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I don't mind them posting their personal views on these kind of topics. Personally I find it interesting to read them even if I might not agree with them.

Same here. I usually like it, but if its ever on a topic I don't care about, I'll just ignore it. Its that simple.

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Either Xenosaga episode 3 or Persona 3. Tough choice.

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@Bigboi500 said:

Some people just get off on making others feel bad. Being hidden in the comfort, privacy and safety of ones own home makes it all the easier to do it.

Just yesterday while playing Starhawk I came across this guy who does nothing except throw himself at your base, again and again with no concern for his k/d ratio, he only wants to make others feel bad by destroying what you build. Playing with people like that isn't fun at all.

In all my life I've never encountered a more sour and negative group of people than gamers.

Prolly just some kid having a laugh.

This seems to be a common belief about all internet trolls but I think its inaccurate. A good number of trolls are pathetic, grown ass adults who should know better.

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@Lulu_Lulu: Why thank you :)

I guess I should have read the thread first before replying with something TC specifically asked not to reply with. I honestly thought it was going to be another one of those generic trolling "GAMING SUXS" threads. Sorry TC.

While I don't believe gaming has gone downhill I do miss the days of games that weren't quite indie, and surely not big budget. When it comes to spending money to develop games, the budgets get ridiculous. There's no middle ground anymore, which sucks, because I really like those kinds of middle ground games: they had more freedom to take risks than bigger budget games but were a lot more sophisticated and longer than a lot of indie games out there.

I also miss console JRPGs. There are still some good ones but not nearly enough. Maybe instead of going downhill, I feel like gaming has just gone through some monumental changes, and whether they're good or not depends on the individual.

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A lot of people say gamers are toxic and abusive to others in online gaming frequently, but why limit that to just gamers? In various fandoms and all corners of the internet you will see reprehensible behavior, horrific abuse, and all kinds of hatred you didn't even know existed. And no one really does anything about if because for some very strange reason, people think the internet is some magical place disconnected from reality. And its like, really? Who the hell else is sending you those death threats other than a living breathing person? Magical elves?

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I don't.

And ok am I crazy or has this thread been locked before?

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Sounds like fun but I know I'd never be able to accomplish that feat. I take an obscenely long time to beat games (which is odd since I often don't even make the effort to do everything there is to do in a game). Couple that with the fact that I like to play really long RPGs.

So far I've only beaten The Walking Dead, Fire Emblem Awakening, and Pokemon X this year.

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I'm always cautiously optimistic about over hyped, mainstream games.

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No one's going to post the actual cover? LOL

I'd probably need more info on the actual game before I judge. Something about that cover seems really tasteless though but I can't quite put my finger on it...

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@zeroyaoi said:

@Lucky_Krystal: all of the above haha! Wish I could own them all.

This will be the third pokemon game I play. Very excited to see what gen 3 has to offer.

Love your sig. :p

I know, I've gotten both versions of FireRed/LeafGreen, Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald, and Diamond/Pearl but I stopped buying both versions after that because I realized I'm way too lazy to complete the Pokedex lol.

And thanks. I like yours too.