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Wow, 3D Tic-Tac-Toe, I think I had that for my Atari and could never even comprehend how the hell you played it.
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Does anyone else have a Rita's Italian Ice shop in their town?

They serve ice and custard, sometimes together and it really makes you feel like a fancy pants while eating it. They just came out with a Swedish Fish flavor of Italian Ice and it's amazing. Somehow better than regular Swedish Fish.

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I just got it at Best Buy last week for 19.99. The game is sweet, if you can still get it on sale, do so.

I also rarely use my DS and prefer a mix of 360 and PC gaming but Chinatown Wars has me playing 2 hours a day.

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I bought them for 800 points. I wish I had waited because in my opinion the maps aren't that great. If you can net them for 400, go for it but don't expect anything too amazing.

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I remember the day I beat Super Mario 64 was the same day my hampster died. I thought it was an odd coincidence, but to this day I still remember the song that plays when you beat the game due to that bittersweet day.
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I hear from some that it works but others that it isn't compatible.

Any help?

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Will the original Xbox wireless network adapter work with a 360? They're obviously cheaper...
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IMO, the more education you get, the harder it is to believe in God. You learn in college (hopefully) how religions are sort of "made up."

I still believe in God though.

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I used to be a Mod in the Nintendo Forum and even System Wars. It was often hard for me to determine what to moderate and what to leave alone but I always consulted other mods through instant messages and took more of a team approach.
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My family and my girlfriend.
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