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It's best used for scanning QR codes, voice commands, apps like Skype/Twitch streaming, for Kinect are nearing its end.

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Which is a better value? 960 GTX or MSI Radeon R9 280 Twin Frozr?

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Gamestop has some bundles for the 3DS XL as low as $149.99 starting today. I still think I'm going to wait for the new 3DS and pay the extra cash. I've waited this long as so what's another few months..

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I'm on 360 and XBONE. GT- MiniVking

I also have a lot of DLC for Rock Band 3 if anyone still plays it. For Xbox One, I have a bunch of games..including COD:AW, Madden 15, NBA 2K15, Destiny to name a few.

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NBA 2K15 without a second thought.

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@daddywoofdawg: it is impossible to play together online with different systems. You will both need the same system and same game to play online together.

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There's little reason to go digital for any games(besides arcade games) at this point. Plus, by getting the disc version, I can bring it anywhere with me.

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I like some racing games. I've come to accept I don't like the Forza Motorsport/GranTurismo simulation racing games, but I do enjoy games like Burnout and Need for Speed. I also enjoyed Midnight Club. I'd say my favorite though are Dirt 3 and Grid. Games that rely more on drifting/arcade elements along with realism.

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This has happened a few times to me. Yea it gets real loud for like a minute but then goes away. Hasn't happened again in a while so I'm not too worried.

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Games always matter the most. But I also do like PC gaming so I need one that is able to play most games at Medium-to-High settings @1080p. It doesn't hurt to have better graphics.