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Luiggi_DiMaggio Blog

Welcome To My Jungle, Matherfacker.

I dont know what happend, and why im starting a Blog,, i dont know I too bored in my house, but what the hell, I wanna talk about games I play in my short life, and make some some ranking about Best & Worst games i played, and best & worse Characters of games, and i dont know, make some tournament in some time, about the best game ever. But now I going to talk about:

The best´s Games I ever play.

But not today, i too drunk to write this BullSh*t

(I speak spanish, and i think my english is good, but sorry for the f*ck*rs american who said: "this Assh*le dont know how to write" well f*ck you, im learning day by day to speak F*cking English)

Let the force be whit you, Young Padawan