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I have joined a new clan! [OGC]

I had been trying to put a clan together for a little while and it didn't work out. So a friend of mine told me about their clan and for the first time I saw real teamwork. Anyone interested in challenging our clan or want to join please visit OGC stands for Old Gentlemans Club.

COD4 lag issues!

Alot of people on my friends list have had alot of lag issues since the new version came online. I haven't had too many problems atleast more than normal but I figured I'd put it out there for people who do not yet own the game and are wondering if it is worth it. I have always had problems getting people in games and lag. Other than that game on.

P.s. Unless the lag is just so overwhelming you can't play then get a diffrent game, clean your disc, upgrade your internet or someting but the game is too fun to give up.

MGS4 for ps3

Sweet game, the company took their time and have given gamers in the new generation something to look forward too. Now that thats out of the way the controls are funny some of the angles are bad and I hate that you have to pay for more characters in multiplayer.I like the single player mode it is fun and was good enough for me to have paid for the game though I didn't. I hope that some other corps look at some aspects of the multiplayer and use them for upcoming games but stay to their own generators. For example the in game chat would be useful for other other games such as cod4. I gave this game a 9 it cant be perfect in my book, there are great flaws.

Armoured core 4

I have played thru the game and it's ok I just think they could have done a better job of showing the amount of money you have and you shouldn't have to rebuy all your weapons if you are just trying the spec out that was a little confusing. But the graphix were cool the levels and bosses are interesting. Other than that it was good 7.0.