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Wario Ware D.I.Y Review

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WarioWare D.I.Y. A game that allows players to create levels from scratch and change every possible element within. From the characters, the environment, the actions and even the purpose of the mini game itself. Then from there it allows other players to play the players created level through wifi connection.

Nintendo has offered large amounts of support for this game. Having the game's own website feature helpful tutorials for all levels of creators on how to create levels. Giving the viewer great pointers and tips on making the level the best it could be.

WarioWare D.I.Y keeps the same formula from all other WarioWare games, which is a good thing, as these are fun and quick paced to keep the attention of the player throughout the time they are playing.

With the new addition of player creation, it's allowed the game to exceed and expand with unlimited amounts of potential on user creation and maybe, just maybe this will be the start of Nintendo realizing that user creation is something we as players truly do crave in this generation, and perhaps we will see more Nintendo titles such as a Mario Galaxy having user created levels.

University update

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Hello World!

it's been a while since i did a post, so thanks to everyone being patient.

i have received a couple of lovely responses asking me to post more, as they enjoy the read, so thankyou very much, i really appreciate it :)

ok so i thought i would give you an update on my university course, at the moment the big one is in the module 'Game Architecture' where i am to use the unreal editor, to create a single player FPS (First Person Shooter) experience.

At first i didn't really have a strong idea on what to base the game on, whether to go for full out gore and action, or to maybe go for the horror (F.E.A.R) style. I eventually went for the second idea, and am basing the setting in a mental hospital in Kettering where i live. My mum works there as a nurse, and sometimes i visit when she is doing midnight shifts,so i visually have a good idea of how the corridors,rooms etc will look.

Like F.E.A.R i am going to involve it around a young person controlling the devasting happenings, however I am basing it around a young hooded boy, with scissors. as you can tell this is aimed at the more mature audience, or for children with parents who can't give a donkey and make this industry look bad! (but thats another post!)

However the tables turn dramatically and maybe it isn't the hooded boy causing the murders and evil happenings..............

so there you go, i will post more info as the games production has started.

i will also be looking for game testers, to write feedback for my portfolio, so if anyone is willing to play this game, please contact me.

also my first review is up , and the game is Resident Evil 5.

so take a read and again please give some feedback.

thanks guys! :)



lord of the rings conquest

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so today i couldn't control my desire to play Lord of the Rings Conquest!

but i couldnt face buying it and adding to my list of 20 games, so i borrowed from my good friend Dan. (thanks Dan)

it isn't the best game ever, and im soooooooooo glad i didnt purchase it, and add it to my list!

so i'm still on 18 games to purchase for the rest of 2009!

can i do it?




Resident Evil 5 DEMO

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so i have played the demo for a bit, and have done both levels, i idd them on single player, and online coop. both were extremly fun, and at times, i fount the game A.I was far better than the person i was playing with!

The graphics, are superb, although in the cutscenes the frame rate wasn't seeming to hold up, but it is a semo after all.

well this is now definatly on my list for my 20 games.

This whole challenge is beginning to scare me, I DON'T WANT TO FAIL!!!!!



19 games becomes 18, and im worrying!

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Game Number 19: SKATE 2

Yup that's correct, i have just gone down another title, i am now officially down to 18 games for the rest of the year!!!!!

Yesterday i purchased skate 2 on the ps3. being a massive fan of the first title, and now with the new and improved extras to the game, this was a clear thing to do for me!

The review for skate 2 will be up later, as im still playing and can't get off it, the whole career mode is just brilliant, and makes you want tokeep completing challenges!

well thats that guys, 18 to go, over 330 days to go!

and so, so, so many more games that willtease, encourage, and force to me to purchase them, and put them onto my 20 game list!

what will they be, keep coming back to find out!



20 games list 1st game on my purchased list!

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So for 2009 i have set myself a challenge of only purchasing 20 games this year! across all formats,

so 360, ps3, wii, psp, ds, pc, DLC (full games only)

so i now have only 19 games to purchase throughout the whole of 2009!,

BECAUSE the first game i have purchased is.............Football Manager Live.

and YES its brilliant and addictive as hell! i have had it for only a few hours and all i

can say is buy it!

the fact that you have to make your own team, sort out your finances, make your badge,kit and stadium and then also have to please your fans! making this as close to being a strong part of a football club that most of us are gonna ever get to

So thats my first game i have purchased off my list! and so i now only have 19 games to buy, and im starting to worry if i can do this challenge , as by the end of march i can already seeing myself purchasing 8 games.

well thats it for this post, my first ever!!!!!

send me some lovely messages about games i should look into or if you have any questions about FM LIVE

thanks for reading :)