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still not getting enough percent per day and what's moding or modding if you can get emblems for it i want to do it


Friend of the MONTH!

MONTH yes thats right week is to short now it is month...and the winner is.... a tie!

SlorgKing and MickeySteroid gratz guys!!!!:D

all you have to do to win is post a lot and recommend my reviews tell me if you recommend because how else will i know lol

O yeah one out of four people have joined my union c'mon people please accept *hopes*


Another Update

I'm trying starting a new union so please join if you got an invite. I was gone all weekend and i missed after hours i'm wodering if there is any way i can still get the emblem


Things I like

first off i like when people recommend my reviews second i like when people post third i like musicand

and dogs

and i like girls



Please post.................

i go through all the trouble of making blogs and out of 112 freinds only about 5 post and my % sucks i can't upload videos and no one posts so whats the point of using gamespot then.....


Detailed blog(for GunnerVlll)

This is a map of Ireland is very very green very very cool the like good food and cool pubs i am unpacking and moving to Ireland was a big thing so far so good Larne (the city were I live) is located in the top right yellow one which i can't read so far i like it in other news i think there is a glitch on my profile because in 4 days i got 1% whats up with that i hope gamespot fixes that it is really annoying me i still can't figure out how to get a video off the internet but i would really like to

And now for something totally different this is a cat

This is remarkably random and i thought i'd include even though i totally hate cats this on the other hand is a dog which i totally love

I know the pic is small but it's awesome anyways i'm just updating this goes for you GunnerVlll hope you like my very awesome blog


Emblems help

how do i get the voted and the voted twice awards i think i know how to can you just provide a link thanks


UPDATE!! yay

well i went to Six Flags Magic Muuntain yesterday:Dand it was very fun Goliath was the best but there were huge lines and lots of people i am probably getting an awesome skateboard for christmas and i have 22% o yeah and if you haven't checked out my new reviews please recommend them thank you