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Been Awhile! Games Update! P4F PC Games..

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Dungeon Fighter Online- A great rpg / 2d fighter. This 2d fighter has some good graphix great combos, pvp system and isn't too bad of a download.

Characters- Habbits, Merce, MageMerce, PriestMerce

Battlefield Play For Free- A continuation of the already beloved shooter series. Has some great maps competitive gameplay and a fast growing community. With dedicated servers and bookmarking this is by far the best free online fps.

Characters- Habbits [A], Bad-Habbits [E]

Dark Orbit- A great browser space ship rpg. Very difficult game with an already large community. I have had alot of fun just playing it over the last 4 years and have become pretty well established.

Server- USA West 1

Faction- Venus Resource Unlimited

Sorry I have no ps3 games up at the moment no games have really been on my list lately.. I am waiting for battlefield 3

other games- D&D online (pc), Metal Assualt (pc), and empires and allies on facebook