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My games

I havn't played my 360 in THREE weeks. Terrible right? Well I put in the first FPS (first person shooter) I saw in my game collection (which was Halo Reach) and I found that I sucked. It took me 3 hours to get back into the zone. Just wtf?

Oh and another thing, I hate it when I get an epic FPS and all of my other games go to hell. I havnen't touched Final Fantasy 13 since 2010. Wow. Like the main games I play are Dead space and Halo reach. Before I used to play a wide veriety. Like Scott Pilgrim, Star Ocean, Mirrors Edge. Just wtf..

Dead Space progress

So in Dead Space 1 I am so far near the Leviathan. I'm finding trouble upgrading my weapons because of my lack of nodes. Although I have over 60,000 credits in the bank, a nearly fully upgraded Plasma Cutter, and a Level 3 suit. The weapons I manly use are: Plasma Cutter, Pulse Rifle (for those annoying little bugs that come out of preggys), sometimes Ripper (Brute fights) and rarely Line Gun. Brute fights ANNOY ME. They are the only necromorph so far in the game to kill me (seriously).

Any tips on the Leviathan? Cause I havn't gotten used to the Dead Space 1's way of Zero G travel while in Dead Space 2 I perfer it MUCH more.

Down with Unitoligy?

Unitoligy, the religion that people believe in the Dead Space Universe. Aliens of a greater power created the humans.. The Aliens as in the Necromorphs.. Life is eternal for a Necromorph. Life after Death is what the Unitoligists believe in. If you do not understand then it means you will become the greater power after Death. In game wise, A freaking infecter will find you and make you into a Necromorph. Unitoligy is seen many times in Dead Space 2 as Issac explores it countless times. Also did you know Issac's mother was a Unitoligist and spent all the family funds on Unitoligy?

So what do you guys think? Down with Unitoligy? Or Up?

Dead Space

I am a brand new fanboy to the series. It all started with Dead Space 2. A friend let me borrow it for a while and I beat it, and extremely loved it. I even watched a few parts of the movie. (In Aftermath i'm up to the part where Cho finds Nolan in his room where he brutally killed his family) and I am desperate to buy the comic. I also have been reading the Dead Space wiki A LOT.

Alan Wake progress...

So, I beat the game on Normal and Hard and I started my progress on Nightmare. So far, Im at episode 2 and so far I noticed that I just have to keep running while fighting taken because I can really waste my ammo on them since in Nightmare they take 4 bullets to kill and the bosses are Ridiculous! I mean using the Revolver it takes like 18 bullets to kill them! (Since the revolver has 6 bullets and the bosses can take 3 rounds so 3x6=18)

But in some cases, you need to fight the taken to get through because those mofos can catch up! You know in episode 2, you get ambushed by taken and you need to run through because behind them not far is a safe haven and GOD IS IT HARD TO PAS THROUGH. Yesterday I almost made it but my parents turned off my 360 -__-.

Is Nightmare just an ammo waster or what?

My top 10 games of 2010. ~Be advised, some games here came out before 2010

This year has closed and I want to just tell everyone my top 10 list for 2010. Some people may not totally agree with my list but hey, Its my opinion. Be Advised that some of these games came out before 2010. This list is about the greatest games I have played this year.

Here we go.

Number 10:

Megaman 10

I found this game to be difficult but very satisfying. Im just glad Capcom's paying attention to the original series that started it off and not pay attention to the Zero series (Which is considered the worst in the Megaman Series,). This game goes back to the original layout like the NES version. The Blue Bomber is the same like the NES version. The background is back to its 8-bit usual self and many more. This game brought me into this Megaman craze even though I only have the demo and I FINALLY bought 1600 microsoft points to buy Megaman 9 and 10! Okay Fanboys! On to Number 9!

Number 9!:

Im going to get a lot of hate but... Final Fantasy 13 goes on this list!

Even thought I havn't beaten this game (Because of Snow's stupid Eidolon battle D:

Greatest Series ever? Opinions count.

There are many discussions of the greatest video game series ever. Series that started from the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) to the Wii, Playstation 3, and Xbox360. I KNOW that our favorite series has evolved in many ways. Ill stop talking and get to the important stuff.

For me isn't it obvious? I think Megaman is the greatest series ever. Even though the plot is simple "Dr.Wily (not always Wily) is trying to take over the world! He has created 8 Robotmasters to try and take you down!" Also when I say Megaman I mean the ORIGINAL Megaman series. Not the X or Starforce series (Even though they ARE pretty good.) The Blue Bomber hasn't had much of a design change over the years. He started with the weapon we know and love, the blaster. Yellow dots destroying enemies. Then Until Megaman 4 (I think) were we introduced to the charger. Charge up your blaster and let out a bolt of energy destroying the enemy. In Megaman 3 we were introduced to Megamans dog, Rush. Rush provided us with a jump boost. Well enough about the weapons, what is your favorite Video Game Series?