach yours?

Hey guys! For this blog entry, I thought I would take the time to offer insight on what I've been doing lately from a gaming perspective, while also hoping to get an idea of how other gamers deal with the same situation. A give-and-take kind of thing, if you will (obviously, the take part depends on feedback, but I'll worry about that later :P). Anyways, here goes.

The majority of my gaming actvity at this very moment revolves around a trio of things I'd like to accomplish. The origin of each goal is different, but I'd say I'm about as equally determined to take care of each one.

My first goal has to do with me improving my overall fighting game. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned that I'm a pretty big fan of fighting games in the past (and if I haven't there you go), and I've had my share of accomplishments that I'm pleased with. That said, I'm nowhere near the level of a tournament-quality fighter in any series, and my "greatness" really only extends to a relatively small circle of friends that I've competed with. Thanks to some direction from someone I met online playing Super Street Fighter IV a week ago, I was able to come across a couple of websites that offers guides and 'handbooks' detailing strategies and tactics that I've desired to obtain for sometime now.

Still, the interesting thing about this is that while I do enjoy Street Fighter from time to time, that's not even the series I'm most interested in improving my skills on, but since my goal is improving my overall fighting habits and strategy, it's not really about what game I'm playing as much as it is about what I'm doing, how to do it better, and what to do in certain situations that I struggle with. No doubt if I can understand these things better, I'll be able to apply them not only to my Street Fighter game, but other series as well. Still, from the looks of things, I have a lot to learn and a lot of work to do before I can get a real grip on my own play and refine it.

My second goal is clearer for to visualize (for me, at least). With the release of Kirby's Dream Collection, I thought I would be a great idea to pick up Return to Dreamland (a stellar platformer, I might add) and take care of some unfinished business and prepare myself for what's to come. I took care of part of that business earlier today when I finally beat 'The True Arena', and now it's my mission to obtain at least a Gold medal in each of the game's Challenge stages. The main motivation for doing this was discovering that Kirby's Dream Collection not only features six retro Kirby games, but new Return to Dreamland-inspired challenge stages to overcome. It's something I'm really looking forward to, but before I get myself worked up, I thought it might be wise to polish my Kirby-playing skills by working with the ones that are already accessible to me.

My third and final goal is one that I've been working on for months now: Completing every Team Mission in Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2. The good news is that I'm down to only three missions. The bad news is that those three missions have done nothing but give me FITS the past few months. It's been more of an 'on-and-off' assignment with this goal, but considering that I've put more effort into this goal than any other at the time (and has failed much more with this one), I suspect that overcoming this task will provide the most relief once I finish it (and I WILL beat those missions, somehow...). No doubt that my boss-fighting skills in the game could STILL use some work, though. I just need to figure out a way of going about refining them.

And there you have it. To be honest, I should probably talk about this sort of thing more, but the reason I don't is because I have a tendency to lay off a particular task for a long enough period of time to lose interest altogether. Probably the same reason why my collection of unbeaten games has grown so much over the past few years, as well, as I have a tough time getting back to games I don't finish then and there. Nevertheless, I thought it would be fun to share a bit of gaming activity to everyone else.

If you're still reading, I'm curious to know what is your way of handling your gaming related goals? Maybe a better question would be do you have gaming goals at all or simply go with the flow? Regardless, I'm interested in hearing about this sort of thing from my fellow gamers, as well as getting feedback, critiques, and advice from others on my triplet of gaming missions.

Anyways, thanks for taking time to read this. I know that my posts aren't always the easiest to read, due to their length and possible rambling, but I do appreciate it when I know that there are those who are willing to put up with them at the end of the day. I try. :P Take care!

Wow... :D

Over the past few days, I've been having a craving for some retro-gaming, if you will. In particular, there was a particular game that had been buzzing in my head: Super Mario 64. After evaluating my funds today, I decided to download the Virtual Console version of the game (wow, I've gotten lazy over the years, huh) and give it a go on the Wii. I only played it an hour, but here's the thing. That was probably the best hour of gaming I've had all year!

Despite the fact that part of my screenname pays homage to SM64 and it's my second favorite game ever, I had forgotten just how FUN the game can be. Not just any kind of fun, but the kind of 'pure' fun that's lost in gaming these days, for whatever reason. The kind of fun where you can take care of the task at hand while also being able to goof off in the process. The kind of fun that doesn't need the modern age 'enhancements' or as I'm calling them, distractions, such as gratutious violence, forced stories, off-the-wall profanity, etc. Those things have their perks, but playing SM64 is STILL a mind-blowing experience without needing to touch ANY of those elements.

I don't care to make this a rant, but let's just say I'm glad I took the moment (and $10) to re-experience the game for the first time in years. For the time being, it really has given me something of a spark of enthusiasm back that I had been sorely missing lately.


In other news, I made another gaming-related investment recently. Well, it's not an investment quite yet, as it's a pre-order. Remember the Dead or Alive 5 entry I made a while back? Well... I took the situation about a couple of steps further by pre-ordering the Collector's Edition version from GameStop and THEN opting for a 1-Day delivery, costing me darn near $100 in all. DEFINITELY not the everyday video game purchase for me, but I'm a sucker for things like artbooks and soundtracks, and it's not like I see myself buying many more games this year. :P

Now that I just looked at it, that Street Fighter collection ALSO looks interesting... but I don't see myself spending another $150 just yet, even if it does come with four games and a TON of extras... :P

Two VERY random thoughts

Cutting right to the chase here, too. ;)

First off, I believe I may be the ONLY person on this planet that has played the Zelda games over the years and cannot stand Midna. ...Ok, so maybe there are two other people that didn't care for them, but we've yet to meet. :P Why, you ask? First of all, her attitude at the start really rubbed me the wrong way. In fact, I didn't see her as any better than Tatl from Majora's Mask in that regard. As part of a game-guiding concept that began with Navi in OoT, Midna seemed designed to force players to fend for themselves while being bullied in the process.

So yeah, there's the fact that Midna's character wasn't the best to be around, but what makes it worse is that she pretty much dominates the story of Twilight Princess once it picks up. Yeah, there's something about a Zelda, a Ganondorf, and some guy named Zant who totally drops the villainy ball once you get a chance to fight him, but beyond that, the game just makes you a tool to do that little imp's bidding. I guess it has something to do with Nintendo wanting to drive an emotional impact with the game at the time of its development (among other things that makes TP a game that left a bitter taste in my mouth), but the only thing I wanted to do was drive Midna off a cliff or something. I guess Nintendo felt the need to 'reward' the players at the game by making Midna transform into a more human-like creature, but by that time, I was so ready to break the bond between myself and Midna, I couldn't care less about the little eye-candy Nintendo offered. :P

Still, those aren't even the things I despise most about Midna. It's actually one instance when I actually asked for her help in a dungeon, only for her to suggest that I should look at my map. To this day, I still find that the most pointless 'advice' I've ever received from a Zelda game, including EVERYTHING that came out of Navi's mouth. Man, how much more of a fan I became of hers after TP... :P


Ok, so that was topic one. Topic two has to do with me watching the movie 'Street Fighter' tonight out of the blue. Normally, I don't critique movies, especially video game movies, which are oftentimes predictably bad enough on their own, but I must say... I actually get a kick from Street Fighter. Oh no... it's not because the movie has anything good going for it. In fact, it's so inaccurate and off-the-wall bad that I can't help but like it. If it wasn't for the names and the 'likeness' of the characters, you'd hardly think that it was based off the video games. However, the fact that it is based off the Street Fighter franchise and still manages to be so wrong in so many areas is what allows me to appreciate it in some bizarre way.

And right now, I'm watching Mortal Kombat as a follow-up. Truth be told, that's actually my favorite video game movie ever! :P

Well, I think that's enough for now. Just thought I'd spice this blog up with an entry from out of nowhere. I hope you all have enjoyed this. lol