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Been Awhile! Games Update! P4F PC Games..

Dungeon Fighter Online- A great rpg / 2d fighter. This 2d fighter has some good graphix great combos, pvp system and isn't too bad of a download.

Characters- Habbits, Merce, MageMerce, PriestMerce

Battlefield Play For Free- A continuation of the already beloved shooter series. Has some great maps competitive gameplay and a fast growing community. With dedicated servers and bookmarking this is by far the best free online fps.

Characters- Habbits [A], Bad-Habbits [E]

Dark Orbit- A great browser space ship rpg. Very difficult game with an already large community. I have had alot of fun just playing it over the last 4 years and have become pretty well established.

Server- USA West 1

Faction- Venus Resource Unlimited

Sorry I have no ps3 games up at the moment no games have really been on my list lately.. I am waiting for battlefield 3

other games- D&D online (pc), Metal Assualt (pc), and empires and allies on facebook

Some reviews for 4/6/2011! (pc/ps3)

Gonna make it short and sweet so I can keep on keeping on.

Socom 4 beta:

My clan is loving this game I see a good improvement since confrontation but it still need some work but I am excited for it's full release. It has some interesting game modes as well as some classics. With new hd graphix and revamped game without slant 6 things are looking up hill but are still at the middle stages of where the game should be in comparison to other shooter fanchise games.

Battlefield Play 4 Free Online:

Amazingly fun game a bit of a download but they are constantly putting new things in the game. It has all the fun of battlefield 2 with none of the going to the store to buy a copy. Cool leveling system with tiers and ability points to keep you killing. Tons of vehicles including jets, tanks, choppa's, and plenty of apc's. All in all for it being in open beta it has been a source of some good fun over the past weeks.

Great next 30 days for ps3!

First up is

Super Street fighter 4- well one great way to add to an already outstanding series is to bring back all your favorite characters and dash in some new ones. Expect this game to be a great expansion.

Skate 3- with tons of new features and same great sk8 feel. This time build your own park have your friends upload it and new angles for your video camera.

Red Dead Redemption- Great new 3rd person wild west shooter. With an open enviroment like just cause and multiplayer that allows you to form posse's and run the wild west. With just way to many features to put on my blog.

All three of these games will be sure to impress. If you haven't played a good game yet and plan on buying these games would be a good place to start. All 3 have good singleplayer as well as multiplayer modes to keep the play value going.

Dark Orbits Old Client Is Gone Forever


Today they popular web game dark orbit ended the use of the users old client option. This just means that all users must use the new game client. Some people were upset about the change because for whatever reason they were not able to use the new client. Despite this fact the still made the change of client then easter week they decided to do away with it completely making the new customizable hotkey bar the standard for the new client. As well as personal ore space stations which can be built up and add to you profit or power or both. I have been playing for about 2-3 years now and have witnessed alot of changes to the game this was by far the most drastic change of the game I have seen in such a short period of time. The have also boasted more changes to come.

Hello Everyone...Yes it's me again, 2 Topics

  1. Battlefield Bad Company 2- game impressions
  2. Bomb the world- web graffiti- game impressions

So first to get started I have have played my share of every lv I would say I almost have all the available unlocks and so far the game is great. Singleplayer was a bit short for the elite but should be expected for the amount of multiplayer content and destructablility though there are issues with only having chat within the 4 man squad that you are in which can be trouble if you cannot use another chat system while playing you console but if you are already use to problems like this them everything will be great. There is of course with any game some lag occasionally but nothing serious and if you have good connection you should not even notice.

The second thing is another great web game that you will never hear advertised its called bomb the world. For people who are into are and graffiti will love this site. It has all these diffrent places in the world you can go and tag trains, walls, Trucks, and other various things. With alot of colors and art app tool that mimics spraypaint really well with dripping and everything. Each place you goto has a time limit for you and you try to get a picture done before the cops come. They are still adding battle features and so on but you can already start doing bombs. To check it out just goto

Both of these games are fun and I give 1. 9-10 and 2. 6.5-10 (when they update I will change this rating)

Thoughts and facts on BFBC2!


I have always been a fan for the series and the original 1942 was the reason for my love of fps games. This only proves that they are only out to exceed expectations of the series last arrival bad company. Improving on many things this time before game was even made. In lamens terms they fired whole staff from last game productions and it has only made the game flaws null. the new programmers fixed the minor glitched issues from the first bfbc within first 4 months of release but the damage was done. the title suffered brutal reviews. Knowing this the new team was hard at work to repair the voice chat system which did not exist in bfbc because of tech issues. Also allowing mw2 to test their achievement system only made for many improvements which with be apperent and shine through much more in the full version of the game. In case you were wondering if the frame rate was going to hold up under stress of hundreds of thousands if not millions of people trying to play at once from what I have seen they have things well under control despite the slight change in numbers of players from 1943 to the much awaited bfbc2. But there will be only one way to know for sure and thats to pick it up or watch gameplay march 4th.

No more union..(T.T) Some good news though!! and a question?

I went ahead and decided that after today that more than likely I will be leaving all my unions not as a disrespectful thing just I am done with unions unless I find a legit union that does walkthroughs. I have thought about it and more than likely that would be the only place I could call home. I have found that most unions only have 3 dedicated users that are actually having game conversations.

So to avoid further spam of the entire website essentially. I think I am either going to create my last union ever being a walkthrough union, or look for another union that is already on the path. So far though I have mostly seen copy and pasted walkthroughs that are more than likely produced in other countries to get it to you first. Unfortunatley they sacrafice alot of things american players are looking for specifically.

So like I said if I have no luck finding a really good walkthrough union. More than likely since I am new and would actually like some feedback I may just go ahead and make it when I have time. I probly go through about 3-6 games in a month so if I can't do the full walkthrough I can atleast give the most honest opinion about the game. Anyone else think this union might work?

Dark Orbit New Game Client

Playing catch up I am trying to get through all the things that have changed in games as well as new info on the games I played. As such here is an update on a multiplayer onlinegame that I have liked and have been playing for about a year they are changing the whole game essentially. A few changes:

-hud is now fully custom

-new graphix and map sizes

-hotkeys can be set for all attacks and techniques

-soundtrack and sound effects

see for yourself..

Old client


New Client


White Knight Cronicles, I'm back..

well as always it is coming to a new quarter and games are releasing like crazy. a few things I wanted to mention before I forget.

-As I played through GOW the collecters ps3 of 1-2 I noticed they did not remaster the cutscenes so if you are planning on buying the game expecting to get great hydra kill in 720 its just not going to happen.

-preorder games with demos from gamespot and then get ur 5$ back best way to get free good multiplayer demos and help make ur decision next time you plan to buy

-research games-nowadays gaming companies know there is money in gaming and will put out unfinished games to make money for other projects. So even if you see an awsome preview on tv go online and see some gameplay for yourself so you can see if its worth the cash. Buy wise games that are solid keep value forever

Ok now I know I said something about white night cronicles and I wasn't lying. I will soon have videos as well as hints and tips and pros and cons.