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Wat Up? (Im back)

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So wat up I might be active on gs again I duno depends how many people still blog on this site.

Going + My favorite CoD4 and Halo 3 Maps #'s 2 and 1

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Okay so I'm gonna be gone for the next 2 days at my mom's friends cabin so I won't be on GS (I might 'cause there is a computer there but I'm not sure if I will). Ohhh.... I just remembered right now about the gaming update tuesday's whatever it's summer and I dunno what day it is so yeah. Here are the maps:

#2 CoD 4 Map

Favorite game types too play on crossfire: Search and Destroy. Team Death Match

#2 Halo 3 Map


Favorite game types too play on Valhalla: CTF, Slayer, Team Snipers

#1 CoD 4 Map


Favorite game types too play on Overgrown: Ground War, Search and Destroy

#1 Halo 3 Map:


I'm gonna talk about this one: The normal map of this is okay but I LOVE the forge maps made out of this all the zombie maps, mansions, golf courses, territories maps, and my favorite mongoose race courses. If you haven't played a mongoose race course you aren't a true halo fan.

So here is a recap of the maps

CoD 4 Maps:

#5: Showdown

#4: Crash

#3 Strike

#2 Crossfire

#1 Overgrown

Halo 3 Maps

#5 Construct

#4 Guardian

#3 Narrows

#2 Valhalla

#1 Sandbox

So those are the maps.

Bye for now,


Back + #3 CoD 4 and Halo 3 maps

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So I'm back from vancouver I was there for longer then I thought instead of 4 I went for 7. Also yesterday I had a sleep over with my friend so I only commented on 5 blogs. Here are the maps.

Halo 3 Map:


CoD 4 Map


So ya short blog I know but that's all for now bye.


I'm leaving for a while + CoD 4 and Halo maps #4

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Halo 3 map


CoD 4 map


So ya I have no time to talk about them but I am gonna be gone for the next few days probably 4-5 so ya I won't be posting or reading blog or be in the union... But ya bye


5th Best Halo 3 Map and 5th Best CoD 4 Map

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So let's start with Halo 3:


Construct used to be in the Halo community one of most peoples least favorite maps but over the last year it has grown to be one of the more favoured maps. Counstruct is very blanced it's power weapons are the sword and sniper. It has two purple lifts on each side of the map and one gold one that is normally the spot you want to control in a social game because people will always go back up for a revenge kill. I like to play Team Swat, Team BR's, Team Snipers, and Team Doubles on Construct.

Now here is my number 5 CoD 4 map


Well I can't sway to mush about showdown but here it goes: Showdown also a very even map each team spawns on different sides of the map but they are almost completely the same. Showdown has a statue in the middle. Showdown also has an upper part of the level which is pretty much a square corridor. The statue in the middle has a reason and that reason is if it wasn't there both teams whould be looking right at each others spawns. I like to play either team deathmatch or search and destroy on this map.

So ya I will probably do part 2 of this tommorow or monday so ya thats all for now bye


So much I wanna say...

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So anyways I wanna talk to you about lots of stuff so I dunno where I should start.... Okay I'll start with vidmasters, vidmasters are acheivments that are in Halo 3 and ODST. They are the hardest acheivments in the game and they are 7 of them. If you do all 7 of them you get Recon (the coolest armor in the game). But they are really hard like one of them is to beat any level on ODST by yourself on legendary without shooting anybody. Belive it or not that one only took me one hour and 15 minutes. I have 4 so far and am planning to get all of them before Reach comes out. I was trying to do endure today which is probably the hardest one and we were probably 3 quarters of the way there but then we ran out of lives... I have probably spent 20 hours trying to get these acheivments and I am almost there I will either try endure or deja vu tomorrow and I'll save annuel for last.

AlsoI got a new emblem today on gamespot for voting for the wild card on all time greatest villian thing... Here it is:

Greatest Game Villain Bouncer Icon

Because we can't just let anyone in. This user voted in the All Time Greatest Game Villain wild card round to help determine the final ten villains to join the battle royale.

If you can't tell I voted for Darth Vader .

Also as my next series top 5,10 thing I have decided I am gonna do my top 5 Halo 3 maps and CoD 4 Maps. So my next 5 blogs I will reveal one of my Halo 3 maps and CoD 4 maps. If one of you guys can guess my #1 Halo 3 map and CoD 4 correctly I will tag myself.

After that I thought it would be cool if one of you guys did like the same top 10 things as me and we revealed them the same day. So if you are interested just leave a comment and I will PM and we can decide what we wanna do.

Also @pikabytagged me but guess what I am gonna do....

Wait for it





Also right now I am listning to the Arcade Fire concert on youtube. I only clicked on it 'cause @ShootumUP26said he liked it so I thought it was worth a listen too. Hell they are awesome after the concert ends I will keep on listning too them .

One last thing before I end this blog here are the top 5 games I want that are gonna come out this year:

#5 Epic Mickey

Kirby's Epic Yarn

#3 Goldeneye 007 (remake)

#2 Call of Duty: Black Ops (CoD 4 is my favorite right now 'cause CoD 6 sucked)

Halo Reach (who didn't see this one coming?)

But ya that's all for now bye and remember if you wanna do a top 25, 10, or 5 just leave a comment ;).


Gaming Update + Why I am scared of mexican dogs and italian hobos

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Gaming Update

Well it's 10 here and I am really tired for some reason :/ but I actually remembered to do this for the 3rd time in a row.

So today I played a bunch of ODST with my friend today when he came over we beat it on heroic. I also got some awesome looking acheivments:

Good Samaritan

Good Samaritan Icon

I Like Fire

I Like Fire Icon

Campaign Complete: Heroic

Campaign Complete: Heroic Icon

Super Sleuth

Super Sleuth Icon

I also played some more Mass Effect and Some Halo 3 yesterday. I played 2 one vs. ones with MasterBolt360, He beat me in a sniper match 50-48 but I beat him on a normal br match 25-13.

I also played a bunch of CoD 4 lately 'causeI don't play much MW2 now so until Reach and Black Ops Halo 3 and CoD 4 will be my first person shooters even though I will play a bit of MW2 'cause I wanna get to level 70.

Also who thinks Starcraft 2 looks awesome?


I hope the video works :P.

But ya I will probably be working on beating Mass Effect and SMG2 and the Playing CoD 4 and Halo 3 in the next while. Also I have trying to get 100% of the acheivments on ODST and I might rent Aatar TLA because you get like 1000 gamerscore from it in 5 minutes I heard.

Mexican Dogs and Italian Hobos

Okay so let's start with Italian hobos (both of these stories are short and dumb but...). So went I went to Italy when I was 7 I went up to a hobo and gave him 2 dollars so anywatys I just thought he say thanks but he gets up and kisses me on the cheek he just like jumped up and scared the crap out of me. Now onto Mexican Dogs, So when I was in mexico when I was 8 I was running along the beach splashing in the water having a great time but then this massive dog like the size of me comes like running after so I was like running in circles yelling for help and it bit me right in the butt and I had to get a rabies shot... :/. But Yeah I know those are stupid reasons but that why.

Song of the day: Love the Way You Lie - Eminem ft. Rhianna:

Run This Town- Jay-Z ft. Rhianna

I dunno why but rhianna + rappers = awesome song 8).

But anyways that's all for now bye,


Apparently I'm It

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Well I have been tagge by tntking and naomz for laughing at them (looking back at that I sould not have done that). Also I am not going to do that lame music tag s*** I'm gonna do 10 thing I hate and 10 things I love so here it goes.

10 things I like:

1. Halo (yes you can call me a nerd)


3. Acheivments

4. Megan Fox


6. Gamespot

7. Hanging out with my friends

8.My new turtle beach xlc headset


10.Blogging (but not being tagged)

10 Things I Hate

1. tntking/naomz (actually were cool but I'm mad)

2.Modern Warfare 2

3. Tuna

4. People who spam the words noob,pwn,lol,omg, and ur mom jokes

5. Italian Hobos (a story for another day)

6. Mexican dogs (again I'll leave that for one of my next blogs)

7. Fanboys

8. Being tagged :x

9. Getting in trouble

10. My last teacher

Bonus ones 'cause I hate alot of stuff.

11. Liam Swidniki

12. Racism


14. Home Depot (what evil company only sells reno stuff no games, food, other awesome stuff)

15. The normal xbox mics for being so breakable and the ps3 mics for being so crappy.

16. Teen singers who can't sing such as hannah montannah, justin bieber, etc.

So ya I'm not doing anymore tag blogs for some time. Also going to tag 2 or so people in the comments and I would like to say no tag backs. So ya that's all for now bye


Gaming update 2

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First of all this is gonna be short and second of all thanks for the banner @MasterBolt360. Its awesome but glitchspot isn't working now.

I've been playing mass effect I found liara and did that vermire quest. Played Halo 3 lots of custom games, Beatles Rockband working on getting all photos, and galaxy 2 I have like 53 stars of 52... anyway I have no time right now but hey at least I still did this on tuesday like I said I would :) its 10:44 here probably alredy tommorow were some of you guys live but I'm GMT -8. So ya bye for now.