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The War on Shang Continues

The Epic War os Troll vs Troll enters its second year. Shang the coward, got his ass kicked and is now in hiding and avoiding further fights for now.

Hacker Jerks are Destroying GTA Online

They are firing explosives from their fingertips. They are shooting guns that cause any surface they hit to spew fire. They are Hacking the fighter Jets so they fire explosive bullets and rapid fire missles. They are also hacking Fort Zancudo so all fighter jets except the ones they are flying disappear. In short, they are making GTA Online a HELL.

Assassin's Creed 3 Combat Overview

Like most people,I fear change . I was looking for reasons to dislike the combat in AC3, because of the few changes that are there. Now, having mastered AC3 combat, I love it! The main differences you have to deal with are the loss of the guard button and the initial inability to grab and throw enemies. Here's my combat overview video.

This Just in!! Anonymous IMPLODING in a CIVIL WAR!!!

This JUST In! Anonymous is IMPLODING with a CIVIL WAR!!!!

Curious that this should happen while the heat is on them for the PSN shutdown. They look awfully suspicious. I read this on

The hacking group who attacked several Sony websites around a month ago and who are now accused of bringing down the PlayStation Network have gotten into a little bit of trouble. It seems that some sort of civil war has broken out amongst "AnonOps", a breakaway group from Anonymous, after a rogue admin going by the name "Ryan" hacked multiple AnonOps websites.

The result was quite a mess with a bit of profanity spread across the webpage, as well as a small comic strip poking fun of Anonymous. On top of that, the site is now littered with chat logs and IP addresses of members and the site has been renamed to "LOL ANONOPS DEAD". The "AnonOps Netstaff" was quick to update its users on the matter by posting a message on another one of their websites.

We regret to inform you today that our network has been compromised by a former IRC-operator and fellow helper named "Ryan". He decided that he didn't like the leaderless command structure that AnonOps Network Admins use. So he organised a coup d'etat, with his "friends" at . Using the networks service bot "Zalgo" he scavenged the IP's and passwords of all the network servers (including the hub) and then systematically aimed denial of service attacks at them (which is why the network has been unstable for the past week). Unfortunately he has control of the domain names (and possibly, we don't know at this stage) so we are unable to continue using them.

The message then went on to warn any users trying to connect to one of AnonOps' IRC chats via the now comprimised site.

We would STRONGLY ADVISE all users to STAY AWAY from and, and they should be considered COMPROMISED. Using or connecting to any service on those addresses may put your computer, and by extension your person, at risk.

"Ryan", according to the messages posted, was a Network Administrator for AnonOps. This news comes in just days after Sony discovered several files uploaded onto the PlayStation Network servers with Anonymous' slogan. Two days after the discovery, two veteran Anonymous members stated that the group was most likely behind the attack that took down the PlayStation Network on April 20.

Source: AnonOps

M.O.B.S. : You gotta just love the irony.

What goes around comes around.

Be careful when you fight monsters, lest you become one.

When you dig a grave for somebody, dig a deeper one for yourself.




Akira's Knee (Teish1tsu Dantai)

1 frame Knee on Dural During side Crumple in round 3.

1-Frame Knee (Teish1tsu dantai) on Kage in round 1 after 6+k knee, and again secoonds later after Ten foot toss

Teish1tsu Dantai on Vanessa in beginning of Video, right after standing palm.

First of all use an arcade stick with quality arcade parts, like the Virtua Stick High Grade , a Mad Catz SF4 Tournament edition Fight Stick, or a Hori real Arcade Pro. ALL my blog entry advice is based off a Virtua Stick High Grade. If you want to argue you can use whatever stick,it and it doesn't matter,youre crazy and you are just making it harder on yourself.If you want to ice skate uphill, by all means go ahead, but I can't help you. Like Akira says,you're Ten years too early! :Disclaimer End: The move in question here is the coveted Akira's Knee , **** DANTAI , the move that has haunted players for over a decade. You have to press K+G, then release G after ONE farme (one sixtieth of a second) while still holding K. It does 27 points of damage and it is a launcher, meaning it is INTEGRAL to combo's. Now, just like my notation on how to do the SPoD and The Basara, A light tap on the buttons is required initially K+G. This means less than a half press of the buttons. aYou have to Jump off the G button as quickly as possible though, while still holding K, for the **** Dantai to initiate. The kicker here is you have to watch Akira. The rule of the thumb here is IF AKIRA IS MOVING , AND YOU ARE STILL HOLDING BOTH K+G , YOU KNOW YOU ALREADY FAILED. Try again. You have to treat the G button like it's HOT , press it quickly while pressing K but lightly. You have to only press K+G for ONE frame, then release G while holding K. My best advice is in training mode,don't watch the frame counter for this move .It's pointless to do it, and it will just agravate you looking at that thing. The closest I came to getting **** Dantai of while lookig at the frame counter is holding G+K for TWO frames then releasing G. It's better to not quantify frames in this case, your attention will be split between your input and watching the counter. And you won't have the frame counter display in a match anyway, so don't build up a reliance on it. Don't watch the frame counter , watch Akira. If he moves, and your still pressing K+G, you fail. You hve to be done pressing K+G and only pressing K by the time he animates. **** Dantai looks like this, Akira raises his knee 90 degrees to his body and folds his lead arm paralell to the ground. The move makes a deep thunder sounding side effect, the sound akira makes when he stomps the ground, and Akira Kias, (spirit shout in combat) . If you fail, Akira does the Zanshu, a knee move that does only 18 points of damage and doesnt launch opponents. The consolation is Zanshu is a canned combo with a special punch move. You just need to tell the difference between the **** and Zanshu. In Zanshu,Akiras knee goes up higher, 60 degrees from his body and he holds his lead arm straight up. But screw Zanshu, we want the **** Zantai here. After a **** Dantai, if you launch a lightweight (one of the girls) combo directly into 6P, 46+P , 33 46+P. Thats Akira's Knee, Elbow , standing Palm, Double Palm Strike for the uninitiated. For Heavyweights (Jeffrey Wolf ETC) do **** Dantai, 6P ,6P, 33 46+P. (Akira's Knee, elbow ,elbow, double palm.) combo 16 from the VF5 Black Book (on lightweights) Do **** Dantai, P, 33P , 33 46+P Combo 17 fromthe VF5 Black Book (on lightweights), Do **** Dantai, P, P 33 46+p These next two combos are harder because they END in **** Dantai, so you have to master **** Dantai by this point to do them. Combo 26 from the VF5 Black Book (any weight) 43+P, PK **** Dantai. Combo 27 from the VF5 Black Booksingle dash palm :hold 2,6+P,P (on hit,to do the canned elbow follow up) , **** Dantai. I myself can do the **** Dantai 1 out of 3 tries or 1 out of fours, so I have a 25% chance of landing most of these combos. +

Here's a Youtube video of this footage in 360p (I finally got a decent Video capture card).

Virtua Fighter 5 : Final Showdown

VF5:FS supports TWITTER, all your conquest and rank advancements get reported to yout twitter account.

This will be my ongoing Virtua Fighter 5: Final showdown blog.

Here is the first trailer:

Here is a follow up trailer:

Here's the new Trailer:

see my version of this blog as GS is being retarded as usual and wont let me post it here. See updates for it later here.

It will feature news , gameplay tweeks, and most importantly links to videos of matches being played in Japanese arcades. WHEN not if, this game come to U.S. consoles, it will feature videos of matches played on Playstation network and XBox live (I'm buying both versions). When you see a video link that says , copy and paste it in the search field of THIS url then click *watch*. Otherwise you will have to register at nico video, assuming you can read japanese for the reg form and they allow us gaijins to register.

For example, the first nico video match is the best I've seen, El Blaze vs Vanessa MY TWO MAINS! AWESOME. Check out Vanessa has a new stance the she initiates by doing a jumping spinning heel kick . She lands prone, and from that prone stance she can kick you in the legs, , or toe hold takedown you so she can mount and Pummel you in the face. She actually lands the prone takedown later in the video. It's BRUTAL. Its like a hyper violent version of SHUN'S lie down prone stance , it baits people to attack so you can set them up. She can even do a taunt "come on!" to bait you further. Im goiug on vacation from work when this game comes out on Playstation 3. !!! AGAIN in case you missed it, COPY AND PASTE this link in to this urls SEARCH FIELD< THEN CLICK THE *WATCH* button on the right.

VF5 final showdown features alot of Zoome vids, Zoome is a HIGH res version of youtube in Japan. YOUTUBE XL still sucks and isnt on this level of res, sadly.

Sarah vs Vanessa. I dont know why Vanessa is so light, like she has vitiliago, but whatever, it must be an optional skin tone you pick up in the item shop. VF5 is full of those for all characters.

This youtube ElBlaze video highlights his new moves , also it illustrates something Sega brought back from VF3tb: if you do a full circular spin move and it is blocked, your animation is halted and it animates your attack being deflected. This is highly realistic, and it is a VISUAL CUE to tell you that, you are at HIGH frame disadvantage from getting your move blocked. This is awesome, I loved VF3. Check it out mid-vid Sarah gets her crescent kick blocked, and it shows her kick getting stuffed, stopped cold mid strike leaving her wide open.

EL Blaze Vs Sarah notice El Blaze now has several ground throws, new pounces, and his Scratch rush (hit throw) is changed to add a footsweep, and he can spit green mist in your face to guard breakl you like a real pro wrestler.

Yet more matches!!!

Keep in mind that these videos are from July's Location Test of Final Showdown, so in a lot of matches, its some n00b vs a seasoned player, and the n00b gets anhillated . It's annoying , and I apologize that some of the fights are not up to my high standards of VF gameplay.

A cool pic of Judgement 6 (the Virtua Fighter version of Shadowloo) monitoring the Tournament. Their assasin, Goh is Fighting Jacky. Jean Kujo, a new VF5 :R character and J6 member, is watching the fight with his bosses.

sorry GS says they dontb have the space for the pic.

More nico video vids

Blaze vs. Kage

Blaze vs. Akira

Blaze vs. Goh

Blaze vs. Jeffry

Blaze vs. Brad

Blaze vs. Sarah

Blaze vs. Wolf

Dragon Ball Z Raging Blast a Deep game in a licensed game wrapper?

Ive played this extensively and its actually a deep game. You have juggles reversals, Throws, charge moves. Theres a bit of strategy involved. You actually do a bit of indepth gameplay with the snap vanishing, and there are Fast warp speed ways to fly at an enemy besides the initial blind rush. The training mode really opened my eyes to how deep this game is. On the surface , you would think there's not much to the game. The Downside is the reflexes required to do this advanced stuff is phenominal, and the PS3 pad is not that responsive. So when you are playing the ranking quest mode against the CPU and he is doing all the advanced stuff, you are at a disadvantage. CPU has lighting speed and isnt held back by a cheap clunky slow control pad.

Socom Confrontation: Sleeper Hit?

For a game so maligned in the Press, Socom Confrontation is pretty good. I like the level progression. I like the ranking. I like the weapons. And the level design. My FAVORITE thing about it is you use the sixaxis to lean, and you can even use the six axis to aim (actually micro adjust) your sniper shots, like in Army of Two and Killzone 2. I hate the difficulty of the Trophies, however. I also think they dont register your trophyearning stats if you quit a game before the last round is complete. That sucks. If you play 5 out of the six rounds, you should still get your stats. I know Ive killed more than enough people with grenades to get my trophy, they still havent awarded me yet. Trophies suck because they arent about team play, they encourage peole to take individual actions against the good of the team. Like if you are on a map that requires Assault rifles or smgs, some n00b will keep picking a sniper rifle to get his sniper trophy, SCREW the team, even if we need every availiable man to have a decent Assault Rifle. Or some n00b will try to escort the hostages Too early so he can get the escort trophy, and wind up getting the hostages killed. You should wait until half the team is dead to escort the VIPs, not the first 5 seconds of the round.

Red Dead Redememtion Online : Gangsta's (greifer's) Paradise

Holy crap REd Dead is full of griefers. You can screw up people's gang hideout runs. I did guilty. Then Play cat and mouse with them by taking a quick transport to the other side of the map. You can be a REAL coward and run to a gang Shootout match or co-op. Some Nerd attacked me while I was trying to run up a high bounty. I was killing all the Police at blackwater. Kind of revenge for (SPIOLER ALERT!)

Them kILLING mARSTON AT THE END OF THE GAME. i KNOW IT WAS THE GOVERNMENT GUYS AND THE us ARMY, BUT DAMNIT, SOMEONES GOtta pay. Anyway , I got up a marginal bounty, and I found a good choke point above the saloon to kill scores of th em. Then some A-hole player runs up to attack me, I was at the top floor of the saloon, so I saw him coming. so I dropped firebottles down on him and almost blew him to smitherines with Dynamite. The bum actually made it to the top floor, but he tried to play cat and mouse by running through different doors up there, and I shogun blasted him. He still didnt get the message, came at me again. Too bad I was out of dynamite, so he got a cheap close range kill, exploiting that my guns dont fire well when someone gets too close, and he knifed me.

Anyway we had a shootout in the streets, killing each other. Then the knob ran away. So I formed a posse with two guys, and we hunted him down and proceeded to frag him mercilessly while he was trying to solo the tumbleweed hideout.

Let that be a lesson to you, dont grief people while they are being a public menace to NPCs' or you will be Posse-owned.

I like free Roam, it's a mini MMORPG. I remember EGM suggesting to Rockstar while interviewing them that they do something like this with GTA, Im glad to see it come into being so soon.

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