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Dante, the Demon Killer

Well. I've bought DmC: Devil May Cry on Tuesday.

I'm loving it so far.

The storytelling is light years ahead of the original series, it's a lot more grounded than before without losing the humor and the voice acting is excellent. The combat is fantastic. It's like a cross between DMC3 and 4. It fuses accessibility into the gameplay without compromising it's depth.

The level design is outrageous. Limbo is very saturated and the colors want to jump out of the screen.

I've only scratched the surface so far.

Put down the haterade and try this.

Expect a review from me soon.

I hope that I don't view it in the same light as Devil May Cry 2.

The Reinvention of Dante.

Hello one and all.

Last month, I downloaded the DmC demo. I've been following this for a while now. I've played the demo frequently and I still am until January 15th. It's like running into an old friend that you haven't seen in ages. He may look different but he's still the same friend.I've seen the uproar it caused when the first trailer debuted two years ago. "Where's the red leather, the white hair?", "Why does Dante look emo?"

That's all I've been hearing about it ever since. Fans have been jumping the gun without seeing a single piece of gameplay

Reboots aren't a scary thing. A good example of which is Casino Royale. I can tell you that when Daniel Craig was cast as 007. He went through the same thing. "He's not James Bond. He's James Blond". It became the best Bond film in a long time because it took everything about Bond (cartoonish villains, gadgets, Cold War aesthetic) and strips it away.

Back to my point, Devil May Cry is in the hands of Ninja Theory (Enslaved, Heavenly Sword). It's not developed in-house at Capcom and I understand that is a valid concern. How can a Western developer handle an Eastern franchise. You see, western developers put graphics over gameplay whereas eastern developers put gameplay over graphics. DmC looks to be a "best of both worlds" kind of project. Enslaved was praised for it's storytelling and characterization. Ninja Theory looks to imbue their storytelling expertise into the Devil May Cry DNA. Dante's still the snarky, charismatic, badass demon slayer we grew up with. But there's substance to go with the style. DmC presents a chance to create a fleshed-out, engaging storyline that players can invest in Dante.

Dante feels like an outcast. The son of a demon (Sparda) and an angel (Eva) living on the outskirts of society and being painted as public enemy #1. It's a modernised take on evil. Mundus (DMC1 villain) has brainwashed society through means of propaganda, right-wing media and false advertising. Dante meets Kat, a psychic that can exist in both worlds she works for The Order, an organisation that rebels against Mundus. They work together to tear down the demon king's empire while Dante learns about who he is.

Gameplay, in particular, feels like a cross between DMC3 and 4. The styles are out and it brings everything back to basics. Dante still has his twin guns (Ebony and Ivory) and his sword, Rebellion and the Devil Bringer mechanic from DMC4 is expanded upon by allowing Dante to bring enemies toward him or to bring himself into the fray with the new Angel/Demon grab. Dante is now a Nephilim. (Half-Angel, Half-Demon) and he has two new weapons in Osiris, a fast, wide-ranging scythe and Arbiter, a slow, powerful axe. the Angel/Demon dynamic adds a new layer of complexitiy to the series. DmC is more accessible (i.e. easy to get into, but it is by no means dumbed down) than in the past but the depth is still there for longtime players to get S-SSS rankings

Now, we are less than a month away from it coming out and I can honestly say that while it's a big risk that Capcom took to reboot the franchise. DmC has potential to be a true successor to the series with all the changes that came with it. If you are still on the fence about it, Then, the demo's out now, so check it out. You could be surprised.

Give me liberty..or give me death

I picked up Assassin's Creed III today. I'm gonna take my time with it because I'm splitting time between that and Sleeping Dogs which I got on sale the day after my birthday.

Sleeping Dogs, on the other hand, is awesome so far.

Hell hath no fury

On Tuesday, I downloaded the Harley Quinn's Revenge DLC for Batman: Arkham City. It was good. Robin is playable in the main story and it picks up a few weeks after the events of the story. Despite it's length, the DLC lasts two hours. It's worth downloading.

I guess it's cool to scream "MORTAL KOMBAT"; again

Yesterday was Boxing Day. I bought Mortal Kombat.

Initially, I was on the fence about it when it came out, I'm still a fan, by the by. But MK vs DC left me unsatisfied. But

I wondered if MK was as good as it ever was. But after experiencing the new features and re-aclimating to the gameplay. I

realized that MK is back and it made MK vs DC look nonexistant.

Make no "Bones" about it, Jon Jones is for real

2011 has been an eventful year for Jon "Bones" Jones. Fresh off his win against Quinton "Rampage" Jackson in September, he, once again, defended his light heavyweight title against Lyoto "The Dragon" Machida at UFC 140 in Toronto.

The card was good. It was their second show in Toronto since UFC 129 drew more than 55,000 people. Now it went a little smaller but a still live arena in the Air Canada Centre.

Let's start with the main event. This was Fight #4 for Jones and he went up against the elusive Lyoto Machida, a former champion, who was coming off a highlight reel knockout of Randy Couture, seen below:

Lyoto Machida crane kick

Round 1 began with both fighters feeling each out and Machida caught Jones with a flurry and he looked like he was in danger. Jones had dominated opponents at 205 to the point that he was untouchable. He was untouchable when he won the title in March and it seemed that he was going to be another case of hot potato in the light heavyweight division.
But for Jon Jones, he battled through adversity and escaped the first round.

Round 2 was a totally different story. Jones was able to turn it around when he caught Machida with a straight right hand and scored a takedown and began to rain down elbows and he cut Machida open and Jones caught him in a standing guillotine and it was a wrap

Jon Jones remained the UFC Light Heavyweight Champion and he became the first fighter since Chuck Liddell to defend it more than once.

4 fights this year, 3 former champions and he'sonly 24. What was great about this victory is because we get to see him battle through some adversity and he silenced some of the critics on Saturday night. Now he'll get to sit back and wait until the winner of Rashad Evans-Phil Davis. His potential is scary. If he keeps going on the path he is on, he will be among the elite of the sport. He definitely proved that he is the top guy at 205 right now. Once he hits his prime, be afraid.

Also on the card, The Nogueira brothers (Minotauro and Minotoro) fought on the same night, Big Nog had a rematch with Frank Mir and Little Nog fought Tito Ortiz.

Frank Mir had won the first fight and he wanted to make a statement against Minotauro. Mir was the first person to knock him out at UFC 92 and on Saturday, he made a bigger statment against Minotauro, he was caught on the feet and he was able to come back from the brink of defeat and catch Big Nog in a kimura and he broke his shoulder. I thought if Mir was going to top his first fight and man, did he do it. He broke Tim Sylvia's arm to win the belt and now he got the last word by breaking Nogueira's shoulder

That. is. nasty.

But his brother, Rogerio Nogueira returned to his winning ways by stopping Tito Ortiz in the first round, Brian Ebersole won a close fight with Claude Patrick by split decision and the Korean Zombie, Chan Sung Jung scored a quick, 7-second knockout of Mark Hominick.

A good show capped off with the champ Jon Jones retaining his belt.

Still the champ

Let's see if 2012 will be an even better year for Jon "Bones" Jones.

The Shogun/Henderson Classic

I caught up with UFC 139 earlier today and it was incredible.

It's been a week since their first show on FOX and it kind of flew under the radar but man did it deliver!

It was headlined by Mauricio "Shogun" Rua and the returning Dan Henderson, who is in his third stint in the UFC. He left after UFC 100, when he knocked out Michael Bisping in highlight reel fashion. He went on to Strikeforce and won the 205-pound title and this past summer, finished Fedor Emelianenko. Shogun, on the other hand, lost the belt to Jon Jones back in March and he's been working his way back up

Henderson, 41 and Rua, 29 (turning 30 this week) both fought in Pride and this fight could've happened then but the UFC bought out Pride and here we are.

The fight was incredible. Hendo and Shogun went at it from bell to bell. Hendo had Shogun rocked several times in the first three rounds but Shogun dug deep and fought through it and returned the favor in the last two rounds.

Dan Henderson won via unanimous decision 48-47 across the board. But there were no losers last night. Both men looked amazing in such a historic fight.

Now, here's the interesting part. Hendo can fight for either fight the winner of Jon Jones-Lyoto Machida or he could go down to 185 and rematch Anderson Silva. A lot of possibilities for Hendo right now.

The rest of the card was awesome, too. Cung Le made his UFC debut against Wanderlei Silva and they had a thrilling battle where Silva was in trouble when Le was throwing kicks in the first round but in the 2nd round, Silva turned the corner and threw some knees and stopped Cung Le.

Urijah Faber, former WEC Featherweight Champion, fought in his home state of California against former WEC Bantamweight Champion. Brian Bowles for another shot at the BW title. Faber got inside and took him down and used some ground and pound and choked out Bowles in the 2nd round. Looks like Faber wants to settle the score with Dominick Cruz next year in the rubber match. The 2nd fight happened on July 2nd and Cruz was able to avenge his only loss but it won't be easy. Cruz hasn't been beaten at 135 ever since he dropped down.

In other news, Martin Kampmann returned to the win column with UD over Rick Story and Stephan Bonnar dominated Kyle Kingsbury

All in all, an excellent show capped off with the Shogun/Hendo classic. I'll be shocked if it doesn't end up becoming Fight of the Year.


Last night was a pretty special night for the UFC. It marked the first time they aired on FOX. The UFC on FOX deal doesn't start until 2012. But the show served as a prelude of what's to come next year. Cain Velasquez returned after a 13-month layoff to defend his Heavyweight title against the #1 contender Junior Dos Santos. Both men were 7-0 in the Octagon and they faced off in their 8th fight respectively.

And it took 1:04 for JDS to snare the belt from Cain's hands. Junior Dos Santos became the UFC Heavyweight Champion last night by finishing Cain Velasquez by KO

I had hoped that I would see a 5-round fight but it all ended so suddenly. But i'm not complaining, It was exciting while it lasted.

But i'm not taking anything away from Junior Dos Santos, he earned the UFC Heavyweight Championship and now there are three Brazilian champions, Along with Anderson Silva and Jose Aldo.

I didn't have a favorite here since l like both Cain and JDS. I think ring rust played a role into his loss. I don't care who it is. If you haven't fought in so long it's gonna take it's toll. Cain Velasquez, unfortunately, fell victim to ring rust. He's now 9-1 in his MMA career and while fans cling on to a fighter when he wins and when he loses they will scatter, i'm not so quick to write him off just yet. He didn't have time to work his gameplan and I think he should fight the loser of Brock Lesnar-Alistair Overeem. I'm sure he's gonna be a better fighter after this loss. He worked hard to reach the top and he'll work even harder to reach the top again.