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rootbeer if I have a choice milk is good but it really doesn't quench a thirst
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Is that legal?

I use a program that mimics what I would do and then use snipping tool just for you buddy try bombtheworld dot net
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Here is one

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If you are good at graffiti please track me or respond to this message. I may be the greatest thing to ever hit gamespot if you are a graffiti lover.

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Well I am surprised that ur the only one who has posted. Even sowhat do u think of it? I know I love it and have been on it for about 3 months atleast once a day. One of the best browser mmo's I have ever played. They say the economy is off, but I think they made a mistake. They just don't understand the game. People make the prices if they choose than things can get pricey otherwise I say the game is fair to all. There is equal oppertunity for those who work at it.

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Title: Dark Orbit
System: Pc
Published by: Bigpoint
Developed by: Bigpoint
Genre: Massive Online multiplayer
Number of Players: millions
Release Date: US: 2006
Support links please to prove you game exists

I believe only geman amazon.com has a box shot I will try to get it and post here as jpeg for u guys and thank you.

Dark Orbit Boxshot

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I am sorry link said feedback. tried to remove but you posted..I am on could've pm'd then I could save u the troule of haveing to delete my mistake
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I saw you have games like maplestory, runscape and other web games but i see nothing for dark orbit? I think that maybe someone should look into it if you could please. Such a surprise not to see it on gs. I would like to see some info on dark orbit. Maybe they could do a video review that would be even better. Or maybe feature it once. I love gs but =( com'n plz

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Has anyone ever played dark orbit I have been on this site for awhile and really haven't heard anything about it. I play it and I know other people do. Searched it and found nothing on gamespot about it. I seriously think something should be done and fast. Some of the most popular pc games aren't even listed. Dark orbit needs a spot somewhere here at gs. One of the best browser games I have ever played can't believe there's nothing on it?? Gs is really slacking. Well have any of you heard of it or played it before??:!: