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So is the combat the same as in the first Dead Island game or did they f**k it up? Did it deteriorate and become worst?

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If you are going to compare Bioshock to other games, maybe you should compare it to a game in the same genre. Bioshock is a FPS not an RPG. You might as well be comparing Bioshock to Fifa.....But clearly Fifa has a better story and your choices matter in the end...



You really do like to troll threads here, don't you?

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Agree with the both of you, bioshock and bioshock 2 are better games all the way...

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I agree, Infinite is overhyped as hell.




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Troll, Disagree.



You are the troll dude! You had way more skills, they had way more possibiletys and secondery mods, way more guns and secondery mods on them. You could combine a damn lot in Bioshock 2, and in Infinity I can pass the game with 1 gun and 1 skill, since everything is boring.

The game is made to be playing by mentally challenged people, elizabeth give you everything from helth, salts and money + you die and she brings you back almost for free. Boring...

The graphics are better, but it a way newer game, and the story isn't something that cool at all. I find city of rapture and Andrew Ryan more interesting...

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So I finished my Bioshock Infinitie in like 1 day. I liked the plasmits in Bioshock 2 more then in Infinite and the sotry in Infinite is like wtf?! When I end my game it was like huh...

I get the story but it's like meh, I would not play the game again...

And in Bioshock 2 we can have multiple end games...


Agree or Disagree?

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Is there CO-OP like in Resident Evil 5?

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Any info on it? Will it be soon after the xbox, PS release or way later? This bugges me a lot...

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There is nothing to destroy when it's already crap, and bs of a game. Wa not even worth to DL a pirated version how sh*ty it is :D

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I'd like to hear others opinions on D3's graphical impression.

Personally.. I'm extremely disappointed. I expected at least SC2 quality, and I barely got WOW quality. I understand Blizzard focuses on storyline and gameplay... But these graphics are personally killing me.


Yup same here, I was like wtf?! Is that it Oo Only the graphics looks somehow lame to me...