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New Emblem Robocorn?

by on

So its been a while since I posted a blog. I kinda didnt want too due to the fact I dont have nothing to say.

But I got a new Emblem today Robocorn..Can someone explain this to me? It sounds like a joke.

Anyways Am kinda tired of gamespot..they keep changing the interface ..It pisses mi of..

So thats it for now.


Am banned? Is this a glitch? somebody help.!!

by on
For some strange reason.. for the past few house i keeping getting this screen every time i try to visit my profile..But it seems to be okay now.. but I still cant see my DP WTF??? is this a glitch? Game Over MASTERJ6 has been banned from GameSpot Fuse for violating our Terms of Use. No continues, no restartsgame over. Please remember to treat our community respectfully and act responsibly, lest you end up flattened by The Banhammer. Always be excellent to each other.

Subscribe to my youtube channel

by on

Subscribe... check my videos and tell me what you think :D

J6 out Paece and love

:( comment my blog :'( *tears*

by on

I'm back for da dead. I'm just decided to make a new entry.

I missed Gamespot.seems like alot changed here.

comment and We'll be best friends forever O.o


R.I.P Micheal Jackson

by on

If by now you don't know that Micheal Jackson also known as the king of pop is your self must be dead too....

I started to like rock music just when I was a little boy because of Micheal Jackson......I will have to say that my favorite song he sung was Beat it...

And I never believed those crap what people said about him......HE WILL FOREVER BE THE KING OF POP

And I'm sorry I have been online a while now I was busy with exams......but now I'm here....

I'll comment you all back....


Running out of Ideas......

by on

Well I wanted to write a blog for the last 4 days but......It seems that I am running out of ideas.........Can you tell me some of your ideas????? ........

And I've been pretty busy with other websites such as Facebook, youtube And Hi5 etc.......

Last weekend I was really busy with Assignments and homework but this weekend I really have nothing to do so I might be on all the time........

My Life.....

Life has been real is my father's birthday


School has been very busy than ever.......They are always giving us homework

Plans for the weekend......

I have no plans for the

And that's all for now

I'll comment you back when I get the chance.........


My first friend from gamespot is leaving...

by on

I am sad to say that my first friend I made at gamespot tiggerboy is leaving!!!!!

Anyways tomorrow is a National Holiday in Guyana....... (The country I live) 43rd Independence.....

But it won't be such a boring day....because I have some I.T Project to do......So I'll be very busy........

In other news It came home early today because I wasn't feeling well..... I'm telling you to get to come out of first have to go and talk to your form teacher who will....write something that you have to give to another teacher and then she'll call your parents to pick you up (See my school is
And when I came home everyone was like "are you ok".....I was like "leave me alone!!"

Anyways I am now feeling better.......

Later guys...... I'll comment you back when I get the chance

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