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Okami or GTA IV: Conclusion

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Well I made up my mind, I purchased Okami. Now I haven't played GTA yet but I can tell you I am very happy with Okami. I have only got about 4 hours logged in on the game but I'm liking it alot so far. It is a very artsy zelda style game. The controls are pretty good and the celestial brush feels about as natural as can be. So far I would recommend to anyone looking for a good adventure game on the Wii (or PS2 for that matter).

Okami or GTA IV

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Well, I have a dilemma. I just got Rock Band for my birthday so I don't have much money left. Help me choose. Should I get Okami or should I get GTA IV? I am somewhat leaning towards Okami because I haven't played a Zelda type game since, well since Zelda came out on the Wii.

It's Metroid Month.

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Well Metroid is almost here. I'm going to go out and pre-order my copy at EB. I was waiting to see if anyone was going to give out any freebies for the game but it doesn't look like it, so I will just do it at EB. As if I wasn't anxious enough for the game I see the blue light blinking on my Wii, which ends up leading me to teaser videos for the game. They will also be uploading new videos on the 13th for my enjoyment and to increase my anticipation for the game. This is actually a great way to get some news spread about the game to all those people with a Wii who don't know about the game but I've still yet to see a commercial for it on TV. I see Mario Strikers commercials all the time but no Metroid... Oh well, can't wait for it. I guess next month is Halo Month...

Halfway through school...

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Well I just took my last final earlier today. I've just completed my second year, which is supposed to be the hardest, and have two more years to go. I get a nice 4 month break, where I will be doing an internship to make some money to pay off my loans. I will also be making up for lost time and doing a lot of gaming (getting Paper Mario for my birthday) and playing lots of golf. Two more years to go...

My Wii FC

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Here is my FC for my Wii:

3534 4473 8410 8650

Reply to this or PM me to let me know that you have added me.

My Wii

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So I waited in line at Wally World for my Wii and I must say it was definately worth it. Zelda is the best game this year (although I haven't played Gears of War yet). I would recommend getting a Wii and Zelda as soon as possible.

New KoRn CD

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So I went out laid down 13 bones for the new KoRn CD. Since they lost one of their guitarist I knew it waould have a different sound then what I was used to. I was kind of let down that the CD wasn't as hard as some of the older stuff but it has slowly started to grow on me.

Well, that s it. I was bored and felt like typing something.

Forum Posts

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Well I never thought I would actually spend enough time to reach 1,000 posts but I am creeping up on the number ever so slightly...

Pharmacy School

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Well here I am, waiting patiently for the semester to end and for Summer to arrive. I will have completed my first year of Pharmacy school by the end of April. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would have been, but it wasn't easy thats for sure. I am actually supposed to be studying for 3 quizes and 2 tests that I have this week but obviously I have been distracted by the internet and Wi-Fi Metroid. Well I suppose I should go get something productive accomplished so I can save your life after I graduate.
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