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Hello everybody!

Hello! My name is Lucy and I'm the new intern here at GameSpot UK. I've been gaming for as long as I can remember, from playing Doom and Quake with my dad as a nipper (15 rated films were out of the question until I was about 18, but when it came to violent first person shooters, anything went. Yeah, I don't understand it either) up through the PlayStation years and now Xbox 360. I'll try any game, but my favourite has got to be Ōkami on the PlayStation 2 (the Wii port was okay, it worked in theory, but I felt it wasn't quite "there" in execution. I loved Ōkamiden too, Chibi is the cutest little thing). In close second is Mass Effect 2, or anything by Valve. Mass Effect 2 is pretty much the only game that I've gotten really obsessed with... I read all the lore and spent ages perfecting my Shepard, squadmates, scenarios and outcome of the suicide mission (more like SURVIVAL mission, am I right? I'll just get my coat...). Asides from gaming, I watch TV, read books and comics... the usual kind of stuff. The Walking Dead, Battlestar Galactica, Arrested Development, Community... I love them all. In terms of how I started at GameSpot, I started writing about games over a year ago, when I realised that my in-depth conversations about game mechanics with my housemates were distinctly one-sided. I started writing for my University paper's tech page, and then moved onto and, which is where you can currently find my game-based ramblings, news pieces and reviews. During my second-year-of-uni-what-the-hell-am-I-going-to-do-with-my-life crisis, I realised that what I was already doing for fun was what I want to do as a career. After being a fan of the content created on GameSpot for a few years, I applied to be an intern, sent my CV in, had an interview a few months later and the next week I was told that I was successful. YAY! So now I am here for four glorious weeks in London and I am so excited! So yes, that's me. I have no idea how to end this post... So... Mischief managed.