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So I've been making Reviews but not Blogs

So yeah every now and again I've come on here to right reviews about games but have clearly abandoned blog posting for the past few years. lol. Just thought I'd say hi, and this time I'm back at blog posting. Been a while I know but I blame the yeah that sounds like a good excuse...

more Japanese games for the Xbox

Don't get me wrong I love American made games such as COD 4 and Halo but I really hate the fact the Xbox 360 has such a terrible selection of Japanese made games. I mean sure we have games like Kengo, but that game is just terrible. I love my Xbox 360, but I'm also an avid Japanese game fan. I love games like Fatal Frame, Tekken, ZOE 2 and Tenchu (They did make one for the Xbox 360, but it was actually sorta terrible in it's story line aspect). So yeah, I can't afford a Sony Playstation 3 right now or else I wouldn't be complaining about all this, but I truly miss good Japanese games. :( **Goes and buys PS2 games**

Dark Knight


That movie was beyond better then I could of ever expected. The new slew of Batman movies have a feeling of realism while also staying true to the Comical apeal of the comics. Which is something know other comic-to-movie movies have ever done. I'm truly proud to be a Batman fan these days lol. Not to mention, Heath Ledger played the Joker better then Nicholson, which I never thought possible prior to seeing the new movie. To put it simply, I was wowed from start to finish of the Dark Knight!

Newest Anime

I recently baught Dragon Ball Z season one and its pretty good. The only problem I have is its really cropped. I normaly don't have a problem with this, but I love Anime, and when u can't see everything it really irritates me. lol. Other then that, much nastalgia. Is all the other seasons like that?

Choosing my next game

This up comming week is going to be cool. I got the weekend off and will hopefully be receiving my copy of Ace Combat 6 in the mail. I'm also going to buy another game for either my PS2 or my Xbox 360, just not sure what to pick up. If anyone has any game titles they wana throw at me, feel free. I also picked up Fatal Frame 3 last week, that game scared the hell out of me last night, jeeze. But yeah, if you guys wana help me pick a game, think of a 360 or PS2 title. Thanks in advance

New and Improved


The new and improved EpisodeKiller.....

Yeah the old look got annoying. I picked white because I'm a huge fan of StormTrooper's from Starwars and wanted him to look semi like that. Also picked red is cool haha. But yeah, this is the new and improved EpisodeKiller. If anyone wants to fall victim to his might...simply add EpisodeKiller to Xbox Live

DMC 4 Demo

Devil May Cry 4

I've played me many a demo but I have to say DMC 4's Demo was pure ownage. I've been a long time DMC fan since the first one came out when I was a wee pup and since then I've followed the series right along. I even seemed to of appreciated DMC 2 with all its problems, it was still an ace game. As stated above, DMC 4 is mostly going to kick ass...period. I'm so dayum stoked about it I'm most likely going to pick up the Collectors Edition ;)