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Some reviews for 4/6/2011! (pc/ps3)

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Gonna make it short and sweet so I can keep on keeping on.

Socom 4 beta:

My clan is loving this game I see a good improvement since confrontation but it still need some work but I am excited for it's full release. It has some interesting game modes as well as some classics. With new hd graphix and revamped game without slant 6 things are looking up hill but are still at the middle stages of where the game should be in comparison to other shooter fanchise games.

Battlefield Play 4 Free Online:

Amazingly fun game a bit of a download but they are constantly putting new things in the game. It has all the fun of battlefield 2 with none of the going to the store to buy a copy. Cool leveling system with tiers and ability points to keep you killing. Tons of vehicles including jets, tanks, choppa's, and plenty of apc's. All in all for it being in open beta it has been a source of some good fun over the past weeks.