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10th prestige

after 12d 22h and 54 mins of gameplay I've finally reached 10th prestige in Call of Duty 4xD. Now, to go for 10th in world at war(maybe, probably not). And if you say i dont have a life well, the games been out for over a year and cod4 is the only game i play nowadays anyways. Gears 2 is a disappointment and there arent any other multiplayer games i prefer over CoD.

hmm Which CoD to play?

So pretty much all i've been doing on 360 is play CoD4 and try to get to 10th prestige but now that i got WaW, wondering if i should try and get 10th prestige on cod4 or focus more on WaW..

Happy Holidays gamespot

Whatever you may celebrate, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah or something else , Happy Holidays and have a great new year. Sorry if i misspelled anything though. On other news I FINALLY beat CoD4 on veteran which completes my wish of beating CoD4 on veteran before new years. Took me about 3 days to beat safehouse-no fighting in the war room. Of course i didn't continously play though but i did get frustrated at times. Also my wishlist of games i want to come out in 09 but won't are Starcraft II and Final Fantasy XIII. MY wishlist for a game that will be out next year so far is CoD:Modern Warfare 2. And a title i want to see get announced is another Jet Set Radio game, COME ON SEGA!!

The things i hate about gears 2

Ok before i say anything bad about it, gears 2 is an awesome game definetely AAA material but there are some things i just hate about it.

One, the shotgun is HORRIBLE. Sometimes when i quick aim (LT then RT quickly after) bullets dont even shoot out. Although this is occassional its screwed me over some kills. Also the blindfire is made useless in this version its time to go abck to standing still and aiming with the shotyy ehh?

2, You can't play one gametype anymore. If you want to play warzone you have to pick the elimination playlist and hope you get warzone and then 6 other ppl vote the gametype so you can play it.

3, In multiplayer you cant check your war journal.Remember in CoD4 where during multiplayer you could click barracks and check the leaderboards or your challenge progress? Yea in gears 2 you can't check your stats or achievement progress in your war journal unless you back out, go to the main menu and look at it. Not a big deal but it would be nice if you could look at it.

My thoughts on CoD:WaW Beta

Ok well if you guys haven't noticed if you're on my friends list for xbl, i've been playing he beta for cod:waw. And although my k/d is technically better in WaW than in cod4 1.63-1.53, WaW just feels so different than cod4. The gameplay seems a lot slower paced at least for team deathmatch. I could usually finish a team deathmatch game in like 8 minutes in cod4 but in this game it almost always goes down to the last few seconds of the game. Secondly, hip fire isn't that great anymore it's pretty inaccurate even with steady aim. The roundhouse glitch will be fixed so i won't go into it. And i swear i can't aim in this one! There are so many times i've aimed at someone ,shot them first and died in the outcome. Oh and dogs are way too beefed up and artillery is absolutely useless. And btw i used a silenced mp5 in cod4 i'm used to iron sights, iron sights isn't my problem for this game. Besides even if i used rds i could always use appeture sights, the "black dot sight"

One of the most time consuming xbox 360 achievements and i plan to get it..maybe

Well, anyone who has owned a 360 and played a game on it knows all about gamerscore that you get for unlocking certain achievements and there have been some really hard ones such as 1,000,000 in geometry wars, every achievement in ffxi, and reaching lvl 100 in joust. Another one that was time consuming is the Seriously... achievement in gears which might be more frustrating to get because many people didn't actually get it at 10k but eventually many people have the achievement. Well the people at epic noticed this and said lets make it even harder! In gears 2 it will feature the achievement seriously 2.0 which you might think is 20k kills but nope its 100,000 kills in multiplayer both ranked and player and campaign total. The only good thing about this is that kills in a thing called horde mode counts. Although i haven't read anything about horde mode im sure the word horde tells the story. But come on 100,000 kills?! Sure you could play this horde mode thing over and over and die of boredom or you could play multiplayer and have gears 3 come out before even getting to 50k kills. Regardless whoever gets this achievement must have a lot of time on their hands. BTW i found the details for it on

WOW at Michael Phelps making history

He did just about the impossible winning 8 gold medals congrats to him. he has 14 total now too. the only thing i hated is that the US was too lazy to stream it live on the pacific coast so i had to wait to 4 hours later to see it. the patriots didnt go 19-0 and the dolphins didnt go 0-16 :p and at times you would think phelps wouldn;t get his 8 after winning one by 1/100 of a second and another where his teammate came back to win by a fingertip during a relay race but it happened. kudos to you oh btw did i mention he set 7 world records along with that?

New gamespot interface feels....

soooo weird. Seriously when it first changed i was like wtf. Lol i got lost at where everything was at first also. Anyways... took me 2 days for madden 09 1000/1000 if u want ez gamerscore rent that. Though i still advise non football fanatics to not get this game it's pretty much 2008 unless u enjoy online leagues which i have no use for. And the rewind feature can help u save a mistake u made but u can turn it off.

MS just took one of the few games I want on the PS3

Seriously, FFXIII on 360 is HUGE. I never considered FFXI a true FF anyways and this is great news as well as the additions of last remnant and star ocean. Now what is next? FF Vs XIII , KH3 and FF7 Remake for 360 pl0x. 360's rpgs are so much better than the original xbox, tbh compared to the 360 the original xbox phails horribly.

30000 Gamerscore Attained

Omg yay i did it i've reached 30k and this time before summer started. I'll try and stay at exactly 30000 as long as i can but if an achievement is accidentally unlocked booo. So timeframe for 40k June 2009