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Achievements Not synced

I have wanted to set up my achievements for gs and went to sync this account with my xbox live account and nothing is working. i have a message that things will sync shortly and it has been days and nothing has happend. i have a play fire account but nothing is happening. if anyone can help with this to fix the problem i would be very grateful. until next time....

This is a strange yet familiar place

I have been getting reacclimatted to gs. It feels weird to have been gone so long. So much has changed. I see my old friends are still here which is really nice to see. Most will be shocked or stunned to see me back. The state of unions was loosing ground when i left and now it seems like unions are all but dead. gamespace banner union's demise is nothing short of shocking. I figured most unions would die except this one due new game spaces needing art to represent them while old games needing a fresh new look, things have changed. I hope to get caught up with old friends and hopefully make new ones. I am trying to get used to the new gs layout and hope that my achievements get loaded soon. I have alot to sync with gs so it may be awhile. Until next time....

Stranger Among Us

Surprise..... It has been 4 years and counting E3 2013 brought me back to gs. So much has changed which is good. I am going to be in and out on gs but wanted to say hi. I converted to an xbox fanboy and lost my taste for sony. Even though i have my old ps2 and still enjoy it. I will be curious to see if sony can win me back as my console of choise but for now i will content myself to play classic ps2 games, enjoy my love of xbox, and learning to navigate the updated version of gs.

until next time...:shock:

The Real World Is No Fun

Hello to all my friends here on gamespot. I have not been on gs alot lately because my personal life is in a tail spin. I have fallen into a financial black hole. As a result of this i am unable to keep the home that i'm in and am forced to find a new place to live. Fortunately, i am clear that if things don't change quickly foreclosure will be beating down my door. So I am acting now rather than waiting for this to happen.

I must find homes for many of my pets even tho i will be able to take some with me. I have a family member who is having some medical issues and i am praying that things will not take a turn for the worst.

I'll be on gs when i can, i miss all of my friends here at gs and would like nothing better than to hang around here all of the time, because gs is alot more fun than the real world. This is life however and this to shall pass.

I'm definately not leaving gs i'm just not going to be on as much for a while. When thins settle down i'll be more active.

I missed out on a new emblem and i'm not even concearned about this, because emblems are great but just not as important as food on the table and a warm bed to sleep in.

I will be checking in as often as i can untill things settle down.

Untill next time.....

Emblem Lovers Must Read

I wanted everyone to know that Gamespace Banner Union needs your help. They have been given a rare opportunity to create a new design emblem for the gamespot community, and they need all non members to get involved in the voting process. This will help narrow the field of choices. So if you love emblems and i know you do then here is your chance to be apart of emblem history. Go vote for your favorites and tell all of your friends to do the same.

Thanks for your support.

Until next time....

Another Year Older

Well another birthday has come and gone and i don't feel different yet i know that i am in many ways. I find myself at a cross road in my life and struggling with many philosophical type questions. The new year brings with it a new sence of ideas, thoughts, and politics. No one knows what the future brings yet I have a feeling that this year is going to be different some how. I guess i must quiet myself and try to find answers.

Created another profile banner with the hopes it will help me get my mind, body, and spirit ready for what the future holds. I know that I will continue to make friends here at gs, continue with designing while trying new things out and just plain having fun here on gs while all these other things find their rightful place where ever that may be.

All of this thinking leads me to this conclusion and it is very important to live in the moment because tommorrow is not promised to anyone and yesterday is gone forever. What ever answers i find will be when I am supposed to so with that i bid you all a farewell. Untill next time.....

New Year = New Perspectives

I sit here at my computer and i can not believe that we are now in a new year. Things arte spinning so fast and things change so quickly that it is easy to overlook what this all mans because we get caught up in the vaccume of such a crazy fast paced life.

I am not one for resolutions because, resolutions seem to make me feel pressured to get them done, i however have things i would like to see change in my life. So i have decided to slow my life down long enough to get some of these tasks done.

1. I have decided to not be my own worst enemy,but be my own best friend. People seem to be most hard on themselves and i'm no exception.

2. I want to give more time to things i love to do. Design, play music, and write.

3. I really want to more active in my unions without spending all day on gs if that is possible

4. Lastly, I want to take time to smell the roses.

The challenge then becomes to to the best that i can with each of these and let the chips fall where they may.

until next time.....

5 More Winning Entries

This will be very short blog today because i have alot going on in personal life most of it not good and I will be starting on things that need to be done for the GGBU that will be for tommorrow. Now For the good news i have 5 more banners that have been accepted in the win column bringing my total up to 17 since i have been designing. Befor getting to the winning banners congrats to all who had their banners acepted. Now for the new winners:

1. Postal 3

2. Monopoly

3. Naruto: The Broken Bond

4. Highlander

5. Go Sports Skydiving

Until next time....

First Review Is In The Books

I want to thank everyone for their great advise for writing reviews all of the information was very helpful. As a result i did my first review which was for gears of war 2 and not far cry 2. I reviewed gears 2 because this is a game that i have finished playing through completely. I have not finished far cry 2 and i thought that to do the review it would be best to complete the entire game.I look forward to what people think and i am confident that the more i do the better i will get and there is always a starting point. Thanks again. Macgyver40

Review of gears of war 2 found here

Until next time....

Advise For Writing Reviews

I need advise from my friends here on gamespot. I want to write my first review for the game far cry 2. I do alot of writing while not on gs and would like to throw my hat in the reviews ring. Since this is new territory for me i would like advise from the community on do's, don't's, and or tips for going about this. I enjoy writing anyways and want to be able to contribute to my love of gaming. Any and all advise is welcomed:D