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DeviantART Help Wanted!

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Hi! If you have a Deviantart account, and you do either fan-fiction or art, notify me on either here or there! I am making a Paper Mario fan-fiction and I'd like to have some people illustrate the characters and background, and some help on writing. I'm sorry but I can NOT pay you. You will get credit and free rein to say you made this project, with help from others. The project will be at LEAST 5 chapters long, I'd really like to go far with this. If you can, go to my Deviant page and let me see some of your work. THank you!

Idea about the Mario Sports games...

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Maybe in the later Mario Sports games they'll put in some WarioWare characters. They'll fit in with the other zany characters. I can see Mona hitting a power shot with a ice cream cone and freeezing the opponents in Tennis, Ashley striking out Baby Mario with a sorceres' ball in baseball and many others. Who agrees?*raises hand*


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Well, those that didn't know, I'm back from vacation. I'll be back to my normal posting status soon.


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Here's my Mona moveset! Hope you like it!

  • MONA

    • Power: 6/10
    • Size: 7or8/10(Like Zelda)
    • Speed: 7/10
    • Jump: 3/10
    • B: Pizza Shuriken = She throws a pizza like a shuriken.5-9%
    • B>: Moped Drive = Mona drives her moped a medium distance, if she goes over the edge she'll start spinning in the air and land head first and get 5% damage. 12-20%
    • B^: Guitar Goddess = Mona takes out her guitar and plays a power chord strong it blasts her upward. About the same height as Mr. G&W's Trampoline. 10-17%
    • Bv: Ice Cream Counter = When Mona is hit with an attack while using this move, She'll fire Ice Creams, much like the Pizza Shuriken. The damage depends on how powerful the move is, and there's also a 5% chance it'll cause 50%.

  • A: Quick Jab 5-6%
  • AA: Kick 4-6%
  • AAA: Guitar Combo 5-7%
  • A>: Ice Cream Cone Stab 3-5%
  • A > Smash: Guitar Smash Mona takes her guitar and slams it in to the ground. 12-17%
  • A^: Slices a pizza upward. 2-5%
  • A ^ Smash: Mega Flip Kick.  Mona does a really strong flip kick. 9-16%
  • Av: Stomp  Mona stomps her foot. 3-6%
  • Av Smash: Pizza Tornadoe Mona holds one pizza in each hand and spins for 2 seconds. Good for racking up damage. 12-17%
  • Run A: A flying jump kick.
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • A: Chop   A chop(duh.)3-7%
  • A>: Headbutt A headbutt.  2-5%
  • A<: Guitar Backhand  Mona backhands with her guitar.  3-6%
  • A^: Bass Axl Kick: Mona does an axl kick while she has her guitar right behind her foot. Meteor Attack if performed right. 6-22%
  • Av: Down Punch  For lack of better name. Mona punches downward. 2-6%
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Grab: Mona reaches outward and grabs the opponent.
  • Grab A: Mona slaps the opponent with a pizza.2%
  • Grab >: Mona kicks off the opponent, with herself going back a few feet. 4-8%
  • Grab <: Mona throws opponent the opposite side of her on the ground. 5-9%
  • Grab^: Mona flip kicks the opponent into the air. 4-9%
  • Grab v: Mona throws the opponent up thne jumps on them, sendind them to the ground. 3-7%
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Mona is a pretty unique character. She's sorta like Sheik but different. She has pretty good power and speed but bad jumping.Her taunt is saying, "All Right!". Her Super Smash is having her stuffed animals(monkey elephant and pig), 4.1 and 4.2 coming on the screen and attacking everyone First the stuffed animals lock onto one opponent each, and then 4.1 and 4.2 do a huge blast sending everyone off the screen, pretty much ko'ing them. Her costumes are the Gelateria, Normal, Mona Pizza, the Hawt Slices, her cheerleading outfit, Vanessa recolors, Sal-Out recolors, and Peach recolors. How to unlock: Do 150 vs. matches or complete adventure mode with Wario.