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Level 32 - Snake Eater

I leveled up!

Also, what are you most looking forward to from this years E3?

For me, I'm looking forward to Nintendo's conference and the Wii U and all of It's launch games, Bioshock Infinite, GTA V, and of course, surprises. HAPPY E3 EVERYONE!


Deal of My Life: Boxed Earthbound with Guide and Scratch n Sniff for $20 (pics).

So here's the story,

A friend of mine, Chris, who isn't a gamer, goes garage sale shopping. He totally scored (without knowing he did) Earthbound for the SNES with the Strategy Guide and Scratch And Sniff Sheet for only $10. Obviously the seller wasn't a gamer too. So anyways, Chris picked it up because he thought I might be interested it in buying it for 20 bucks so he sold it to me to make 10 bucks profit. Obviously I contained my excitement when he sold it to me, but when I got home I went absolutely nuts. The thing is also in mint condition, the cart still has the plastic dust blocker on it.

Please excuse my craptastic webcam, unfortunately I don't own a digital camera or a smart phone.



Scratch And Sniff, Strategy Guide, And Cart:

Contents of Box

Cart Close-up:


Also, the Scratch and sniff still smells after all these years.

P.S. I'm enjoying the hell out of L.A. Noire, expect a review up soon.

Level 31: Ippon!

Yay I made it to level 31. Took me a while but I did it.

Currently I've been really into Fallout 3 for the first time. Yeah I know New Vegas is coming out tomorrow but I'm still enjoying the game very much. I'm getting really close to 20,000 gamer score. Anyways, see ya.


I am currently strongly addicted to Halo Reach's online right now. Took you 9 years to get me hooked bungie but you did it ;)

YAY! It's my birthday!

So I turned 17 today. For my birthday I received a microsoft points card worth 1400 points, Halo Reach, and DJ hero. Fun times indeed.

Blog Post #200 (Limbo Review)

Well, it's been four years here on gamespot. It's been good times. The last couple years kinda started dying down for me and I found other interesting sites but I still come back here to check up on familiar names. Thanks to all the friends I've made here on Gamespot such as Elysium93 and bluezy. It's been fun. I remember my first game night, Super Smash Bros. Brawl. I remember beating some of the gamespot staff and that was pretty funny when I got in the top 3 for the game night which I wasn't expecting at all. Good times indeed. But yeah. This is my 200th post and for this post I decided to review Limbo. Check out my review here and comment on this blog post with any feed back you like.

Take care, Lunar.

Finally Have Red Dead Redemption!

Well I woke up to a great surprise today. Red Dead Redemption on my living room table. I can't wait to dive into this title. I may or may not do a review of this game but be on the lookout in case I do. I'm so excited. Can't wait to play outlaws to the end with you bluezy :P.