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Everyone is bugging out about PDZ and how it's so over-rated. It's really starting to irritate me. You're not even enjoying it! All of you are saying how over-hyped it was, and how horrible it was. To me i think it's amazing! Call me lame!
everyone said that whiplash was the worst move in xbox history. i actually found the game quite amusing. i liked it a lot. and everyone else said they hated it. and it wasn't worth their money.
i guess since i'm a girl, i have a huge different opinion on games than guys do.
They just want to get it, beat it, and then brag to all their friends.
But that's not what they made xbox for! They made it so you can enjoy it while it lasts, and have fun! not just rent a game, beat it, and then never play it again! gosh you all are.. grr...

Well to get to my point, why don't you all just enjoy the game? Its got killer graphics, and although the story is kind of lacking, enjoy the live! Have some friends over and enjoy the multiplayer!

just so freaking frustrating when the stupid geeky gamers on this site just BAG AND BAG on the consoles and the games they make for them when they spend so much time and put in so much effort making these games, and then when they come out, all they do is critisize them! It's basicly like NOTHING meets their freaking standards! SO ANNOYING! it's like.. cocky geeks!

i would truly like to see a cocky geek make a game when all the other games don't 'meet his standards'
and i want the game he made to sell all around the country! then i'll rest my case

Think I'm on for good

:) like the title says!

or at least until i get bored with my new xbox 360! haha, yet i still have to wait around to get it. yeah i don't have it yet! oh well longer on here! lmao!

Since September

I haven't been on this site. Mainly because of school, soccer, homework, etc. But wholy moly! I had over 200 messeges in my inbox! That's.. CRAZY!

lol, so how've you all been? gosh this place sure has cleaned up huh? looks almost profesional! :)

ok so there's this game that i'm obsessing over.. i'm sure all of u have heard of it and if not you're not cool.. anyways, it's called:
Perfect Zero Dark.
omg.. Joanna! ah! i've come to the conclusion that the only reason i'm obsessing over it is because the commercial was so god dang amazing :)

ok i g2g, i have myspace, so ya'll should add me if u have it! that's where i spend ALL my time now :)
i'll get the link later

School + Soccer

School is going great, Freshman in High School finally! :P lol. Made the VARSITY soccer team, which is a huge accomplishment since i'm only a freshman.. anyways, ttyl!

That dumb@$$ kid!

gosh, that makes me SO mad! That kid has the XBOX360, and bragged his arse off about it! I mean it's got to be the real thing, just look at it. But I mean c'mon, it looks like crap! I hate it!!! I wish it was black or green!! :'(

GRR ((caps))

agh, i keep loosing stupid percentages 1 by 1... i used to be level 11 at 56%, and now i'm still level 11, but at only 48%!! i thought it was 'loyal' if u come on and check out games and stuff like that, i don't get it! GRR

July 4th

Anyone doin' anything special? lol, I know i'm not except going to a BBQ, then lighting off whimpy fireworks! :P

Once again a month

Just sort of checking up on GS every month it seems like. Lol. Kind of has slipped away from my main website to hang out at.

Gallego u rule. How's Alias working out for you?

Thanks Josh, miss you too!

Timmy!! :D thnx!

rubenlb! haven't talked to you in ages!

P.S. if ya'll have MSN : PM me with your MSN hotmail and I'll add you! I wanna keep in touch!! :D

l8r all