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Search engines are silly

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Everyone seems to be buzzing about the E3 conferences. I don't think I need to do a blog post on it, as everyone else has pretty much said everything I've already wanted to say (with some hilarious and fitting gifs as well).

So Its 3:13 am where I live now, perfect time to tell a story like I always do. Internet search engines give me headaches. They really do. Quite frequently I can't find what I'm looking for, especially when I'm searching for something very specific. In this case, I wanted to spruce up my MAL profile because...its summer and I have far too much time on my hands. So I wanted to make the images I planned to add take up the entire width of the about me section. But I didn't know how long it had to be to do that so I decided to look it up (the magic number is 690px if anyone is curious). I typed in "how long is about me section on myanimelist" on bing.

Get a load of that gem at the bottom.

I've had a few amusing and not-so-amusing run ins with bizarre search engine results.

One day I was randomly thinking about a character from Cowboy Bebop. I couldn't remember her name, but I remember her being a black woman with an afro. So to figure her name out I searched up "black chick from Cowboy Bebop." For some reason I got a number of unrelated pornographic results.

I also like to look up extra art from certain games or anime. Usually I find some good scans from artbooks or see images the artist put up only on their personal website. But I sometimes end up encountering some REALLY raunchy pictures. And its just plain weird when its from a game that contains anthropomorphic animals.

Even the search suggestions are usually pretty crazy. I was once searching for "Is it ok to take Pepto Bismol and Acetaminophen together." I had typed in "is it ok" and the suggestion "is it ok to masturbate with a friend" came up. What...the hell....

Oh internet, you will never cease to amuse and disturb me, sometimes all in the same hour. Shine the f*ck on...