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Civilization IV: Ups and Downs

Despite the fact that this is an awesome game which comes with new leaders never seen before, Civilization IV returned to their oldie style of costumization to allow players to create their ownfavorable gaming experience by making the modification a pain in the neck. In previousCiv III, you just had to click on the Civ Editor to allow modifications for the game which was easier and faster and saves time and so many other things that could be time consumming.

Downloads of the SDK was a pain.

If you didnt understand how to use the XML and the python to its fullest potential was a pain.

Not understanding how to use the XML and python was a pain.

Trying to understand how to use the XML and python editingprogram systemwas a pain.

finding a site where downloading the SDK for free was a pain.

finding a site to download the SDK without it being corrupt or damaged was a pain.

downloading mods was a pain.

but the gaming experiencewas beyond what i had played in the previous Civ III and i suppose its all worth it, no?

or am i simply complaining and whining and being lazy the real reason behind all this trouble....?

bogus animes? or is it just retarted?

why doesn't anyone, well most of the majority like animes like bobobo, zatch bell, etc etc ? is it just me or am i going crazy literally when i watch retarted humour anime like that????? or is it just the lack of action and minor bloodshed??? or perhaps the humor just isn't appealing to most viewers huh????  

I seriously will go on strike right now......

I WANNA KILL SOMEONE RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the stupid gym teacher made me play volley ball and all we did was serve the stinkin' ball!! i suck at serving!!!!!!!!!! in fact, i suck at everything involving volley ball!!!!!!! who in the history of crap sports invented volley ball?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he was like:  oh, you gotta serve or else you'll fail gym.

i don't give a crap about failing gym!!!!!!!!!!!!! he gave us a booklet about staying fit and he was like: if you don't stay fit, i'll fail you.

i wanna murder him so F***ING badly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

who exactly would like to play volley ball though...........?!

if i had a pitch fork and a torch, i would go on strike against him for being mentally retarded and insensitively senile and stab him with a pitch fork anyways as he decides to change my grade!!!!!!!!then burn him with a flame thrower, dunk his useless corpse into a tank infested with man-eating things and scatter the remnants of his shriveled, already dead carcass into the endless ocean!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!

wii or ps3 ?

which one would u get? a wii or ps3? i want a ps3 and i'll buy it even if i had to crawl through that entrance door of Bestbuy half dead and crippled! i'm being serious.....besides what's so good about a wii? i don't get it....

old old plane games

are their anyone out there in the world that still plays the old classics? it's kinda fun and all especially when the music gets rigged up and the tv makes these funny noises hahaha.


my friend told me that i was creepy cause i like to lick my blood. how's that scary????? it's your blood after all. i mean, blood tastes kinda good but......


this girl is stalking me!!!!! she even found a way to contact me!!!!!! someone something get her away from me!!!!!!!!! curses kenny for this.....curse you kenny!!!!

my stinkin uncle!!!!!

i was playin' games and leaning on the table not sitting on it!!!! vincent popped outta nowhere ad jumped his sister but missed. he land on the tabel and somehow the table broke down and started to collapse on him but since i was there helpin' him was something that i don't wanna do but i did it anyway. I got him out and by the time my uncle came back and startd yelling at me!!! what did i do?!!! i barely touched the table!!!! curse my uncle he called me an idiot for leaning on the table. He thought i sat on it and broke it when the table was crack big!!!!


woo hoo!! vampires!!! why do they fly anyway??? ain't it better to walk and run??? and why are people so afraid of them??? they are harmless as long as you give them blood.