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Has it been that long?Anyway I rented Resident evil 4 and beat it 4 times.Then I reterned it and rented Resident evil remake.

What the????

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I completed Max Payne Hard Boiled a fewdays ago...Or a week, but I saw dead on arrival mode.What was different except saving???



What the????????????

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Where did my first award go???Oh well.

I finished max payne2 and it was awsome!!!!!!

I'm trying hard boiled so i can beat everything,see the second ending.BLEA!

P.s:Whew!No school!


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Whoes next to be my friend???Anyway I need some help finding WMP game movies.Send me a mesage if you want to help,and I'll add you to the credits in my next movie.



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I havn't posted much...

Oh.....My....GOD!!!!A new award!!!Yay!!!!!!!^_^

I think if I get another i will be populair!!!!!!


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YAHOO!2 new friends!by this rate I'll be populair.I really want to summit reviews!!!!!!<:(

Anyway I made 2 new movies with windows Movie Maker days ago..I just e@mailed gametrailers on fan movies.I'll see what I can do.

P.s:Remember last entry????Well it was no school for a week!!!>:P

No school!

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Hey its big snow out here,about 3 feet.Whe even made a snow head! A big one.NO SCHOOL TODAY AND TOMMARROW!!!!

YES! And I just need a few more stuff to do before I can make reviews with level 6.And I got a new friend!^^

Anyway,I watched to Metal gear movie here and it said its the last one?!?!?!!?I'm VERY worried. More posts later.

P.S:Banner for journel.Too bad it gets cut off!XD


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I had to help my bro play MGS3:SE.I mean,he even asked me to copy my thing!!Hes missing out on stuff!DAMN!

Anyway I wrote Awesome for the title because I finally found a way to make my images a url!!!!

Image shack!!!

I'll post another entry later.