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Ok after a long time of me not doing a contest...ITS BACK New contest Google Vs Bing Whats better?You decide

Contest 5 results

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THE WINNER.......................GOOGLE CHROME megamannt123:Voted Chrome clock0:voted Chrome Thank you and I will do another contest soon so be on the look out.

Contest 5

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The last round of the tournament Safari VS Google Chrome Which is better You decide

Contest 4

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Winner of last as I said was google chrome here is the new contest.It is on internet browsers again. Safari or Firefox Which is better you decide I will announce the winner on my next blog.

Contest 3 results

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First I have to say who voted and tally the votes up Clock0- voted Google chrome Avatarman-voted firefox Firefox was not in the two choices so the winner is google chrome.

Contest 3

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Winner of contest 2 was PS3.Here is contest 3.This is on internet browsers Internet explorer Or Google Chrome You decide which is better

Contest 2

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New contest but this time on consoles. Xbox 360 Or PS3 You decide which is better.

Contest results

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The winner of the contest is skyrim it had 1 vote.I would like to thank the voter clock0 for voting.


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Im having a contest on games.What game is better Fable 3 or Skyrim You decide which is better.
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