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5 Hilariously sad ways I've lost games

This gif is so irrelevant to the topic at hand

Here's a lighthearted topic to offset all that seriousness and brain munching critical thinking required in my last blog.

I was looking at my games on backloggerry and realized that I've owned much more than 86 games. Some of them are just lost forever, case and all. And it got me to thinking about the ways I've lost many of my video games. 5 cases in particular are just REALLY sad (and somewhat funny). I hope sharing my experiences would get you (yes you, my lovely followers) to share yours too. Or maybe you just came to laugh at my pain.

5.) Sharing is caring

I lent my Disgaea 2 to a friend back in high school. She was two years ahead of me and we were good friends at the time so I thought "Why not?" She ended up keeping it for a while. Around the time she was about to graduate, her brother  asked "Oh, do you want your game back? Have we kept it too long?" I said "No its ok, go ahead and keep it for a little while longer! Disgaea is meant to be enjoyed the most once you get to the post game!" Since he was in the same grade as me, I knew I could ask him for it back after she graduated.

All 3 of us have since graduated. Ha...they live near me too. I could go walk to their house and ask for it back. But that'd be weird. Oh well. Even if I got it back I probably wouldn't play it. I've clocked in well over 200 hours in that game.

4.) Final Fantasy X-2 vs My kid sister (or was it my PlayStation?)

Here's a fun fact: I've purchased the game Final Fantasy X-2 three times. One was for my friend's birthday. One was when I first bought it for myself. The last was because my little sister broke it. Or...perhaps it was my PlayStation 2's laser malfunctioning. I believe this was back when I had my first PS2 that ended up breaking. I honestly can't remember. Perhaps it was both, and I ended up buying Final Fantasy X-2 four times. My memory of that is extremely sketchy. Still, I never knew why I didn't just hide my games when I was younger. That wasn't the only game my little sister broke...

3.) The Walking Final Fantasy XII

My first Final Fantasy XII game disappeared out of the blue one day. It was gone for a really long time, and I looked far and wide for it. Under the bed. In the game cases of every single game I owned. In all the anime DVD cases I had in my room. Behind the bed. EVERYWHERE man! Eventually my itch to play Final Fantasy XII got so unbearable that I just bought a new one. Several weeks after repurchasing the game, while looking for something in my older sister's closet, I found the previous game in one of her movie cases. She does not play video games, other than The Sims. And I would have NEVER put it there so I have no flipping idea how it got there. It was this movie by the way..

The last place a final fantasy game should ever be

Luckily I only paid $12 for it the first time and then $10 the second time. Otherwise I'd have been even more pissed off than I already was...

2.) Vacuum crossing

A friend of mine in 5th grade once bought me animal crossing for my birthday. I played it a little and liked it. Too bad it got lost before I could beat it. Sometimes I would go in my mom's room and sleep on the floor near her bed. Once, I took Animal Crossing out of my DS to play Pokemon mystery Dungeon. Instead of putting it in its case where it should have been, I put it on the floor under the bed. I never saw the game after that. I looked all over her room and couldn't find it. She did vacuum around that time, so I suspected that she probably vacuumed up the game by accident. Those DS cartridges are so tiny. This whole thing was just

I felt like such a douche when my friend would ask me if I was enjoying the game and I would lie and say "Yeah its great."

1.) Gotta eat 'em all

I had a fun little game called Pokemon Sapphire Version for the gameboy advance SP when I was a kid. I loved it dearly. I also had this cousin who my family would watch over after school while his parents were at work. So we would always play pokemon together on our gameboys. He had ruby version, but for some odd reason, he took my sapphire home with him one day. The next day they came and told me that their dog ATE HIS GAMEBOY AND MY GAME. They said they were sorry and that they would buy me a new one. Instead of getting mad I tried to figure out how that was even possible. How did that dog get that thing into his mouth? How is their dog not dead?

Apparently the dog didn't swallow it, he spit up the gaming console. I also recall my cousin having a gameboy micro as well as an SP, so maybe the dog ate the micro (those things were tiny). Anyway they never ended up getting me a new sapphire, so I took his ruby version and never gave it back. Hm...ruby version isn't on my backloggery. Too bad I can only mark it as "formerly owned" and not the much more sophisticated and comical (in the saddest way possible) "eaten by my cousin's dog."