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Long time no see eh'?

Hey all! I'm back again, off an on i know, but I haven't been on here since what was it now.. jesus christ! January 31st! lmao! long time.. anywoot, i've been gone due to family issues, and stress, and also many friend issues... god my friends are screwed up!
anywoot... i'm back sorta, and if you want 'details' on why i've been gone, i'll be happy to ablige... but i can't promis i'll be back for long, hell, i'll prolly leave unexpectidly for a long time again, lol...


BACK! (caps)

Well.. I haven't been on here for a few days :P and it's cuz' i'm at Teh' Omega Corp 3, by Talk2GameGuy (or Josh) and it's so wicked... I actually have fun there... I mean not that I have fun here, it's just getting boring here, and there you won't get reported for every little detailed thing... If you want a link, PM me


right now i'm babysitting lol, but don't be confused cuz' they're asleep.. i'm a better babysitter than to get on here while i'm supposed to be watching them.. :P muah haha! anyways... i'll be on ALLLLLLLL night long, lol.... their parents are gone til' 2:00 AM, and it's gonna be WICKED!!! :P woot woot one's awake! it's Emily!!!! lol.. gotta go, laters!!


So far I've got three Unreal Tournament demos, they're all really cool... i'm thinking about getting the first half-life demo, but that's a huge file...


i was spending the night at my friend's house and yeah, lol i got homez and i had over 40 unread emails in my box, and only 10 of them were junk, the rest were from me peepz! :D lol, makes me feel loved :P anywoot... i can finally download awesome demos and stuff like unreal tournament and doom 3 :D my dd made a clean sweep of the computer and now it runs like a charm from the direct CAT 5 cable to the ZIP modem

ALIAS and Smallville!!

Tonight rocked so bad! :D First Smallville was on, which I haven't seen anything but re-runs forever, lol... it was pretty wicked, ruben lb... u watch it?

and then ALIAS was on (which i happen to record with my DVR) :P anywoot... ****SPOILERS**** Vaughn and Sydney went undercover to some Russian outpost training Russian troops in a Suberb place.... lol, and the rest was about Irina and it was confusing lol.. but i STILL HAVE HOPE FOR IRINA DEREVKO!! :D then it showed another episode in 2 weeks! can't wait that long! :'( oh well.. it was about how Sydney gets something wrong in her head and has a cat scan and starts having either flash backs, or wir nightmare type things, i couldn't tell much, cuz' it only showed a bit of it... anyways, then she pulls a gun on Vaughn when they're more than likely in the feild, then she starts hilusinating again... but nothing ill happen there, it's silly... lol... i think that the thing wrong with Sydney is that her mom Irina prolly planted something in her incase she needed to secretly communicate with her... in order to tell her she's still ALIVE! :D I think that the very first episode, where at the end when it was talking about when Syd went to the morgue in Moscow, and identified her body, then buried her.. well either she wasn't dead, yet took something to make her die for a certain amount of time when Jack 'killed' her lol... or Jack killed Irina... but not the real Irina... yet her double... i think they need to do that eye scan thingy they did on Will in the 2nd season to make sure he wasn't a double or anything. woot woot that would rock if it was the double... that way IRINA WOULD BE ALIVE! love Irina, lol... anywoot. gotta go!!

200! yay!

I've got 201 friends now! :D I would love to thank Mr_Connery for being my 200th friend :D You've helped a ton!

NEW SIG! (caps)

Check out my new sig and new journal pic!! :D I didn't make it, but I asked permission from another site user if I could use it! :D

Hockey Game!!

Last night my fam. and I drove 4 hours to watch a hockey game and it was WELL worth it! :D We got seats RIGHT on the glass and when one team would come by, the other teams would ram um' up aganst the glass! woowoo! :P We got to watch a big fight when the game ended too! tardy har har...

My dad's friend, Jason Michaelbook, he was the ain ref', and he hooked us up with autographs, hockey sticks, the pro pucks, and some wicked jearseys!! :D It was so frickin' wicked! I bet there's still a smear of blood stained on my glass pane!!! :P muah haha! i can't wait to go again!


Cheers!, Ludock

The friends who I look forward to joining

lol, here is a list of my friends that I look forward to joining levels with later :D (all 17+)
AndrewP - 18
extracrispy - 17
Steve216 - 19
kindarock - 20
-wEsKeR- - 24
Lgy - 29
indongga - 21
panda_rage - 20
Tru_Slayer - 20
ffx_expert - 24
mxc_takeshi - 20
RedLion11206 - 18
Scorpio7E2 - 17
krazykillaz - 17
***And all those from 12-16, luv' you all, and i'll look forward to being your level too! :P***
***And rubenlb, my role model*** :P