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:) hehe

PSP is fixed - but i still can't get video on it. but that's alright - i've got it jammed packed with pictures and music already, i've got no room on my 512 stick to put any videos on it. thought i'd update! :)


My psp crashed terribly, i lost everything on it. game data, music, photos, videos, etc... and now my computer won't even recognize it :'( my psp is basicly usless?!

Whoa :)

This is pretty neat... I've answered my own quesiton I was labling before hand :)
My question was 'can u have 2 rows?

My answer? Why yes! lol. I now have 2 rows, and 4 more to go! :D

I have:
-Gamespot Basic
-Serious Collector
-Xbox Aficionado
-POPULAR! haha..
-Ballot Puncher
-Best of 04' Voter
-Top 500 Community Reviewers
-Best of 05' Voter

That's pretty neat! :)
Top 500 Community Reviewers?? I owe that all to my good friend Chad! :D

okie dokie now

coded arms is the gayest dammm thing i've played in my life, and metal gear acid is nothing like i expected it to be. i thought it was supposed to be an action shooter type first person shooter type game. but it's as bad as solitair!
but on another note, i'm very excited, because i've been wanting to get Tokobots, but they were out, and they finally got another shipment in when I exchanged metal gear acid and coded arms.
I got Tokobots and Spirderman 2. I'm stuck on both of them currently!
I know i have two loyal readers to my blog, so if Maui or Golden, if either of u have these two games, can u give me a pretty blue link to a walkthrough for Tokobots? :D
i don't need one for spiderman, i just need to sharpen up my skillz haha

Bought 2 new PSP games ^.^

METAL GEAR AC!D and Coded Arms.
hehe ^.^ very excited to play them. but i'm going to wait until my PSP is done charging. played it all night long, lol.
and no i don't want to play it when it's charging, that defeats the protable part >:|
so anywoot! i also hate how the cord gets in the way and so does the plug, no matter what way i put it so yeah.

Anyone else play these two games? :D If so give me ur intel! haha

haha u won't believe it! ^.^

lol, i was looking around my parent's desk and i found an old digital camera of theirs.. guess what i found with it?? :D a USB A to Mini B cable! AH!
i was literally the happiest thing on this earth!
now i've got music, and photos on my psp. and tons of them! i'm thinking about ordering a 1 gig memstick or maybe even 2 of them. omg, haha

but i have yet to figure out how to get videos onto my psp. said i needed to buy this type of software so i can convert video formats to psp video formats.. but oh well.
i'll keep checking it out

but yes, finally i'm lvl 12 :)

PSP :) hehe

hehe i got me a PSP today.
it's amazing. i got the games Wipeout Pure, and Star Wars Battlefront: 2. And the movie S.W.A.T. i haven't watched the movie on it yet, and i haven't played much of WP. I've been obsessed with STBF2. hehe.

so instead of the xbox 360, i went ahead and got me the PSP

the ppl there were really nice and helpful and all, but they forgot to mention ONE little freaking detail! :'(
that i needed a USB A to Mini B cable.. omfg drove home the 3 hours playing it and when i got home i was like wait.. don't i need some type of cable to download pics and movies and videos and music onto my psp?? and then i went on here got info and i was like omfg i'ma shoot those stupd geek squad people! dumb ppl didn't even tell me i needed the freaking USB cable!
made me so mad and i'm still mad!

ok bye


saw king kong, it was simply put amazing. i cried :)


all my squares are full.
-gamespot basic
-serious collector
-xbox aficionado
-gamespot commercial challenge / ballot puncher 2004
-gamespot reader's choice voter 2004
-gamespot reader's choice voter 2005

hehe makes me happy. bummer they don't have more squares though. what happens in 2006 when reader's choice comes around and i participate? does it replace one? does it simply form another 6 squares below it? or does it simply not show up? oh that would be depressing!