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I bought Okami yesterday!:P Even though it has only been out in europe for very little time, it was only 30 bucks. Very strange.

Have played for a couple of hours, and absolutely loving it. Love my Playstation 2!!!:)

Naruto Shippuuden, has started...

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Finally, after almost two years of filler, the drought is finally over. Incredible. Saw Episode 1 and 2 yesterday in an one-hour special. INCREDIBLE!!! *cries*

Two and a half year has passed since Naruto left, with Ero-Sennin to train.

Very cool... Top quality animation, nice music. Cool new opening and ending, and all the characters themself seem like that they have aged well! Yay!
And Sasuke:O

My first blog!!!

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Yay! Today september 17th, 2006! it's 10, in the morning and I am sitting in front of my computer, almost NAKED!

This is the beginning of my blog. Welcome...