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Top 10 Of 2010

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2010 has finally come to an end. The year brought us many good and bad games. I figured it was my time to post my top 10 list for the year. So.... here it is :P



Dead Rising 2

Dead Rising was one of my favorite games. Dead Rising 2 is an improvement on the first in many ways. DR2 has improved graphics, controls, and a more even difficulty. Add in the new co-op multiplayer and the TIR online mode and you have one great game.



Miles Edgeworth Ace Attorney Investigations

This one was an obvious choice from the start. The Ace Attorney series has always been a favorite of mine. Investigations not only switches lead characters once again but it also changes the main gameplay. No longer is a majority of gameplay spent in a courtroom. This adds some much needed variety to a series that had begun to become stale. Add in the excellent story and you have one of the best DS releases of the year.



Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

After the extremely disappointing Homecoming. Shattered Memories is just what Silent Hill fans needed. A great story which has no interruptions. Bad combat? Don't worry about it there is none. Now your only choice is to flee whatever is chasing you down. This adds some fear to the game and is much more intense than the past few games have been. Best horror game of the year.


heavy rain

Heavy Rain

*grabs nearest flame-shield* Heavy Rain has been subject to major criticism. "It isn't a game" "It's a movie" and similar things. However I enjoyed it very much. I'd even say there should be more games in this ****in the near future. Heavy Rain is a great IP and in the current world of sequels and remakes it's a breath of fresh air.



Super Mario Galaxy 2

There's not much to say here. It's a Mario game and it's an excellent one at that. Possibly the best 3D Mario yet.



Rock Band 3

More Rock Band? Yes please! Not just another Rock Band. Rock Band 3 adds in new difficulty modes, a new peripheral, and of course new songs. Add in the multiplayer, better arranged career mode, and the ability to import songs from previous RB games and you have the definite music game.


Pokemon Soul Silver/Heart Gold

Gold and Silver were always my favorite Pokemon games. Now with Soul Silver and Heart Gold the games have been made new again. Just enough changes to make a difference while keeping the charm of the original. I'll probably playing this game for years to come.



Kirby's Epic Yarn

Kirby's Epic Yarn is without a doubt my favorite Wii game of the year. It takes a great game franchise and twists it around. This was all for the better thankfully. Kirby's Epic Yarn is my favorite Kirby game. I'd love to see more franchises take bold steps to shake things up a bit as this game did.


Nine Hours Nine Persons Nine Doors

The most surpring hit of 2010 for me. I picked 999 up as a blind buy. I sure am glad I did. 999 is a visual novel similar to other DS games such as Again, Hotel Dusk, and Trace Memory. Unlike those games though 999 deals with much more mature material. A chilling story that keeps you guessing to an end along with multiple endings. 999 is one of the best DS games ever.



Last Window: The Secret Of Cape West

Hotel Dusk is my favorite DS game ever. When I heard about the sequel was being developed I was ecstatic. When I heard it wouldn't be released in the US I felt like a piece of me died (maybe not...). I decided I had to import this game. Thankfully I did. Last Window conitnues the story from Hotel Dusk wonderfully. Add in a great soundtrack and more of the exploring and investigating gameplay and you have my game of the year for 2010.

Honorable Mentions:

Epic Mickey, Again, The Sly Collection, Red Dead Redemption

I know there are a lot of games I missed. If there is an obvious game missing it's either because I never got to play it or I really didn't like it. Feel free to post comments on the list. Tell me what you thought of the list, what's wrong with it, what your list was, or anything like that :P.

Now we can only hope 2011 will be a great year for gaming as well.

Holidays -> Games -> :D????!

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Hey everyone, I've returned to GS and figured what better post to start with than a Holiday/What I Got For X-Mas post. First off I hope everyone has had a wonderful and safe holiday. I sure did. With break still going on this gives me a little bit of time to try and get through some of the games I've yet to finish and the ones I have received. I received the following things for Christmas. PS3: Rock Band 3 The Sims 3 Red Dead Redemption Wii: Epic Mickey DS: Last Window: The Secret Of Case West Dementium 2 What did you guys get for Christmas? Along with the stuff posted above I also got an acoustic guitar. Which is both exciting and frightening considering I know next to nothing about playing an instrument. I'll just have to start learning then. Enough about the holidays. Now that i'm back I will hopefully be blogging more frequently. Maybe I'll find/make up some kind of __ day challenge for this blog. Only time will tell. Once again I've run out of things to write about. I'll just leave it at that until the next post. I'll be around...

Warped Reporter 2010

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So each year Warped Tour has Warped Reporters. A few people at each date who see a band backstage and write/post pics after the show (pretty much what a reporter would do to begin with). They had 3 surveys to take for a chance to win this a while back. I took them and then totally forgot about it. However today I checked my email only to find an email saying I had been selected as one of the Reporters for the Cleveland show. I'm extremely excited but it's kinda disappointing because the VIP pass said you'd be able to go backstage but according to the email, Reporters will be seperated into groups based on who they want to see. Then they will have to go onstage with the official Warped Tour Reporter; We will only be allowed backstage when we're with the girl. This is still amazing but there is yet another problem... I had people to go with. Now i'll have to leave them before the gates even open to do this thing. Why is it that whenever I get an awesome oppurtunity something has to be affected negatively. :(

E3 Impressions

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Since the major press conferences are now over. I figured I'd write about what I liked most about E3 2010. I'll organize it by system.


Sly Collection

Naughty Bear

Mafia 2


Dead Rising 2

Saw 2

Monkey Island 2: Lechuck's Revenge Special Edition

Rock Band 3

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2

XBOX 360:

Crackdown 2

Fable 3


Donkey Kong Returns

Epic Mickey

Goldeneye 007

Lost In Shadow

Metroid: Other M

The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword


Golden Sun: Dark Dawn

Kingdom Hearts Re:coded

Professor Layton And The Unwound Future


Animal Crossing

Codename: Chocobo Racing 3D

Kid Icarus Uprising

Kingdom Hearts 3D

Mario Kart

Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D - The Naked Sample

Nintendogs + Cats

Paper Mario

Professor Layton And The Mask Of Miracle

Resident Evil Revelations

Star Fox 64 3D

The Sims 3


The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time 3D Remake (source =

and that's it. E3 was pretty good this year and I look forward to seeing more of all these games.

Hey Summer... :D

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School is officially over now. Exams are done and I have nothing to concern myself over for 3 months.

Now for some random GIFs :D.

OH! and before I go

BLOG POST #14: Skeletons!

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So one of my favorite bands released an album today. I figured i'd spread the word around a bit. Even if you don't know them/like them give it a listen. The more people who hear it the better.

Skeletons - Hawthorne Heights

Highlights include: The End Of The Underground, Abandoned Driveways, Boy, and Broken Man.

Listen to individual songs here:

Bring You Back:

Nervous Breakdown:

The End Of The Underground:



Broken Man:

Last Few Words:

Abandoned Driveways:

Picket Fences:

Here I Am:

Hollywood & Vine:



Galaxy 2 Impressions

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Just got Star # 30 in SMG2 and decided I'd post my opinion on the game so far.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 is whether people like to say it or not pretty much a Super Mario Galaxy upgrade. Of course there is nothing wrong with that because this improves everything from the original except the still incredibly boring co-op gameplay. I've noticed that most of the galaxies I've played so far have been brand new and the only thing that's been recycled are some boss fights, but I'll get to that later. SMG2 starts off very well and I was immediately hooked. From the new overworld, galaxies, mini-games, and even the new maps that are reminiscent of the Super Mario Bros. games. Everything feels fresh, at first. However the bosses are not all new. I saw many bosses that looked the same and had the same method to beating them as previous bosses in the original. However this is a rather minor mistake. I have to say now that i've been playing for 3+ hours some excitement has died down because it is just another Mario game. It's great but that's expected by now because it's Mario. As of now I'd give the game a 9.5/10.

I'll write more later. Maybe.

SMG and POP:The Forgotten Sands

by on

More new stuff to play. Started PoP but am disappointed so far and lost interest a bit. I'm about to start up Galaxy 2 and am prepared to be blown away again. If the game is half as good a people are saying it will be brilliant. Expect my impressions in a bit

i'm back :D

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Hello GS,

I'm back :D. After drifting away from GS due to overwhelming schoolwork, I took a break that lasted longer than I had planned . However school is now almost over. 9 more days of real school. After that it's summer for me which means games, music, games, friends, games, freetime, and did i say games? I'll be using some of my money to purchase some new games and hopefully a system. I plan to buy Modnation Racers, Super Mario Galaxy 2, and a 360 by the time summer is over. Of course not having a 360 I need recommendations. So fire away in the comments, i'd greatly appreciate it :P. That's about it for now I guess. I'll be around.

Heavy Rain Run #2 *possible SPOILERS ahead*

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This blog will feature possible spoilers for anyone who has not played the game yet which may not be too many people XD.


I finished Heavy Rain last night at 5 am. I couldn't stop playing it, it was like one of those movies that you have to watch from start to finish with no breaks. The story was amazing and I've never found myself so emotionally attatched to characters in a game like this. All of the characters have lots of depth and the voice acting was pretty good with the exception of a few characters. The story itself was amazing and I found myself at times panicking when [spoiler] certain charcters almost died such as Norman barely escaping the car crusher [/spoiler] . The game is full of moments like this and it keeps you on the edge of your seat. The atmosphere of the game is amazing. Some of the angles and shots you get from the camera are awe-inspiring and somehow the game holds a sense of dread at almost all times. Enough about what I thought of the game. Now let's talk about how my game turned out. I got the ending where [spoiler] Everyone is alive, except the Origami Killer of course ;). Ethan and Madison start a new life, the 'private investigator' is dead, and Norman is still addicted to triptocaine. [/spoiler] . I was rather pleased with my ending but now I wish to see what would happen if I do everything differently. So now I'll run through the game once again :D.


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