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A brief visit to say an overdue goodbye.

Straight and simple. I stumbled back across GameSpot (hard not to), checked my account, and noticed I had never said goodbye to one of the first forums I had ever lived on.

So, so long Glitchspot. Thanks for teaching me photoshop.

I can be found at the Gerstmann site, living on a GiantBomb.

- Carna mi Fin-nor.

GG Have Batman.

Topic: Stephen Harper || Category: Rant

First of all. I don't have a topic title. I don't want to think of a topic title. This is just another rant, SO WHY MUST I HAVE A TITLE!!? Maybe by the end of this I'll think up a boring title that doesn't grab too much attention. Something discreet, boring, unneccessary, unmoral, useless and a jerk.

This is brutal. I just had my internet suddenly shut down, so I rewrote the blog. Then, suddenly, the internet popped back up again after I finished the remade blog. So I have two different blogs here, both of them differing, and I'm not sure which one to post. Well, I'll do both. Mesh 'em together. Here goes the first part:

Well, I'm not quite sure what got me to posting a blog. For some reason I just tapped onto GS, clicked my name, and here I am. I guess I'll write a general overview of the past while for me since I haven't been in touch for you guys in a while. This time, I'm not going to talk about how much I've missed GS, because I have done so for the past few blogs - and (oh, piss) there I went and became a hypocrite.

Sorry, my mind is in the hay right now. And with it general typing abilities.

Anywho. I have currently finished reading the following books, just let me know if you want my opinion on any of them. Don't PS me, because I have had a nasty habit of just deleting all the messages from there (sorry if someone was trying to contact me - though I don't know what it could be about). Well, here's the list:

Mass Effect: Revelation

Under a Velvet Cloak

Cube's Quest

House of the Scorpion

Flowers for Algernon

Lord of the Flies (again)

And I think I read some others, though they aren't coming to mind right now. And I'm currently reading Foundation, The World Without Us, The Time Traveler's Wife, Currant Events, and Robot Adept. And that's the reasont that I haven't read many books lately; I'm busy reading them all! I was also reading a book called 'American Gods,' but it was so odd and confusing that I had to put it down. Anyways, I've also resubscribed from my next year of Scientific American, but I haven't resubscribed for PC Gamer.

Programming-wise, I am/have making/made an awesome java game. The reason for the slashes (/), is because it is a step-by-step process. I currently have it avaible as a single-player-shoot-the-turret-glitchy-game. But, I plan to hook it up over the school servers and see where it goes from there. Ah! Forgot to talk about it! It's a wickedly-amateur game, same view as the Synergistic Studios 'Dodgeball' game, except a shooter. You move around with WASD, and the guy faces wherever the mouse is. Click to shoot, run away from bullets, and it's non-stop action until the game stops. (I know that doesn't make sense - but it will eventually be non-stop action, because it'll be hell to try to make it stop). Anywho, I have great (somewhat great) expectations for it. That computer programming award at the school is mine! ...Next year at least...

As for Writing, I have continued in my incredible quest to write a novel. The first chapter and most of the second chapter are done, and if any of you like sci-fi; read it, weep, and criticize! Go all out with the latter, but weep only in limited quantities. If your keyboards short out from water damage (or tear damage) it'll be hard to criticize the work. It's known as; the Aperture. Epic name. And the first bit of the first chapter is available at: If you don't like, here's a pdf from

Mind that though there's a bunch of short chapters, all the ones with the same name are in fact the same chapter. I found that no one liked to comment or read stories with A LOT of visible writing, so I cut it short for criticism's sake.

As for what I'm most thrilled about coming up. PROTOTYPE! I have been the proudest fan since they announced it. From the first time I saw it, I knew it could be epic. I had my doubts along the way; they could have easily destroyed the game. And they still could easily do so. But from what I see, they've made one hell of a game, and I can't wait until it's released.

As for recent, BIOSHOCK 2!! You get to be a big daddy! Awesome. Apparently they're making the big daddy faster and stuff, saying that they were old and slow in the first game. It's a bit of a messy reason, but understandable. Also, you'll still be able to use plasmids, though they're changing the levels for them around a bit. Good improvement. Can't wait for the game, the story looks amazing, and I wonder if you'll meet other big daddies? Will you have big daddy versus big daddy fights? That would be wicked. The idea of the Big Sister freaks me out though, she's going to be the scariest person in the game. But they better, and they will, make the sequel rock.

As for me, I really have to go to the washroom, so I've decided this is a viable point to end this blog. If you've got Steam, I'm chickengod98, or MadeinFinland depending. Still playing Team Fortress 2, though I've recently been replaying Far Cry 2. To those about to rock, I salute you. For the horde! Carna mi Fin-nor. Whatever else chants and departure-type things I could say. Salut, goodbye and ciao! Until the next time I blog.

PS. Be sure to check out the Aperture!


Well, it so far hasn't been the brightest month of the year, but I'll try to keep a few positive things in this blog :P Last week, it was announced that the lumber mill in my town is being shut down. Sadly, that's the place where my dad works, so my family is feeling a bit stressed now. This means that when I graduate, I won't have much parental financial support, and since the economy is crashing/crashed, the accounts set aside for my graduation are low. All of this pretty much narrows down that I will most likely be going to the Royal Military College, in Kingston, Ontario next year after my graduation, unless I come by alot of money via scholarships or becoming filthy rich fast.

But, school is going great! I just a great test in Calculus, and I'm proud to be one of the only students passing. In Chemistry, we recently had a distillation lab, which was wicked fun, and we are starting the Wave Model. In InfoTech, I'm still continuing with Java, and I've recently made an application where the user has to change morse code into english. I made a program that finds the derivative of a polynomial (took me two hours), and next week I hope to have another project in mind. In English, we have written a few short stories, and there's one of them that I loved. I loved it so much in fact, that I decided to continue it, and i'm on the second chapter, I'll give you guys a general overview about what's going to happen:

It's about my opinion of time travel paradox; if you change the past, will it change the present? My opinion is no, that Mother Nature will end up balancing herself out. The story revolves around a character named Marty Barlefour, who views the world as if it were an amusing game. Eventually, he will become more serious, and then he will learn that his past isn't how he thinks it is. Alot of the ideas in the book are based on Naked Singularities. What's a naked singularity? Well, a black hole has two main components, the singularity (the point in the center that all matter and light is drawn to) and the event horizon (the sphere that surrounds the singularity that shows at what point light is pulled in). The idea of a naked singularity is a black hole without an event horizon, or a singularity that emits energy as well as takes in.

This idea works with the story because according to Stephen Hawking's book 'A Brief History of Time,' if the star that forms the singularity is large enough, it may be possible for man to explore around the singularity, and time travel could be possible in this area. In story, the 'Aperture' is in fact a naked singularity of this type, except it is deformed in a way that only a section of it releases energy (still working on the 'how', probably going to have something to do with the gas density of the star). It's called the 'Aperture,' because it is at first emitting light from the Universes' past (and future) that a station can observe. Later, it is used as a time machine.. but I don't want to reveal too much.

I already have the first chapter uploaded on, and part of the second chapter. I'm updating it as soon as I can, although the story is susceptible to slight changements when I get new ideas.

Here's a link for you guys;

Let me know if you like the idea or not - I have a bit more to the story and characters, but I don't want to ruin it... if I end up actually going through and writing it!

And let me know whether you like it or not, along with any constructive critisicm! Feel free to either post on Booksie, or GS. But please do!

I'll blog again soon, but I have to prepare for a practice-interview I have tonight for getting my Private Power License for single-engined aircraft this summer. Wish me luck! And check out the story!!

-Carna mi Fin-nor

Happy Valentines Day!

I hope everyones enjoying their Valentines Day as much as I am. Odd how yesterday was Friday the 13th also.. Anyways, I stayed awake all night re-reading the Lord of the Flies, then sleeping in until everyone had left for work. Once I woke, I sat down at my computer and finished my 'morse code' java project for InfoTech. Naturally, due to my hesitancy of creating any kind of relations, I find myself once again inside during a sunny day, but I suppose that my getting outside yesterday should remedy that.

In further detail, my friend and I rented a Cessna 172 from an aviation company in town, and we took a flight around the local ski resort for an hour, snapping a few low-quality pictures through dusty canopy windows. It was an amazing flight, the weather was perfect and the turbulence was off on vacation. I didn't catch any glimpse of skiers from our elevation, but we saw a long line of miniature cars en route. I guess we had beaten everyone up there.

Yesterday, I bought some 'Crest White Strips' to counteract the effects of coffee. These things are a living hell. They are so sticky! The only think they won't stick to are your teeth, so after about an hour last night, I had them somewhat in place, with a few parts dangling out. I had shut my mouth tight, and my hands were dripping in my own saliva. After another half an hour of keeping them in, I finally could remove them, so again I had to get up and wash my hands afterwards. Again this morning, I put them in, with another half an hour of drudgery... these things better be worth it!!!!

At school, calculus is proving to be VERY challenging. Most fun I've ever had in a class. Who'd have thought that derivatives would be so much fun? My mark is probably lower than any other math mark I've ever had, but I'm actually learning things in the course, so I'm lovin' it.

I also have Chemistry this semester, which I'm loving too. It's interesting how slow some people can be in a lab; we were doing a simple lab to figure out the density of water. We filled up a micropipette with water, and weighed it. We emptied the micropipette into a graduated cylinder, measured the volume, then we measured the weight of the empty micropipette. After 6 successful and consistant trials, I showed the teacher, and he agreed that it was perfect. By the time I had done this, the person beside me was still on the first trial! I was slightly astounded, since we were three quarters of the way through the allowed time period.

Anyways, I leave for work in just under two hours, so I might as well go throw something to eat together. I hope everyone enjoys their Valentines Day, but don't overdo yourselves on chocolate :P Have a good one!

-Carna mi Fin-nor!

(Can't wait for Prototype!!!)

Greetings from Lost-Land

Well, time certainly has passed. How long has it been since I've check in? Far too long! I have become completly inactive and I was beginning to wonder what website this was I was using for a homepage. Upon clicking the vaguely familiar 'MadeinFinland' link in the topright corner, it all started rushing back in a huge torrent of water faster than my computer would ever manage to download in one sitting. Slowly, I'm beginning to realize that when I had suddenly dissapeared, I had completely forgotten about the graphics promised for Synergistic Studios. Chose promis, chose due. Sadly, my latest updates have left my technological pastime at a standstill. I'm sure you realize that an inevitable explanation will be exigé.

It all started at Christman time, when I received a 1/2 of a Tera hard drive (500GB). Naturally, while hooking it up, I was hit with a sad realization (hit hard too - still getting a few head pains) that in neglecting my computer tower's personal hygiene, several layers of muck had settled on everything. My video card was on the verge of death, so a new one was in order. So i bought a new one - AH3650 SILENT - which I don't find quite too bad. It's top of the line for my computer, which can't use anything else do to an out-of-date motherboard.

However, my computer now has two annoying problems:

A) Photoshop isn't working.. at all.

B) My computer restarts whenever I shut down.

Both problems can be easily remedied, but sadly I lack the willpower.

Well, today I received my SciAm - February 2009 - on Naked Singularities (black holes without the 'black') along with the routinely distributed Aviation Safety Letter from Transport Canada. The Safety Letter was sent mainly as a reminder to avoid hitting deer, and that birds prefer flying into wing-mounted engine aircraft rather than any others. Don't ask, it's based off of Canadian government analysis...

Anyhow, I"m heading over to Winterpeg (Winnipeg) for a week sometime during the upcoming months and then attending a gliding week in a neightbouring town. Should be a ton of fun. Maybe one day I'll have enough money to buy myself a Cessna. Ha! It'll be a few decades before I have that money. Although I do have enough for a segwey - with spinners.

Well it is time for me to bid everyone adieu, and let's hope it won't be another five months until my next renaissance blog.

Oh, and happy 2009~!

Once upon a blog.

Well, it's been a little while since my last blog, but not nearly so long as the gap between that blog and the one before, but a nice bit of time has it been. Still working at Tim Hortons, and for some odd reason.. WE SELL APPLES NOW!!?!?!? Just imagine this scenario:

-"Hi there, I'd like a Large Double Double and a nutritious apple."

Who wants an apple with their coffee? Sometimes two opposites work well, such as toast and chocolate sauce, but a coffee and an apple? Sure it's nutritious, but most people who enter Tim Hortons are after a coffee and donut!

Anyhow, I've started completing graphics for Synergistic Studios, just as I said I was going to. I've so far gotten several sprites done, and I must admit that I am getting much better at making them!

That's skill right there :D

Lately, I've bought several movies, or else my parents have bought. THe most I can remember are Sweeny Todd, Virtuosity, Snatch, and Swordfish.

Sweeny Todd is a very interesting movie starring Johnny Depp. He is the 'demon barber of Fleet Street.' When people come in for a shave, he kills them, and the lady he's living with (his wife IRL) turns them into meat pies. It's a very dark and gory movie.

I couldn't understand the movie Snatch most of the time, since half of them had incomprehensible accents, but there was a very interesting plot underneath once you got past all the cursing.

I really enjoyed Virtuosity, as any geek would. A crazy computer (actor from Gladiator) comes to life and Denzel Washington has to kill him. It is a really fun movie, and quite intriguing.

I've seen Swordfish before on the television, and it's quite spectacular. It's also one of a geek's favourites (main character is the Wolverine from X-Men and is a world-****hacker).

Beyond movies, I'm still playing The Witcher and Team Fortress 2. The Witcher is proving to be a VERY long game (which is a good thing), and Team Fortress 2 always gives some sweet action. In fact, I'm getting a whiff of rocket-jumping-addiction madness coming... must play!!!! Now excuse me as I end this blog early.

-Carna mi Fin-nor

I know you've all missed me.

Well, it has been approximately two months minus one day since my last blog. But does that mean I haven't been paying attention to GameSpot!!????! Yes... that's exactly what it means. NOW!!! Prepare for a long blog!

Although I've been virtual inactive for the past two months (actually more than that), I feel like it's about time to rejoin all of you on GS, and all the other websites I've been missing out on.

As for a quick refreshment of what's happening IRL, I got a job in March at Tim Hortons!!!! Sadly, we ran out of Roll Up the Rim cups last week..

Since I've left you, I've gotten two new games, (other than the orange box which I talked about two months ago, and I still love Team Fortress 2).

I bought 'The Witcher.' It is a very... interesting.. game that seems to have a story nearly solely devoted to copulating with the opposite sex.

I've also finally brought myself around to buying the original Starcraft (BattleChest), of which I haven't beaten, but is still wicked fun (graphics aren't the greatest since the game is a bit older, but they still beat games such as RuneScape).

As for books, I have read ALOT... I have read... let me think.. about a dozen books, all written by the greatest author ever; Piers Anthony. I am currently on 'Vision of Tarot,' by Piers Anthony, which is the second book in the Tarot triligy.

As of television and music, I have fallen in love with the movie 'Across the Universe,' which is an interesting musical. I normally dislike musicals, but every song in this movie is done by the Beatles, and the plot is based off the songs also. I was slightly disappointed when they didn't play the 'Yellow Submarine' song though. In addition to watching that movie, I've also gotten 'V for Vendetta,' which is a very entertaining (and worth getting) action/mystery movie written by the same writers of the Matrix. I've also gotten a few others, but none worth noting, since they weren't very good... (don't buy 'Unbreakable,' it's nice to see once, but dull to watch again).

At school, everything's going fine. In InfoTech, I successfully completed a game of normal pong with java, along with a game of four-way pong (up to four players, it's pretty sweet). But then, last Thursday, someone had come into the computer lab and had stolen two computers, one of them my own. All my sweet programming gone!!! Nonetheless, the teacher had seen what I had done, I had learned alot, so it's no biggy. But who in their right mind would steal a Mac!??

In Planning, we're in the 'Health' portion now, and I got really cocky on one question. It was roughly; 'What is the worst thing that you could imagine that could happen if you were in a car crash?' My friend answered 'Paralyzed.' I however wrote something entirely different, and I'll tyr to write it here, although it's hard to explain in writing:

'According to Murphy's Law; The worst thing that could happen, would happen, so obviously I'd expect the worst. However, whenever you think something can't get worse, it does! So it would be futile to expect that whatever I could imagine would be the worst, because there would surely be something worst than that worst! So, in order to reduce the worst that would happen to me in a car accident, my chances would be better if I were not to think of the worst, because the worst does not have to be that much worst!'

I'm sure most people understood the start, but then my logic seems to become only fit for my own individaul mind, which was, and is still, completely haywire off of caffeine.

In Science **** I am currently at 95%, not my best, but a decent mark :P We are currently on Biology, one of the lamest subjects. We've already finished chemistry, and next we will be into physics, the greatest! Then Earth Science... (ew)

As for math... wow, I have one of the stupid ****s. About half my ****has dropped the **** I am the only one with an A, actually, the only one above 75%!!!! Most of the time, we have an average of 7 kids in the ****!!!

Last weekend, I was out in the bush for cadets, and I got a horrible cold. Not a single one of us had showed up to school yesterday.... that's horrifically sad.

As for online, as I've said, I haven't been on for a while, and I am planning to get back into the forums, and back into Synergistic Studios. I sadly won't have any graphics done for the end of this month, but I plan to pull some graphics together for the following month.

There is very little else I can think of right now, other than the fact that I fell in love with French Vanilla Cappucinos today...

Well, ciao all! I hope to see you around DeviantArt, GS, and SS!!

-Carna mi Fin-nor, --------------- The cake is a lie...

Another one of those 'I've been gone, but not really gone' blogs

Last week I bought Half Life 2: The Orange Box, and I have been gaming on it ever since! Sorry to all who have missed me, since I've commented on barely anyone's blogs for the last who-knows-how-long. Everyday though, I do go visit the only two unions I ever visit anymore; Liquid Designs and Game Development Union.

However, I must admit the following; Portal is AWESOME!!!!! Half Life 2 is verrrrryyyyy loooonnnngggg, while the expansions aren't. And I pwn with the sniper in Team Fortress 2!

Portal took me about 2 hours, Half life 2 took 11 hours, Episode 1 took me 2 hours, and Episode 2 has so far taken me 3 hours (I can't beat the last chapter!!!)

Now, I gtg because deep inside me I can feel a rumbling hunger for food and some more TF2 action!

And remember! The cake is a lie.

Memorial Music

I have a question for you all. I know I always do, but I felt just declaring that first.

What song best represents you?

It could be your favourite song, it could be somebody else's favourite song.. Perhaps some better questions are

What song would you like at your memorial service/funeral?

What song do you want everyone to remember you by?

I'm trying to figure out what song I'd like at my funeral. It's hard to decide between '99 Red Balloons' (GoldFinger) and 'Somebody to Love' (Queen).

Subconscious Calculations

Have you ever found that you unnoticeably count things?

For some reason, I can remember how many stairs there are in my house, how many stairs are at school, and how many stairs there are in a church that I've only entered once. I don't know why, but I can't help but count stairs.

In my house, there are fourteen stairs.

At my school, there are two sets of stairs I use. The outside one has eleven stairs, and the inside one has two fleets of ten stairs.

At the church I've only entered once, there are two sets of stairs: 11 steps, then 3 steps.

Have you ever found that you count things without ever deciding to?

-Carna mi Fin-nor