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Brawl Challenge

if your looking for a pro im looking for a pro player too.

here is my code:


post your code if you wanna challenge me.

My Main is Dark TLink. . btw if you see me changing my main during battle is because you suck.:)

Finally got my hands on Brawl

this is a video of me playing as falco


(played in my friend house)

i couldnt play as everybody cuz there was like 30 people trying to play.

but i try falco,sheik,link,sonic,and diddy kong and from all of them i like diddy more hes a very good character.

i had a hard time playing as sheik.i couldnt play like i play with her in melee.

i only play with link one time i think hes mid air down atack is stronger now, and hes side smash is really good.

falco still good just need to paractice more with him

and i think sonic can be a really good character just need to practice more with him ..i didnt know how to use hes move very well

i wanna play it again:cry:

the game is super awsome:D

All My Documents & Folders LOST

yo im so mad right now at my sister...i know i shouldnt talk like this about her but that Btch deleted all my stuff i work so hard for, on purpose. just because i was telling her son my nephew to not use the computer because he broke his mother's computer(my sis) . but she didnt care cuz it wasnt her computer and that made me mad too...and we start a fight just talking

then, when i wasnt there she did a recovery in the computer to delete everything.then she left without me knowing.

and now because of that recovery she did, i cant see my pics here in gs all i see is photobucket things

Does anyone knows a better website than photobucket. that doent have the problem that i have right now .

New SIg!!!!!

this one took me like 2 has a little the text and links shield

let me know what you guys think:)

cool website for making videos

This website is awsome you can make a video of all the photos you want then add music and the video...well just check the website .you need to sign up though is free..there is a video in the home page ..when you look at that youll think is awsome too

Here is the link

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