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Just Another Anniversery Blog

Cheeers to two years. Now let's celebrate with some cake and MUTHAF*CKIN TEA!

This actually should have been posted 2 days ago, on July 4, seeing as that's when my actual anniversary was. But better late than never. I've been a registered member of Gamespot for two years. But I was hardly even active until about a year ago.

I just vaguely remember posting in the some of the Final Fantasy boards (notably XIII, Versus, Agito, and XII) before GS split from Gamefaqs. But apparently those posts weren't recorded in my posting history. Once they split, I left for a while and then came back. Apparently this is my first recorded post, from June 29, 2012, in a thread called "The best stories"

I've got to recommend Catherine. Its probably gonna go down as one of my favorite PS3 games.

By the cover it may look as if its a generic anime game that rides on its fanservice but its not. Despite its horror/fantasy elements it deals heavily with the issues of marriage, responsibility, commitment, relationships, maturity, and love, etc. You should definetley give this game a go. I highly recommend it. Compared to the other games I've played, especially the other Japanese games, this game deals with some heavy and mature issues, and actually pulls it off well.Lucky_Krystal

Everything about this post, especially the wording and the somewhat backhanded comment to Japanese games (that wasn't intentional) makes me cringe.

I would link to the first thread I ever made too, if it didn't directly conflict with many of the things I now think and believe. Reading that thread over now, my ignorance was definitely blasting full force in that thread, and I ironically end up spouting some of the things I openly combat right now.

Well, well, the more you know, and all that. I'm sure you've all figured this out by now, but I'm actually quite young. And at my age, a year is a big difference in maturity and knowledge. Reading back some of my old posts, I was quite gullible and maybe a bit ignorant. But I must say, I think I've gotten a little better. A lot better in some ways. But its clear that I still have a long way to go. I hope I continue to learn and grow wiser. And I hope I can stay here for more years to come with the awesome gamespot community.

You know I think its been a little too long since I've written a serious blog. Well, here's the story. I've written about 4 or 5. Then I looked at them (sometimes partway) and thought, "wow, I'm not posting that" and never posted it. My next serious blog will come...someday...