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okie dokie now

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coded arms is the gayest dammm thing i've played in my life, and metal gear acid is nothing like i expected it to be. i thought it was supposed to be an action shooter type first person shooter type game. but it's as bad as solitair!
but on another note, i'm very excited, because i've been wanting to get Tokobots, but they were out, and they finally got another shipment in when I exchanged metal gear acid and coded arms.
I got Tokobots and Spirderman 2. I'm stuck on both of them currently!
I know i have two loyal readers to my blog, so if Maui or Golden, if either of u have these two games, can u give me a pretty blue link to a walkthrough for Tokobots? :D
i don't need one for spiderman, i just need to sharpen up my skillz haha