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M3RC3tHeShOoTeR Blog

I am still here! (Level 18 now)

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I just haven't been around to the blogs lately. I have been terribly busy with responsibilities but I still check my messages and the union so keep posting. I will make my rounds and try and be back everyday again asap. Hope you all are doing great.

Job Oppertunities!

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I have been looking into some other jobs at the moment so please excuse me if I don't make my rounds as usual I am busy at the moment making resume's. I hope to get a job as a GM for blizzard. If not the maybe work at a copy place. Jobs that are more lax and give me plenty of time to work on gaming reviews and other things. I have a friend that manages the blizzard workshop here in austin that may help just give me the edge I need to get my application looked at. I hope to get back to you all soon. I will still be making time for my union.;)

Sesh was good!

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Wish some more members showed up, but the people who did had fun nd chatted for an hour. I hope next time more of you will join us. So what were you all doing tonight then since you couldn't stop in and say hi?:P

Dark Orbit mayham!

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I can't seem to stop playing the game it's so addictive. I have probly been playing it more than any other game I have, why I have no clue. Such an interesting game. But I will pry away sometime tomarrow to make my way to the game chat session. Hope you all can make it. :D

Gamer Chat Friday (7pm cst)

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The game chat will be firday at 7. The link to it is in the last blog. Other than that I have been hanging out with a friend form out of town. He travels alot so it's good to get a chance to spend some time with an old friend. How is everyone nowadays? :)


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I have plenty of things planned ahead in the coming weeks. Don't know how it will all work out but I hope things will go ok. I added some more videos for everyon to watch. My girlfriend taped for me his time so yes it's me playing finally. Also their are going to be plenty of other cool things going on like my union starting it's weekly game chats more than likely next friday at7 central standard time,and I plan for their to be some discussion of other union activities as well. Hope you all can make it. The union chat will be on

If you need help converting the time here is an easy way to find out:

Had court today.

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I had some old tickets and man the court was backed up. I was there almost all day. i am glad to get it all taken care of. Hope you all are doing well.

Wanna Play A Game?

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I have been playing through some browser games and I really found some good ones both point and click and more rpg with just pictures with time count downs for building stuctures. But I am really interested in Dark Orbit and have been thinking of making a clan since the game is free, fun and can be extremely gratifying. It is visually stunning as well and there is alot more to the game once you get into it. I'll be sure to load a video with some basic gameplay from the homeworld. 15 planetary systems to explore. Quest and Pvp fun. Not what you'd expect from a browser game. If you are interested in playing leave a message or send me one letting me know.

I want to choose a server soon though so I can make the 300,000 for our clan. We also have to choose a faction. Mars Mining Operation, Venus Resourse Unlimited, or Earth Industries Corp. There is a chat in the servers as well.

Been Super Busy

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I have alot of stuff I have been doing lately but I am about be alot more. I'll try and do the best I can I should be free's up for the friday games discussion. Union members could try and think of some good topics and we'll try to get to as many as we can in, in the time we have. So anyways I have to find a job and the city is crazy so I have to be out and about all the time to get one. Staying vigilant.:)

Weekly Game Chat Coming Soon.

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We have been discussing a weekly game chat at the union for about two days and have been voting on a day to make it happen. If you would like to place a vote feel free. After next week the day and time will be decided and posted here as well as the union.