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Stupid Things To Do

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Stupid Things To Do: 1. Putting your address on your home keys incase you lose them. 2. Trying to kill a bird by throwing it off a cliff. 3. Putting a porcupine down your pants whilst driving a rally car. 4. Teaching proper pronounciation to a class of deaf students. 5. Trying to teach blind people how to draw a picture of a pony. 6. Smoking marijuana while being tested for drugs. 7. Going to the toilet in your space suit while in the middle of space. 8. Erecting a massive metal needle during a huge storm. 9. Smashing your expensive electric guitar because it "won't play the song". 10. Not breathing as a way of stopping air polution. 11. Buying a new car just for that new car smell. 12. Masturbating while repairing a car engine. 13. Trying to breathe through your ears while 200m underwater. 14. Having sex with a shark. 15. Shaving your pubic hair and gluing it to your face to make everyone believe you've grown a moustache. 16. Licking the person next to you and saying "MMM... that's some good coconut." 17. Going skydiving in Iraq. 18. Wearing a shirt that says "I'm hungry, make my dinner woman!!!" to a feminist meeting. 19. Use the last pair of batteries to listen to SpiceGirls during a black out.