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Oh my goodness I can access my account again!

Heya everyone! Whoever watches me or has me added still lol!

But yeah I managed to get back on and I'm lceaning up my awful profile at the moment |D I lost my account a long time ago when I took a huge break and I then remembered that the reason I could not access here was because I was forgetting the underscore of my username Imagine that! Lost my account for like three years. Since then things have been swell. I have recently built a brand new custom gaming machine computer and gotten into a lot of new games and more in the internet.

I'm not sure if I can link outside websites as per policy of gamespot but I imagine it would be a good idea for me to brush up on that aye? Anywho, I think it's nice to be back. Now it's time to change my recovery email address because the old one was from my school and stuff so that won't do because it's gone now |D

Anyway, catch ya later!

Things that make you go Hmmmmm.

Now, this one, I posted on in off topic, and I thought, I should also blog these.

So here it is. Feel free to try and answer it using the comment section.

K. The question:

When lighting strikes the sea, why don't all the fish die?