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I like mine better  :D


I thought Maroney was a great late-round pick, Driver as your #3 is solid, and if Jacobs is healthy, you'll be in good shape.

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Don't know don't care. It was prolly when Favre was still a Packer, either way I just remember it. Anyways back on topic. 

Romo>Tom Brady, Rivers, Favre, Starr, Namath, Kelly, Elway, Marino, Montana, etc. 


Only if it's Tom Brady and Brett Favre of January 2008, Rivers in college, and everyone else now, and I'm not even sure about Marino.

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LBP and its not even close.
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It's not that it's a bad port, Madden games just are never good anymore.king23_

Hater :P

and NCAA seemed really nice and smooth, so I'm hopeful for Madden this year.

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I've owned a PSX, a PS2 and now a PS3, but I do like the 360 controllers a bit more. I wouldn't pay any large sum for one of those, though. I wouldn't mind seeing it sold, however.
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If you enjoy puzzles, Echochrome is a nice pick, or if you like driving there is Gran Turismo: Prologe. Fighting there are Virtua fighter 5, tho you are beating up people. Soon hopefully Little Big Planet is out which looks to be a amazing game._ADIVA_

LittleBigPlanet came to my mind first as well. I'm looking forward to that bigtime :)

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On a related note, Toys R' Us is selling this for $10, even though it's marked at $39.99
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MLB 08: The Show.

If you're not a sports fan, I don't have a huge amount of suggestions as those are some of my favorites, but also try out Burnout: Paradise.

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I'll have to get both, though GoW3 is my priority.