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Ultimate Original Xbox recommendation list

No PC multiplats, except for Halo: CE & Halo 2.

I'll also be mentioning a few console multiplats of which some are superior on the OG Xbox and they'll have a '*' for the sake of knowing which is exclusive, and which is on other consoles. For plats that have been enhanced with more content, better graphics, etc. i'll add a '(*?)'. As for the rest, quality exclusives galore.

First off, some collections for the OG Xbox to complement the library, they're cheap as hell and absolutely worth getting:

  • Street Fighter Anniversary Collection (arcade perfect ports of Street Fighter III 3rd Strike and Hyper Street Fighter II: The Anniversary Edition)
  • Midway Arcade Treasures 3 (notable games Hydro Thunder & San Francisco Rush 2049)
  • Taito Legends 2 (notable games Darius Gaiden, Rayforce also known as Galactic Attack, Elevator Action Returns)

Now on to the games:

Otogi: Myth of Demons - incredibly polished action - hack 'n slash game similar to DMC, gushing with a fantasy japanese atmosphere. The Okami of action games, basically.

Otogi 2: Immortal Warriors - just more of the same, with more characters to play as, besides the main character in the first game. Both of these games are most definitely worth playing, not just Immortal Warriors, since both have enough differentiations to warrant a playtrough.. or more playtroughs.

Panzer Dragoon Orta - the last game in the unique, atmospheric and brilliant Panzer Dragoon series. Unarguably one of the best rail shooters ever created, featuring a ton of content, alternative paths, combat of such depth that begs replayability, buttery smooth satisfying controls, and more.

GunValkyrie - unique game with pretty much the best 3D control scheme i've experienced. Problem is that it's hard to get into because of how unique the controls are. A major requirement is for you is to master the controls (or at least manage the feat of staying in the air for long periods of time), but once you get past that initial hurdle you're in for an amazing, exhilarating experience.

Jet Set Radio Future - a vastly better sequel thanks to the improvements to the camera, controls, balance and difficulty. Future is a beautifully cell shaded sandbox platformer/action game with unique gameplay and awesome music.

Ninja Gaiden Black - one of the holy trinity of action games, this frustratingly orgasmic game needs no introduction. Best in the series, and best played on original hardware. Don't forget to use the right trigger on a almost-constant basis, without it, one might think that the camera is shit.

Shenmue II (NA exclusive) - Not a action sandbox game, never meant to be. The game is a slow paced adventure game, best played wen you just want to relax. But wen you're in that mood.. oh man. The brilliant soundtrack and beautiful artstyle create an engrossing atmosphere, the continuous pace of learning new moves, meeting new interesting characters and unfolding the nature and understandings of martial arts is an experience to behold.

Outrun 2 - ridiculously underrated, somewhat unique arcade racing game dripping with quality on par with F-Zero GX. Tons of content, unlockables, beautiful graphics and absolutely perfect controls/gameplay. Cannot get enough of this game. Better than Coast to Coast which lacks the single player portion of Outrun 2.

Halo: CE - by far the most popular game on the system. Released also for PC, but lacks the local co-op that's addictive as fuck on the console, and considering it's price, why not get it? It's a perfectly fine version, even though it also got a remake for the 360.

Halo 2 - Sure, it's getting a remake, but that doesn't mean jack shit if you don't own a Xbox One. It's a great game that's cheap as dirt and very much worth playing, if not for the single player, than for the local multiplayer which has a ton of modes, including co-op. The PC version was a shitty port only released for Windows Vista with no local multiplayer.

*Burnout 3: Takedown - the best arcade racing game ever created on Earth. Better performance compared to the PS2 version.

*Timesplitters 3: Future Perfect - better than the more popular Timesplitters 2, this game is a extremely fun, charming, funny and unique first person shooter.

*Timesplitters 2 - not as good as Future Perfect because of the awkward aim and lesser story elements, but still a great game filled with a ton of single player content.

Dead or Alive Ultimate Edition - best in the series, with an unfathomable amount of unlockable costumes for each character.

Dead or Alive 3 - a slightly different combat system combined with CGI endings for all the characters are reasons enough, considering how cheap it is, to get DoA 3 along side DoA Ultimate Edition. Both are fantastic fighting games.

Metal Wolf Chaos - the only japanese import worth a damn, this is a extremely fun mecha game with some really bat shit crazy content. From what i can comprehend, you're an american president riding a huge, powerful mech machine, trying to save the world. Fully english, so no problem getting into it.

Genma Onimusha (*?)- cinematic japanese action - adventure game with beautifully rendered backgrounds and some of the best CGI from the 6th generation. This game is a enhanced port of Onimusha: Warlords(PS2), with better graphics, a ton of aditional exclusive content and gameplay modifications.

Fatal Frame: Special Edition (*?)- the first in the fantastic horror series that is Fatal Frame. Improved over the PS2 version with a new ending, more costumes, a new gameplay mode and a harder difficulty setting, making this one the definitive edition.

Fatal Frame 2: Director's Cut (*?)- This one is gold. Very atmospheric japanese horror game with a interesting plot and overall a trully great, memorable experience. This is a enhanced port of Fatal Frame II (PS2) with better graphics, exclusive aditional content, gameplay tweaks and a new ending.

*Guilty Gear X2 Reload - this is my favorite 2D fighting game of all times, so how can i not mention it as a must own? The OG Xbox port is of flawless quality.

Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge - arcade cinematic flight-combat game set in an alternative 1930s universe. With over 10 playable aircrafts that can be upgraded as you progress, lengthy single player campaign with an actual interesting storyline, quality gameplay, and more.. this one is for keeps.

Rallisport Challenge 2 - arguably to this day the best rally game ever concieved. What's unarguable is that this is a excellent rally game.

Project Gotham Racing 2 - best in the series.

*Soul Calibur II - exclusive character, 720p enabled, and because.. well, it's the best in the series.

*NBA Street Vol. 3 - because if you want one of the best arcade sports games ever made, you can't get much better than this one. Holy shit, there's so much content and fun to be had with this one.

Mechassault - because if you want some non stop, fun as hell, mech action, why the hell not!

Mechassault 2 - more of the same non stop fun as hell mech action!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer - forget the name/TV series. This is a great action game filled with a non stop entertainment factor that'll leave you wanting more.

My favorite PC exclusives 2006 - 2012

Favorite PC exclusives between 2006 - 2012

Most of them have ben released in the last couple of years. These are just my favorite, it's not a definitive list of all PC exclusives worth playing.

1. RPGs

2. FPSs (haven't ben much of a FPS fan the last couple of years, but these i love)

3. Adventure games

4. Racing games

5. Action/Adventure/Platformers (that doesn't qualify in the other groups)

6. Rythm games (just one lol)

  • Audio Surf(sort of like a racing game in which you play your own music tracks, fun as hell, limitless replayability)

7. Strategy games

Ultimate Dreamcast Recommendation List

This list will pretty much be a Dreamcast guide. Despite that a good chunk of its more popular games have ben ported to other systems, the same can be said about most other consoles (hell, how many of the PS2's lineup is currently on other consoles aswell?), and then there's the issue of some of these ports being inferior compared to the DC version.

There are most likely a good deal of other games that may be worth getting that i have not listed, that's because i'll list only the games that i have, and thoroughly enjoyed. Jet Set Radio is gonna be ported to the PC, PS3 & 360 this year, so i'm not gonna list that in the exclusive list. I'll also add my own score to each game, here we go:

  • DC exclusives:

Virtua Fighter 3tb (9/10) - fighting

Elemental Gimmick Gear (8.5/10) - RPG

Cannon Spike (9/10) - beat 'em up/shooter hybrid

Daytona USA 2001 (8.5/10) - arcade racing

Project Justice (9/10) - fighting

Bomberman Online (8.5/10) - party game - forget the 'Online' thing, you can play it with friends locally just fine.

Propeller Arena: Aviation Battle Championship (9/10) - arcade flight - though not officially released because of the 9/11 bombing, it was basically completed and it can be easily found these days.

Sword of the Berserk: Gut's Rage (8/10) - action/hack 'n slash

Zero Gunner 2 (8.5/10) - multidirectional shoot 'em up

Confidential Mission (8/10) - light gun game

4-Wheel Thunder (8.5/10) - arcade racing

Tech Romancer (9/10) - mecha fighting

Mars Matrix: Hyper Solid Shooting (8.5/10) - shoot 'em up

Giga Wing II (8/10) - shoot 'em up

  • Ports that are superior on the DC:

Soul Calibur (10/10) - fighting - The XBLA port doesn't have the single player 'Mission Mode', which is a major part of the game. All of the content is also unlocked from the start,effectively cutting down on the commitment to play trough it. The only other port is on iOS which still misses the Mission Mode from what i've heard.

Test Drive Le Mans (9.5/10) - racing - The PS2 port has far lower quality textures and worse jaggies. The PC version is a port of the PS1 version, both being graphically inferior in a dramatic way.

Capcom vs. SNK (9/10) - fighting - The PS1 version has worse graphics, loading times, and inferior sound.

Bangai-O (9/10) - 2D mecha shooter - Compared to the N64 version, there are some gameplay differences, and on the technical side the DC version has far more better detailed backgrounds, better sprites, better quality sound and significantly less slowdowns. There's also a version on XBLA, though it wouldn't be fair to compare them since they are basically completely different games, with some differences that have ben criticized by fans.

Space Channel 5 (8.5/10) - rythm - The PS2 port has much more noticeable timing issues, and worse graphics.

Dead or Alive 2 (9.5/10) - fighting - The differences here between the PS2 and the DC versions are more minute, unless you bring jaggies into the disscusion, which is why i personally prefer the DC version which is far more easy on the eye. As far as content goes, some points have ben raised over time that the PS2 version is the one to go because of the 'Hardcore' Edition of the game, though it's basically the same as the 'Limited' japanese edition on the DC as far as i know.

  • Top favorite games overall:

It doesn't really matter than some of these have ben ported to other systems, i don't have the other systems on which they are available. That may be the case for other people out there, and there's other influences that people may be subjected to getting the DC version (price, VGA output, etc.). Who knows, and like i said before, most of the libraries of older consoles have ben ported elswere. That doesn't degrade a system's awesomeness. Now on the list, and in no order:

Virtua Tennis 1 (i prefer it over the sequel because of the simpler gameplay, and better soundtrack, also avaiable on the PC but i can't find it anywere, except on amazon, though the DC version is far cheaper, so it's a no go for me)

Soul Calibur

Dead or Alive 2

Elemental Gimmick Gear

Ferrari F355 Challenge

Bomberman Online

Virtua Fighter 3tb

Tokyo Xtreme Racer 2

Project Justice

Under Defeat

Mars Matrix: Hyper Solid Shooting

Skies of Arcadia

Border Down

Zero Gunner 2

Sword of the Berserk: Gut's Rage

Space Channel 5

Cannon Spike


Tech Romancer

Jet Set Radio

Crazy Taxi and Crazy Taxi 2

Daytona USA 2001

Giga Wing 2

Samba de Amigo


Ready 2 Rumble: Round 2

Hydro Thunder

Marvel vs. Capcom 1

Power Stone

Capcom vs. SNK

San Francisco Rush 2049


Test Drive Le Mans

Confidential Mission

Street Fighter Alpha 3

King of Fighters 99 Dream Match

Favorite Dreamcast games (part 2)

Some more games that i have spent some time with, and found incredibly enjoyable.

Virtua Fighter 3tb - 9/10



Even though there's a severe lack of content, what made this game ridiculously enjoyable for me was the addictive fighting engine.There's only a punch and a kick button, with a guard and evade one aswell. Each character have distinct moves, and plenty of them, which are surprinsingly easy to do. I have yet to check a move list, and yet i've learn a decent chunk of them in the Training mode(which is prettycustomizable aswell) which tracks the buttons you've pressed on the screen.

I've easily spent a few hours with some of these characters on purely learning their intricate moves and using different strategies in matches against the AI. I've ben thoroughly enjoying every bit, and i've yet to check out the VS. mode to play with a couple of friends.

Elemental Gimmick Gear - 8.5/10



(I'm playing the US version of the game, above is the japanese cover solely because it looks infinitely better than the US God awful cover)

This is one criminally underrated game that i have had theprivilege to track down and add to my collection. I've ben playing it for about 5 hours now, and considering this game is about 20 hours long, i think i've formed a solid opinion. It's a action-RPG with a beautiful 2D artistic st.yle that has aged like fine wine. You play the role of Leon (or whatever name you want) who has ben asleep for over 5000 years in a robot, and recently awakened due to some misterious force. The story is pretty interesting and gets the job done, it's quite unique in some aspects.

The gameplay is excellent after you get used to controlling your robot, and pretty damn challenging, with tons of stuff to find and improve your robot which you'll ride (like the ability to throw fire balls, ice, etc.). There's a focus on dungeon crawling, and the dungeons are extremely well made and a joy to explore, with creative puzzles to solve. Wen you fight bosses, the game switched to 3D, which sprinkles some variety in your playtrough. Excellent game, definitely love it up until now.

F355 Challenge - 9/10



This is a racing game which i was a bit nervous about geting into, because i suck at simulators. Much to my joy, there are two modes to play the game in, a beginner mode and a experienced mode. Add to that a training mode detailing the best course of action on each racing map, and i found my self enjoying this game immensly. The gameplay is extremely satisfying, the car you're driving just feels right and sound rights aswell. Ofcourse the AI is right on track aswell, sometimes they even feel human. There are a ton of in depth modifications to do, to suit your driving sty.le, and besides the well made maps, there are some left to unlock.

The gameplay is simply on a addictive scale beyond what i imagined, and every single race is different, thus there's no repetitive factor.

Favorite Dreamcast Games

  • Tokyo Xtreme Racer 2 (called Tokyo Highway Challenge 2 in EU) - 9.5/10


By far, my favorite racing game on the Dreamcast. Tons of content, many ways to customize your car, beautiful graphics, very fluid gameplay, and it's also easy to get into.

  • Rival Schools 2: Project Justice - 9/10


Exceptionally entertaining fighting game with a lot of secret characters to unlock, extras, also contains a interesting story mode sprinkled over. It doesn't have typical gameplay similar to other fighting games, which adds to the replay because you'll want to master that gameplay.

  • Soul Calibur - 10/10


My favorite fighting game on the Dreamcast. Uncountable features to unlock (including a decent lineup of characters to unlock) and excellent, fluid gameplay with a very easy to do combo system that makes this game the go-to game for fighting game beginners.

And, the DC is the only place to get the definite version of this game. Why? Well, the only port is on the 360, which is inferior, and doesn't even have the Mission Mode (which is actually the reason why i played this game for countless hours on end).

  • Under Defeat - 9/10


Criminally underrated shoot 'em up which happens to be much better than Ikaruga. The graphics are some of the best seen on the DC, the gameplay is incredibly addictive with a multitude of strategies to it (you can also pivot your ship on different axes), and there's a decent quantity of aditional weapons to pick through out the game, to aid you. It's a pure blooded space shooter with no unneccesary gimmicks attached to it, and the beautiful graphics complement this fantastic game.

  • Zero Gunner 2 - 8.5/10


Another underrated shoot 'em up with stunning visuals, and a rather interesting control scheme; Your ship is capable of 360-degree movements, which adds the ability to aim at any part of the screen (comes in handy wen dealing with difficult bosses, most of them are very memorable). Though because of this original control scheme, it took me a wile to get used to it. Once i did, it was a excellent experience.

This is also the shoot 'em up to go to if you're a shoot 'em up beginner, the game is relatively easy on lower difficulty levels.

  • Sword of the Berserk: Gut's Rage - 8/10


Ridiculously repetitive, but exceptionally entertaining hack 'n slash with a very good story to boot. The voice acting (apart from the main character) is mediocre, though the soundtrack is very good. The graphics are great aswell.

  • Virtua Tennis 1 - 9/10


I have never ben interested in tennis. And i'm still not interested in tennis, but be that as it may, this game is so God damn addictive i can't put it down if i start, and there's a ton of content here to play with. 2 is exceptional aswell, but i actually prefer the first one slightly because it has easier controls to get into, and a better soundtrack.

  • Cannon Spike - 9/10


Adrenaline pumping action galore (especially playing with a friend), this is a overhead shooter in which you can controls characters from various Capcom franchises (hell, even Megaman). There's also a surprising depth to the gameplay because each character has 5 distinct attacks to unleash on opponents (including a beat 'em up attack). The graphics are also very good, and it's best played on a normal difficulty level (it has nine difficulty levels to select from, and high scores are saved per skill level).

Deus Ex Modded (plus new weapon models)

Finally found the perfect combination of mods, though you can improve it even further with ENB series (which i haven't yet). I've ben playing for about 4 hours, and everything works as intended.

What you'll need:

Shifter 1.8.4

Deus Ex Enhanced (there's two, a OpenGL version, and a DirectX10 version, download either one)

New Vision

New weapon models

Every mod contains a readme on how to add them, and it's very easy (you mearly need to copy paste them in the appropriate Deus Ex folders). I added New Vision first (plus Kentie's fixed launcher/the new renderer which is included with New Vision), then Shifter & Deus Ex Enhanced, and finally the weapon mods.

A couple of screenshots, obviously i haven't got all the weapons available. Right click imagine > show full imagine.








It would be a good idea to add ENB aswell, and if you do, make sure you're using 'Direct3D9 Support' in Kentie's Launcher > Configuration. You can get both ENB V0.0075 (extracted files go in Deus Ex>System) and the D3D9Drv.dll (Deus Ex>System aswell) from here.

To enable ENB in-game, you can just press shift + F12.

Some screenshots, right click imagine > show full imagine.:





How to build a console out of a PC (part 1)

Introduction on how to hook up a Desktop PC/Laptop to a TV (you don't have to do this if you have a prefered monitor, this is pretty damn obvious)

A extremely simple tutorial is found here .In a few steps, it'll show you everything, wether you have a CRT TV or a HDTV, wether you have a laptop or a desktop PC, etc. It's laughably simple, and anyone above the age of 3 can do it.

Now on to the subject of Part 1.

It's easier than it sounds, and it's also cheaper than it sounds. First part is on the software you'll need to achieve a console experience. You can choose to simply apply this first part of my blog for a computer that you do not need anymore, without even looking at the second part (which will be about custom cases and a couple of tips on hardware).

1. A graphical front-end

It's basically a program (some free, some purchasable online for a cheap price) which enables the user to either have a nice console-like menu with various features of your choice, or to create a complete Home Theatre. With one of these you can basically do anything in a simpler, non-hassle way, from watching movies either on the net or poping in DVD/CD, listening to music, play any game, browse and watch youtube, use gamepads instead of the mouse and keyboard, and much more that i'm to lazy to mention - as far as the human mind can think of. There are various front-ends to pick from; There's GameEX, HyperSpin, MaLa, and more. Google them, and check their tutorials, you can learn how to set them up in less then 10 minutes. - Note, some of them will show how to set them up to work with emulators, which i'll never get into for this blog. Let me stress out the fact that it is your choice, you don't ever need to do that.

2. A few simple tweaks

Now i'll show you how to set this magnificient software to start as soon as Windows starts (let me also stress out that modifying the OS in certains ways is illegal, so i wont get into that with one exception below, which is not illegal)

Google 'Stardocks Bootskin' and check it out. It's a program which is used to change the loading screen of Windows in any picture you want. It's incredibly simple to use, and you might want to add it. The company that created it is one of the leaders in the PC industry - Stardock Corporation, which is not only the go-to innovator for companies such as Dell, Microsoft, AMD and nVidia wen it comes to software, but also a developer and publisher of various games; Such as Galactic Civilizations and Sins of Solar Empire. It's a no brainer wen i'm telling you that they are legit.

Now to make the front end automatically start in Windows, you have two choices:

  • Click the Start button, click All Programs, right-click the Startup folder, and then click Open. Open the location that contains the front end .exe to which you want to create a shortcut. Right-click the item, and then click Create Shortcut. Drag the shortcut into the Startup folder. The next time you start Windows, the program will run automatically. You can't get any more simpler than that, and it's quite easy, quick and fast.
  • If you're planning to not use your computer for any other reasons than a console experience, go to the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\Winlogon and find the "Shell" value name. Change the value from explorer.exe to the full path of your front end's .exe file.

And that's about it on the software. Now, the choices are yours. You can modify the front end to act in any way you desire, and be what you want it to be. Obviously you'll need to tweak it to your preferance before making it boot. Check the tutorials. It might seem complicated at first, but i promise you that in 10 - 15 minutes you'll know everything. That's the beauty - absolute freedom. You can modify your OS in a number of others way, but like i said, there is the legallity issue.

But overall, these steps that i've shows are simple, and you can basically do everything in a afternoon.