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Thoughts and facts on BFBC2!


I have always been a fan for the series and the original 1942 was the reason for my love of fps games. This only proves that they are only out to exceed expectations of the series last arrival bad company. Improving on many things this time before game was even made. In lamens terms they fired whole staff from last game productions and it has only made the game flaws null. the new programmers fixed the minor glitched issues from the first bfbc within first 4 months of release but the damage was done. the title suffered brutal reviews. Knowing this the new team was hard at work to repair the voice chat system which did not exist in bfbc because of tech issues. Also allowing mw2 to test their achievement system only made for many improvements which with be apperent and shine through much more in the full version of the game. In case you were wondering if the frame rate was going to hold up under stress of hundreds of thousands if not millions of people trying to play at once from what I have seen they have things well under control despite the slight change in numbers of players from 1943 to the much awaited bfbc2. But there will be only one way to know for sure and thats to pick it up or watch gameplay march 4th.