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Nintendo downloadable games (volume 1)

Hey hello and welcome to my new impressions about Nintendo downloadable games that I played this week and those game are the greatest games ever that I have ever downloaded on my game consoles and that game console is Nintendo wii U. The games are great and one of them is very old school game, but that game is originaly released on 1989 on the game console Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) you know that one, that's the first Nintendo ever that we can have it and the also the first appearance of the Nintendo head boss named Shigeru Miyamoto with his Nintendo games of super Mario, Kirby and Zelda games. Okay now about the game of the old school that has released on 1989 on NES was Ducktales the original game and that game is released yesterday on Nintendo wii U as download game that you buy for 14,99 and play the game, later about the game. Want to start with the Nintendo download game impressions about two downloadable games and the first one is Nano assault neo game!


This game is the greatest that I have downloaded and played ever on my Nintendo wii U, this game is look a like of the game named Space invaders. This time you're the plane in some cells from space or something (don't know where you are on the game right now) and the goal of the game is that you must destroy all the virus on the space's cell to clean the stages. In this game are twelve stage and that stages are shared in four stages to four cells that you must revive and clean the stages, you can deal with them also you can score some points of cash there on each stage to buy the weapons for you virus destroyer and buy there what you need for your weapon on the next stage and start the next stage.

There is something else to collect on each stages you play, there is letters that you must collect and they are B, O, N, U and S is you collect them all and you have the word Bonus. That will open the bonus stage stage after you beat the stage where you're on the mission. But if you not collect them all on the stage and you complete it. That will save if for the next stage to collect them all and get access to the bonus stage when you beat the stage.

There is arcade to play and make sure that you have max score on the stages you have unlocked and beated on the one player mode, but if you have more points and have complete the stage on 100% then you have extra score of 100K points and if you die there then you can't get access to the leaderboard and if you scored the max points on one player mode you will have higher score then you climb to the top of the leaderboard of the game!

Here is the trailer about the game Nano assault neo!


Ducktales whoo hoo, yeah we know this old school game and the TV show of the Disney studios. This game was released on 1989 at the game console named Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) we know that one, do we? Correct that's the first Nintendo that was released on this world. This game Ducktales was released in 1989 on that first Nintendo and I loved the game to play it. On that game original one has five stages and there is one stage that you must returt twice for the key and for beating the game that stage Transylvania and there you must fight against Magica the Spell and Count dracula Duck. Sorry and I forget the playable character you play on the game and that one is my favoirite and the richest duck on the world. Yes you know him and his named Scrooge Mcduck. He will get all the treasures on five stages and they are The amazones, Transylvania, The african mines, the Himalayas and the moon.

But that will not be easy to get them all...

This time the adventure will get back to Scrooge Mcduck with his friends Launchpad, Ms Beakley, Gyro Gealoose, Fenton Crackshell (Gizmoduck), Bubba duck, Huey, Dewey, Louie and Webby. They are back in treasure hunter from 1989 to this year 2013 if you can see they are back after 24 years to get back all the treasures again at the five stages named The amazones, Transylvania, the African mines, the Himalayas and the moon.

This time is much heavier to get the treasure, because they must do something extra to get further to reach the bosses on every stages. Then beat the boss and get the treasure from them. But the boss fight is not eaxy anymore like 1989, because they have more power to beat Scrooge Mcduck. You must beat them three time with jumping with the cane against them head and then you have some event to beat them event before you fight further against them. On the original game you must jump five times to beat them and this time is now nine times hit before they beated from you!

There is two extra stages and the first one is the money bin, that stage is the introduction stage to learn how do play the game further. Then you play the stage at the house rooms of Scrooge Mcduck to fight against Beagle boys to rescue the lads of Scrooge Mcduck named Huey, Dewey and Louie. The another one is the final stage of the game and that one mount Vesuvius, this is the final stage where Scrooge lost his all treasures that he finds in the five stages. There is that witch lady Magica the Spell is there too, this time he will fight against the Count dracula Duck there!

The gamplays at my favorite stage name Transylvannia 1989 and 2013, please enjoy!


The world of Pokemon chapter 2: the legend of Mewtwo!

Mewtwo is the pokémon who created by science at the location of Kanto region named Cinnabar island, they taked the DNA from Mew and cloned the newest pokémon named Mewtwo. Mewtwo is the pokémon who controlled by the evil boss of team Rocket named Giovanni, he was used on Giovannis gym from Giovanni as the psychic evil pokémon. He beated all the pokémons and even beated the trainer Gary either, because he is strongest pokémon and unstoppable pokémon who created from the DNA of the pokémon named Mew and be cloned for using him for the evil plans from the big boss of team Rocket named Giovanni. I know everything about Mewtwo and want to tell you everything what I know about Mewtwo, Mew there is not so much knowledge about him and must research more!

The story about Mewtwo is not so perfect life to start his actions like the other pokémon, who had peace and respect for their trainers. But he was created from the scientists from the order of the team Rockets big boss Giovanni to rule the world n all the pokémons from all the whole world of Pokémon also from trainers. Their big goal is to take over the Pikachu from the trainer named Ash. Giovanni send his member named Jessie and James to let them work to do for take over the Pikachu from the trainer named Ash, but they all do everything to catch Pikachu and always fails.

The one day Mewtwo arrived on the gym and used from Giovanni against the trainer rival of Ash named Gary, Gary is the grandson of the prof named Oak who gave the Pikachu to the trainer named Ash. Mewtwo was not known from Gary, so the rival Gary and his pokémons lost against Mewtwo. Gary was whipped out and Ash asked him what was happened inside there in the Gym and Gary answered there is a pokémon that I never saw and even you cant beat that pokémon! and Giovanni is already got to somewhere so after that takes Jessie and James the gym as the Gym leaders by the order from the big boss of them named Giovanni and taked Mewtwo with him to make criminal with him for crime!


Mewtwo: this pokémon is the strongest and most the darkest pokémon that we can ever imagine in the pokémon world that pokémon lives together with their trainers sweetly. Mewtwo is just a kind and nice pokémon, but he is used always for the crime from the big boss named Giovanni. Mewtwo is just not a real pokémon, because he is created from the researchers on the location of Kanto region named Cinnabar island and he is found in the cave on the location named Cerulean cave. That cave can be only visited when you can win the elite four and the champion Gary on the location named Indigo plateau, this pokémon is easy to catch with Masterball or else youre be busy to catch that pokémon Mewtwo for whole the day. This pokémon is the clone from the DNA of Mew and (that pokémon comes very soon) to know about that pokémon named Mew and please stay tuned. Mew is not very known on the games and well on the Anime, so must watch the Pokémon the first movie to know more about the pokémon named Mew to write. Okay lets get further about Mewtwo, he is the strongest and powerful the psychic pokémon. So with that is he not caught easily, but this pokémon Mewtwo is easy to beat with grass and dark elemental moves dear trainers. So thats all what I know about that pokémon named Mewtwo!

The world of pokemon chapter 1: The legendary birds!

Hey hello and welcome to the nature weblog about the three legendary bird from Kanto region at the world of pokémons, there on the Kanto is more the explore and discover must of the legends about some pokémon and my first nature weblog goes about the legendary bird pokémons and they are maybe spanish legendary birds with some three elemental power and they have the powers of the elements fire, lightning and ice. If you later can see they have a spanish words hiding in the names of those legendary pokémon and want to tell you where they live!

Articuno: this pokémon has the element of ice and lives on the cave near Cinnabar island, Artocuno is the arctic legendary bird pokémon who protect himself in the cave near Cinnabar island. Trainers can catch him in that cave and train them to make them stronger and powerful, so this pokémon is not easy to catch by trainers who wants him in them pokémon team. This pokémon can freeze everything also the water in ice, his weakness is against the attacks of the elemetal power from those ones fire and thunder. So if you can see at his name of Articuno, there is the spanish word is hidden and that the word is uno. Uno means into english word on translating is for one dear trainers did you know that one!


Zapdos: this second legendary pokémon has the elemental power of lightning, lightning is know as thunder in this pokémon series. This pokémon is also know as Quezacotl from the other game series called "Final fantasy VIII" if you ask how do I know that, it's simple just watch his entrance on the battle and read pokédex about Zapdos and tells the same story that's how I know about Zapdos that he comes on other games too. But this is about Zapdos on the pokémon series, his weakness is for fire, ground and thunder. So if you can see he has more weaknesses then Articuno and much powerful also his power speed is great. So if you can see at his name of Zapdos, there is the spanish word is hidden and that the word is dos. Dos means into english word on translating is for two dear trainers did you know that one!


Moltres: this last pokémon that I want to tell you, because then I have all the three legendary pokémon with the own elemental power. This legendary bird pokémon named Moltres is the fire elemental pokémon and his fire power gives him hot and burn to his attack, he can burn everything you can imagine and he is also the fire of the pokémon olympic (pokélympic) games. On the animé hold Ash with his Pikachu that torch of fire and run to the pokélympic standium and burn the pokélympic torch with the fire of Moltress. This pokémon has more weaknesses then other of them legendary bird pokémons and his weakness are ground, rock, water and thunder elemental powers of attacks from other pokémons. This pokémon is also known as Phoenix. So if you can see at his name of Moltres, there is the spanish word is hidden and that the word is tres. Tres means into english word on translating is for three dear trainers!

Travel guide: The world of Pokemon (part 1)


Hey hello and welcome to my first travel guide for the world where pokémons and peoples living together in one world, so can call this one "The world of Pokémon" and want to make so ultimate travel without remakes of the pokémon games that we still play and we know about. Because the remake is the same of the pokémon games that showen before the adventure we played again after return to the Johto and Kanto, so that's why no remakes on this travel guide and this part one goes from the region Kanto to the region Johto, so that's why no remakes with this travel guide from the world of pokémon. Let's get started with the first part of the travel guide!

  • Kanto.
  • Johto & Kanto.
  • Hoenn.
  • Sinnoh.
  • Unova.


Kanto: Kanto is the first region of the pokémon world and the adventure starts with the trainer who want to become the pokémon master on the whole pokémon world and his name is Ash with his first pokémon named Pikachu. This region named Kanto is just the begin of the adventure to become the greatest pokémon master and pokémon trainer like Ash. There is starter pokémon pick it up and we can take one of those pokémon, so they are Squirtle, Charander and Bulbasaur to select from. The starter pokémon has their own species and special abilities to become the greatest pokémon and they can be evolved to become stronger then ever. There is also eight gym leaders on this region to make the adventure more powerful to you and if you win all of them, if you have beaten and you say yes it's done. You have not completed the mission yet. Then you must go to the Indigo plateau to fight against the elite four leaders and the champion Gary to win all the game and become the champion and master!

  • Brock.
  • Misty.
  • Lt. Sourge.
  • Erika.
  • Sabrina.
  • Koga.
  • Blaine.
  • Giovanni.


Johto & Kanto: There is a new adventure are waiting for Ash and his Pikachu, there is more to do there on Johto. His new adventure starts at the loaction at the line between Johto and Kanto brings together, there is some starter pokémon to chose there either and that pokémons and those three pokémons are Chicorita, Typhlosion and Totodile and Ash selected one of them. Then after all that, the new adventure of Ash and Pikachu starts right away at the region named Johto. There is much new pokémons to discover and one of his friends left it, so one if his friend joins together to travel on this region Johto. What can I tell you about this Johto region, this is the greatest and strongest adventure on the pokémon world. So there is much discover there and want to make soon the research article about the mount Silver!

  • Falkner.
  • Bugsy.
  • whitney.
  • Morty.
  • Chuck.
  • Jasmine.
  • Pryce.
  • Clair.

Return to Kanto region again: This mountain is ultimate place to explore and this mountain is between Johto and Kanto region, also the of the victory road to come inside the Indigo pleteau for challenge the elite four and champion Lance. You can also get back to the Kanto and there is much changed there and the gym leaders are some other peoples. Koga is the one elite four right now and Giovanni is taken over from Gary!

  • Lt. Surge.
  • Sabrina.
  • Erika.
  • Janine.
  • Misty.
  • Brock.
  • Blain.
  • Gary.


Hoenn: This is the third region of the world of Pokémon and Ash with his own pokémon Pikachu is there right now and meet there the girl named May and her brother Max, but May's brother Max is the smart one and May the sister of Max is cute. She want to become a pokémon fashion stuff like that and Ash want to challenge the gym leader and train his pokémon. The starter pokémons we can get there is those three pokémons named Torchic, Bayleef and Mudkip. So he want to make Pikachu stronger and powerful. Okay now about the region Hoenn, this region is great and has more powerful also newest pokémon that you can't even know about them. So catch them all and challenge more powerful trainers before you going further to the gym leaders. You can also take the challenge at Pokémon battle frontier on five catagories and you must find out what they are. I can tell you that's not so easy to win the battle frontier, because the trainers there are intense and powerful then before!

  • Roxanne.
  • Brawly.
  • Wattson.
  • Flannery.
  • Norman.
  • Winona.
  • Liza & Tate twins.
  • Juan.


Sinnoh: Sinnoh is the greatest region ever we and Ash can visit there, there can Ash meet the cutest girl named Dawn and with her goes he on the adventure on Sinnoh. Pikachu is now stronger and can beat every trainers on this region without making danger for him. There is one lady that I love on this region, she is the beauty on this region and her is Cynthia. The starter pokémon you can take there on Sinnoh region are those three pokémon named Turtwig, Piplup and Monferno. About the region Sinnoh right now, what we know is about the Sinnoh region is the legends of the time and space is. So there is the mountain named mount Corornet and I have mate the researche article (three parts to read) about that mountain. That mountain is the center of that region and there lives three legendary dragons named Dialga, palkia and Giratina. But the last pokémon Giratina is the most legendary pokémon who moves two time at the location. The secret location is the Distortion area, Hot sprin basin and the three spirtital lakes. That spiritual lakes are protecting from three spiritual pokémons. They are protyecting from the legendary dragons and the criminal team named Galatic. So there are much to see there and there are the strongest gym leader to win and they are those eight gym leader dear trainers!

  • Roark.
  • Gardenia.
  • Fantina.
  • Maylena.
  • Crasher wake.
  • Byron.
  • Candice.
  • Volkner.


Unova: This region named Unova is not so big and great to travel, but there is not so much to discover. Only you can catch some powerful pokémon and there is more pokémons to research and train them with your greatest strategy and powerful elemental powers you get there. The starter pokémon you can get there are those three pokémons named Snivy, Tepig and Oshawott. What can I tell you about this region, this region is dealed on two parts (the second part will be later online) and this is the first part of the travel guide. There is a big city and don't know the name anymore, but will write later when I know the name about that city. There is not much to discover and explore, so get going to the gym leader shall we. The gym leader has the gym with atractions!

  • Chill, Cilan and Cress (one of them).
  • Lenora.
  • Burgh.
  • Elesa.
  • Clay.
  • Skyla.
  • Bryden.
  • Dryden (black version) or Iris (white version).

To be continue...


What starter to you wanna take on Pokemon 2013?

Hey hello and welcome to my first gaming opinion weblog article, with that one want to share and ask you the question about what starter pokémon you want to take. So the game is almost there and the game release is at the date of 12 october 2013 and there is more pokémons to catch on the newest pokémon game of the year 2013. The new pokémon games called "Pokémon X" and "Pokémon Y" games. So this must be going to some ultimate opinion weblog if you want to work on it, this is just kind of the project that I want to discover how many pokémon trainers are here like me on the newest pokémon game of this year 2013 dear trainers.

Here is the opinion question to you all, what is the game that you want to buy of Pokémon game and what is the reason about the game tell me some little story about your game buying the game. Tell me what is your trainer character the girl or the boy and what is the name of that trainer, tell me then why is that name you have given to your trainer and tell me your storyline about the trainer you have taken on the game. What starter pokémon want to take on her/his adventure and please tell me whole the storyline about your new trainer and why the game want to become your game, so tell me everything to me okay dear trainers.

Okay here is my storyline for my pokémon adventure for the new girl trainer Alice: there is some new adventure that trainer awaits on the new pokémon game that she want to buy the game Pokémon X and want to start her pokémon adventure. The trainer is a kind girl that loves pokémons and nature, so her name Alive and her name comes from the fairytale called "Alice in wonderland" and she loves that name and that story. Her starter pokémon will be the fire starter pokémon named Fennekin and that's all about Alice.


So how about you trainer storyline, please tell me the whole story about your trainer!

Week three: Pokemon platinum version (NDS)

Okay lets get further with the new generation of fourth region called Sinnoh, this region is the biggest pokémon world ever made because with this country you can discover every secrets about the Dragon pokémons. You can learn about the secret of three legendary Drag0n pokémons called Dialga, Palkia and Giratina (you can see him at the banner) because they live in the center of the Sinnoh region on the mountain called Coronet. You can find and catch their Dialga and Palkia, then only at the Pokémon platinum version you can enter the underworld of Pokémon world on Sinnoh called Distortion world and there you can find and catch the Giratina (origin form) and transport to the Turnback cave. There you can find and catch the pokémon Giratina, but not origin form at Pokémon diamond version!

Tuesday 16 July 2013: Hey hello and welcome the new week of the pokémon game called "Pokémon platinum version" let's refresh myself where I was before continue the game, playing the role of the little cute girl named Hikari she is so kind to her pokémons and to the peoples from whole the pokémon world. Her last adventure was before her vacation for long time is Friday the second November and her last activity was Started from Route 229, Flew to Hearthome city, dug for treasure underground, exited from contest hall, flew to Resort area, beat Hikari (single) and placed no. 3 in a contest. So that's that, let get continue her adventure after her long vacation. Hikari is started to train her own Mightyena further, her Mightyena is at level 56, her training style is beating two strong trainers on Route 229 dear trainers. Want to make her Mightyena upgrading with some old moves that she needs for her Mightyena, it learned the move Assurance and that move has 50 point to that power. She is now at the Ribbon club on Resort area and she bought the Gorgeous ribbon for her Mightyena, after that she had given relax on her muscles (don't know what the name is of that activity) from some ladies. Ooh yeah her Mightyena is now level 60, so needs 40 levels for the max level 100. Okay her Mightyena is now at level 62 and her Mightyena learned a new dark attack, the name of that attack is Sucker punch. So that's it for today dear trainers, want to go further when I have more power for some more hours then today. Hope that I have more power for Thursday then today then can she train her Mightyena for more level ups, so please take care and see you Thursday when she want to train her Mightyena again!

Thursday 18 July 2013: this is the new day with the new chance on the pokémon game called "Pokémon platinum version" to train my Mightyena, last time he trained perfectly by his trainer named Hikari and he s at level 66 right now, so what level he can reach and will he get stronger, so let's find out now dear trainers. So had collect the 90.000 yen to buy a small sofa and there is a trainer in Hikari's home, it's the rival trainer in Hikaris home. So let's get further to train her Mightyena shall we? Her rival Lucas say "The battle zone's intense and fun, huh? So many different kind of pokémons and trainers of every variety... I'd like to even more places." So maybe she need to go in that location named Battle zone. Now there is no battle zone, so get back to the place where I'm train her Mightyena. Ooh yeah her Mightyena is on level 70 right now, so it's 30 levels needed for level 100 to Mightyena's max power. She found and have decided to train her pokémon on new 'n better location named Route 225, because there is much lighter trainers then the trainers of the location named Route 229. There is three trainers and there she can have more experience to her pokémon she train it right now. With that way Mightyena will get level 100 to his max power in no time! Okay dear trainers must quit the training for her Mightyena, because the NDS's battery is about to die and it's on red light on the battery light. So want train her Mightyena Saturday and (maybe) sunday again for the last time to train her Mightyena further, because the week of "Pokémon white version 2" starting on Tuesday dear trainers. Okay her Mightyena is on level 74 right now, so if you can see Mightyena must get 26 levels higher to get his on max level 100 and max power on his status. Till then take care of yourself and see you all at the weekend again!

Week three for Pokémon platinum version is completed right now: This week is over right now, had not so much time, because its Ramadan and I dont have much power to play the game right now this week dear trainers. So before the final week must start want to get back what Ive done on this week, I have not much done for this third week and getting closer to finish this event. I have trained Hikaris pokémon named Mightyena and was at the level 56. So her Mightyena trained strongly by her, because he beated the other trainers pokémon to get leveling up faster and in not so much time spend on his training he was at level 75 and on Turkey at my vacation is this the second pokémon that I must train to level 100 for the maximum power and then he will become the thirteenth level 100 pokémon and the twelve level 100 is Rhyperior!

Week two: Pokemon emerald version (GBA)

This is the third generation on the Pokémon game series and this game is on the third region called Hoenn region, this region is smaller than the Johto region because there on that region is not much to happen. This is the greatest game and you dont play with Ash Ketchum (Satoshi) anymore, but you can play this game with the new boy (dont know his name) and with the girl trainer called May Norman (Haruka). May Norman is the popular trainer of Blaziken and the only daughter of the fourth Gym leader called Mr. Norman, Mr. Norman is the strongest Gym leader ever you can imagine on the Pokémon world even stronger than his daughter May Norman!

Tuesday 9 July 2013: Here is the start of the second week, the week of the pokémon game called "Pokémon emerald version" will be start at the clock 18:00. Before the start of the week, want to tell you that I want to get started all over again. Because want to see how far I can reach on game, so want to start all over with girl trainer named May and want to call her Elly. The pokémon that I want to select as the starter pokémon shall be the fire pokémon named Torchic and want to call that pokémon Johnny L, after that want to search the bug or grass pokémon to get advantage against the first gym leader named Roxanne!

~18:00~ So right now the adventure of Elly with her pokémon will get started soon at Hoenn region at the location named Littleroot town. The story get started when Elly is moved on the location named Littleroot town on Hoenn region. So she's talking against her mother and then she will get her path to the lab of the prof. birch, but before that she must get inside her new house and want to meet her new friend later her rival. Okay she meet her rival and his name is Brandon, but one this Birch is not at his lab must search him outside that I can select my pokémon and that pokémon is Torchic (Johnny L) so let's get search for him Elly. So my first pokémon is now selected and named him Johnny L so now searching for her rival right now. Alright my first rival match against Brandom is about to begin, Brandon send out Mudkip and Elly send out Johnny L (Torchic) and the battle is about the start right now. So the victory goes to Elly and his pokémon Johnny L (Torchic) is reached to level 7 and learned the move named Focus energy, so she won and get 300 yen now. Must get back to the lab and getting the road to the lab of Birch right now. Elly get her first pokédex and later she get the running shoes from her mother. Okay now she is going to train and trying to catch her first pokémon and that must be grass or bug pokémon go get her ready for the first gym leader Roxanne. Battling against the trainers at Route 102 right now. Ooh yeah there is her first pokémon from wild, she have caught the pokémon named Lotad and she recall her Carola. She has the elements of water and grass. So that's the
one what she is searching for and she wants to train Carola to get ready for Roxanne. Ooh yeah her pokémon Johnny L (Torchic) is leveled up to level 10 and learned Ember attack right now. Before she will get road to the gym leader Roxanne, she must visit her father first, so had visites her father and must get the road to the Rustboro city to challenge her first gym leader named Roxanne. Alright she have now ultimate advantage with Carola (Lotad) against her first gym leader Roxanne with learned attack Absorb on level 7. So right now she is in the forest named Petalburg woods, she will get further train her pokémon there right now!

~19:00~ Hey what's up there on the halve way of the Petalburg woods, there is some trouble of some man and there is team Aqua. Maybe there is her first battle against the criminal group named team Aqua, just what I thought Elly must fight against him and won the battle with Johnny L (Torchic) and Carola (Lotad) is on level 10 right now. Have got the TM09 and used it on Carola (Lotad) and she learned the Bullet seed attack. So she is now at the location named Rustboro city, now to get challenge the first gym leader Roxanne for the first gym badge. So she is now at the gym of Roxanne, first off all must clean the way with trainers, before she will challenge lady Roxanne. Hey what's that her pokémon called Carola (Lotad) is evolved into Carola (Lombre) dear trainers. So she have won all the trainers, so she will get to challenge the gym leader Roxanne right for her first badge. It was so easy to kick ass of gym leader Roxanne's stone pokémon with Carola (Lombre) and she won the Pokémon league stone badge and that badge gives boost on all trainer Elly's pokémons attack base power. She has also the TM39 for using you learn the move Rock tomb "it not only inflicts damage, it also lowers speed. If you use a TM, it instantly teaches the move to a pokémon. Remember, a TM can be used only one, so think before you use it." That was the advice from lady Roxanne after she lost against Elly's pokémon named Carola (Lombre) dear trainers. Now she must chase the team Aqua again, this time then stealed the goods from something like building, mean while she want to train her pokémon named Johnny L (Torchic) right now. She has found the Peeko (Wingull) and Devon goods for that factory on Rustboro city. Elly has received the letter for the Steven and Pokénav for his own to use for his own tracks, because on that stuff is map of Hoenn and you can take the phones for some trainers she have beated before and they can call her back for some information n rebattle again. There she have him again, yup you're right it's Brandon again and he want to battle again with Elly and she beated her rival named Brandon and he was so easy to Elly to beat that rival named Brandons pokémons!

~20:00~ So she taked the ship with Steven to the location named Dewford city, so want to train my pokémons Johnny L (Torchic) and Carola (Lombre) further there on that location named Dewford city. Elly checked on her internet what she will be need for the second gym leader, so she researched do that to get ready get his second badge very soon as she can. She needs a flying pokémon right now, so she is searching for the flying pokémon right now. Wait she don't need the flying pokémon, because Johnny L (Torchic) is enough if he can learn Peck and that attack is more then enough. So that's perfect, there is the attack that she needs to beat the second gym leader on Dewford city and get going to the second gym now. Before that her Johnny L (Torchic) is now evolved into Johnny L (Combusken) also learn the new evolution attack named Double kick and those all on the same level 16 right now. She is now front the second gym leader named Brawly after six gym trainers, so she want to challenge him right now so the battle get started. Ooh yeah Elly rules the Hoenn at the begin already and won the second gym leader Brawly right now, so she get the Pokémon league knuckle badge from Brawly and with that pokémon are listen to you by up to level 30 also get the TM08 Bulk up "It's a move that raises both attack and defense power." advised the gym leader Brawly to her about that TM08 Bulk up. So she want to train for the next gym leader right now, tomorrow will she get to research for more informations of the preparing the third gym leader and for further information what she needs there on her PC right now. So she is on her training for her pokémons right now, her adventure on the cave at Dewford city
going to start right now. Okay she needs a bug pokémon for flash move that she can use on the caves and darkest locations, she want to catch Wurmble for the flash move. So did but he can't learn move flash, so she gave to her pokémon named Carola (Lombre) right now.

~21:00~ Ooh yeah and she have delivered the letter to Steven, Steven thanked her for to travel to give the letter to him and with that thank Steven gives the TM47 Steel wing to her dear trainers. Okay her mission on the location named Dewford city is now complete, now she is going to the new location named Slateport city. So before get on the Slateport city, there is some trainers battle to do for Elly so goodluck. So her pokémon named Carola (Lombre) is at level 20 right now, so they become stronger. So you can see it now Johnny L (Combusken) on level 22 and Carola (Lombre) on level 20 right now dear trainers. So her battle against the trainers on the beach is now complete, so she will going to the Slateport city right now. She is there right now at the location named Slateport city, so time to explore there what there is been to discover there. So that was it for today right now, want to get further on Thursday 11 July 2013 will she continue on her pokémon adventure on the region named Hoenn, so to be continued dear trainers!

Thursday 11 July 2013: Here we go for the second day for trainer Elly's pokémon adventure, so at the first day she had selected a starter pokémon named Torchic and called her Torchic with the name of Johnny L and that pokémon is now Combusken of level 22 and caught a water grass pokémon named Lotad and called that pokémon Carola and she is now Lombre . Her stop was at the location called Slateport city, so her adventure getting started on that location and what will be happen on her adventure on the second day like today? Let's find out, will she get some badges and pokémon on her second day's pokémon adventure!

~17:00~ She must get find the captain Stern to deliver Devon goods to him, but he is in trouble with the criminal group named team Magma and Elly must fight against them and save the captain Stern to deliver the Devon goods for something, she must find out what and her mission will get started right now. Hmm, that's weird she have not battled against the team Magma but she have TM45 Thief. So found the captain Stern and there is some problem with team Aqua, don't understand why they want to battle against her. She beated them with no sweat with her pokémon Carola (Lombre) and they talk together and the say this words "Now what? If we don't get the parts, we're in for it. Arrg, I didn't count on bring meddled with by some meddling kid." There come someone to them, it's like them the same and say "I came to see what was taking so long to snatch some parts, and you simps are held up by a mere child?" So he come to Elly and talks to her "We are team Aqua and we love the sea! And I'm team Aqua's leader Archie! What makes you interfere with us? No! You can't be! You're not one of team Aqua? Wait, that can't be right. you're not dressed for the part. (Silence for a while) pokémon, people... All life depends on the sea. So team Aqua is dedicated to the expansion of the sea. Don't you agree? What we are doing is a magnificent undertaking. Ah, fine... You're still too young to understand our noble objective. But, I warn you, don't even consider interfering with our plans again. The consequences will cost you dearly! And you don't forget it." And they left Elly and captain Stern alone. Elly gave the Devon goods to captain Stern after she saved him. She has done mission at the location named Slateport city and get her road further at the location named Route 110 and the training will get started right now and maybe she can catch a new pokémon there. So she is now at the house with maze room of Trick master, she must find the scroll and the way out there. Man need the move cut there, so must do it later when She have time for it. So must continue her road at the Route 110. Elly starts to have battle against her rival Brandon at the third round right now, so she had won the third round now and she will go going further!

~18:00~ So after her pokémon training at the Route 110 and she is now at the location named Mauville city, so she will challenge there the third gym leader for the third gym badge on her collector box of badges. She have advantage already with Johnny L (Combusken) it's because Fire vs. Electric pokémons on the third gym leader, so she want to enter the gym right now. But before that she must battle against Wally, she won with one blow with scratch attack. She enter the gym right now after her battle against Wally. She is at the front on the third gym leader Wattson with his electric pokémon is no match against her Johnny L (Combusken) dear trainers, the battle get starts right now. Yeah and she thought it already that she has advantage, so she won the battle against Wattson and he will give the pokémon league dynamo badge and the move item TM34 Shock wave and tell her this one "It's a trustworthy move that never misses! You can count on it!" So she will leave the gym and has the number of that gym leader Wattson on her Pokénav. So get the route to the fourth gym leader right now, before that she must have a new pokémon and she can't train her pokémon named Johnny L (Combusken) till she get the fourth badge. Now searching and find the Electrike on Route 110, so she found her Electrike and try to catch him. Yahoo she is happy with her new pokémon Electrike and she will call her Electrike with this name Jos G, ooh yeah welcome to me Jos G (Electrike) time to train you now.

~19:00~ Man what that hard to work to train her pokémon named Jos G (Electrike), because there is some strong pokémons to beat with him dear trainers. So battle at the beach on the eastside of Mauville city is complete, now get further at the north of the Mauville city at the location named Route 111 dear trainers. Okay now she want to learn Rock smash via the item HM06 Rock smash to her pokémon named Carola (Lombre) dear trainers, then can Carola smash the rock on the world map and on the battles to attack. Now she want to battle against the trainers, who else lives in she house at Route 111 dear trainers. She has won against them and have the item Macho brace, so she will get continue on her path to the fourth gym. Now she is now at the location Route 112 via the tunnel called Fiery path, so she must beat all the trainer there right now and get in the road to the next city and challenge the next fourth gym leader.

It's weekend right now: So dear trainers, it's weekend and that means that this the last two days of the pokémon game called "Pokémon emerald version" this time do I something different this time no hours after one hours to write every weekend days of Saturday and sunday. Just write the day Saturday and sunday, so the hours is only on Tuesday and Thursday. Hope that I can let you know on that way easier to you, so let's have fun for this weekend and get started right now on Saturday.

~Saturday 13 July 2013~ So here is it again, trainer named Elly's adventure continues from the location named Fallabor town and she want to challenge the fourth gym leader and that's the girl named Flannery she discovers on some way that she known from something and don't know how she has known about that. Her pokémon named Carola (Lombre) is on level 30 right now. Now she have caught her new pokémon and that is the normal and flying elemental pokémon, so she renamed her Lisangel. There is them again and what there is some other team either and they name is team Magma, they are behind the Meteorite. Man all the road around the Hoenn region, is she back the Rustboro city. So what now and where must she go now.

So she has find a new location named Verdanturf town, so hope there can she challenge the gym leader Flannery dear trainers. The result is, there is no gym leader either. Where is the gym leader that she can win the fourth pokémon league gym badge from Flannery? Now she is at the location named Mauville city. So she is now at the Mt. chimney for chase the team Magma, what they are planning for the Meteorite. Now she battling against the team Magma's big boss right now, she has won against the Magma leader Maxie and the second gym leader said that the pokémon above level 30 can be trained. Johnny L (Combusken) is on level 31 and he listen to me, so don't worry if your pokémons is above level 30 they still listen to you and to Elly dear trainers so don't worry about that stuff. Maxie was strong leader of team Magma, she had a hard time. So after the mission she is now at the location named Lavaridge city and she hopes that the gym leader is here and she want to challenge her so bad for her fourth pokémon league gym badge. She finally found the gym there for her fourth pokémon league gym badge and she enters the gym right now. So she is there at the front of the gym leader named Flannery aft beating the 8 gym trainers, okay the battle for the fourth pokémon league gym badge is about to start right now. Finally she beat the fourth gym leader Flannery, but it was really hard to beat her man. She have won the Pokémon league heat badge from Flannery and her pokémons will listen to Elly up to level 50 and she have won the item TM50 Overheat "That move inflicts serious damage on the opponent. But it also sharply cuts the special attack of the pokémon using it. It might not be suitable for longer battles." So she have her phone number too.

Week two for Pokémon soul silver version is completed right now: Man this was a hard work this week for the pokémon game called Pokémon emerald version and played the role of Elly, it was girl trainer that I called her Elly and her starter pokémon was Torchic and she called her Torchic with the name of Johnny L and she caught four pokémons on her adventure and they are those pokémon Lotad (Carola), Electrike (Jos G), Skarmory (Kroeltje) and Swablu (Lisangel) dear trainers. They are stronger than ever right now at the end of the week of this pokémon game called Pokémon emerald version some of her pokémons are evolved and they are Combusken (Johnny L) and Lombre (Carola) dear trainers.

  • Swablu (Lisangel) level 17.
  • Electrike (Jos G) level 21.
  • Skarmory (Kroeltje) level 28
  • Lombre (Carola) level 30.
  • Combusken (Johnny L) level 34.

Week one: Pokemon soul silver version (NDS)

This game is the remake of the Gameboy color Pokémon silver version, loved the game and I had Pokémon gold version on Gameboy color and wanted this game too. Because I love silver color and this pokémon is beautiful dragon pokémon called Lugia. Now got the game three years ago this game called Pokémon soul silver version on my own Nintendo DS and this month want to play one week for this monthly marathon on July, even want to write about what I can to do for this monthly marathon and I missed this game so much, want to get into Johto region!

Tuesday 2 July 2013 (Mt. Silver): this is the first day of the week of the monthly marathon month of July the month of the pokémon games, so want to write about what I have done today on every hour time on the first week of this monthly marathon event with the Pokémon game called "Pokémon soul silver version on my own NDS. So want to write right now the first three hours on the first week of this Pokémon monthly marathon dear trainers!

~19:00~ I want to start to train with my powerful dark fire demon pokémon called Houndoom, he's at the level 31 and meet at the Route 214 on level 23 and he was just the not evolved yet, so he was just Houndour on level 23 and trained him to level 31, so with that way he is now Houndoom. Okay let's get start to train him right now at Mt. Silver where Ash is there waiting for you to have pokémon battle with you, so take the pokémon airline to fly there right now and explore the Mount Silver. So now have entered the Mount Silver right now and going to explore with training my Houndoom there right now. Houndoom is now leveled up and came to level 32 and learned the level up move called Fire fang. I'm at the pokémon center right now, because need to recover my pokémons at the nurse Joy and taked my Onix level 7 by me for the Dig that I can transport myself to the pokémon center with Onix with the move called Dig and I gave him to TM move to learn Dig attack dear trainers!

~20:00~ Hmm, so I'm at the top of the mount Silver and nobody is there have I climb the top for nothing? No have trained my Houndoom from level 31 to level 38, so must buy something for cure my pokémon like of Max potions to recover my pokémons on full 100% health after that want to try another way to climb on the top of the mount Silver maybe I can find something there. Going to Saffron city to challenge the Gym leader Morty again with my pokémon named Rhyperior level 88, want to fight the Gym leader Morty at Saffron city. It's some hard to beat it man so get back to train my Houndoom at the mount Silver right now. Houndoom is now raised on level 40 right now, cool and fast leveling up isn't?

~21:00~ I'm now at the another rooms and way on the mount Silver, let's find out what's on there to find. So going to the another way to find out what's to be found the if my Houndoom had no battle power anymore, want going to travel and explore further with Meganium because I don't want to get back to the pokémon center then get start over again. I was challenged from Jack at the Johto region on the location called National park and won easily with my Houndoom level 44 against the pokémons named Gloom (level 15) and Voltorb (level 17) has almost the 50% of his experience meter full. So with that hour to 22:00 is my three hour pokémon training marathon for the first day of the week of pokémon game called "Pokémon soul silver version" is now ended and the next day is the Thursday for one hours from 17:00 to 18:00 so it will become one hours marathon report on the second day. Houndoom was on level 31 before his training, but his training was great and powerful. So after his training is he now after three hours getting 15 levels stronger to level 46!

Friday and Saturday night 6 July 2013 (midnight): Alright this is my first game night tonight for two hours, so please read what I did that last night. Please enjoy my pokémon training night right now, the pokémon training three hours will start at the time 23:35 so want setup after that time to 01:00 at night further on the training activity!

~23:35~ Where was I on the last time pokémon training at the Mount Silver to train my pokémon named Houndoom there further, then after that want to try to SS. Aqua to travel from Kanto to Johto or from Johto to Kanto so here we go right now. Ooh yeah almost forgot my Houndoom is now at level 46 right now. So okay here we go my training goes further on the SS. Aqua against the trainers and let's see how strong will Houndoom become after all this training. Man nobody wants to battle on the ship, okay let's search for something else, because on the ship I have nothing to do right now. Okay now I called the gym leader Brock to rebattle against him, he accepted and going to him right now. Brock's all the pokémons are beated thanks to my lovely and strongest grass pokémon named Meganium and he is at level 73 right now, so want to beat Brock again and want to train my Meganium further. I have beated Brock so much and want to train more with my Meganium, so he is now at level 76 so if you can see he is now 3 levels stronger right now. New strategy against Brock's ground 'n rock pokémons is this strategy three time Sword dance move for power up so powerful to attack with the Rock smash with the biggest and ultimate deal of max damage to have enough power to beat the ground 'n rock pokémons of the gym leader named Brock and let's get further with the gym leader Brock's pokémon rebattle night at Saffron city now!

~01:00~ So with that strategy for Sword dance is now twice in the battle is enough for Rock smash. Save the game for so far then want to train further and the game is done with saving. That's weird, that Onix of Brock has survived on the Rock smash (with the help of two times Sword dance), so the question and wonder is how has he survived on that attack!? I see that strategy is not enough, so must continue on the three Sword dance moves to make to strong to beat them all with one hit blow. So my Meganium is on level 80 right now. Okay that's it for tonight with training with my another pokémon named Meganium and he is on level 81 right now and he was at level 73 and now is he on level 81, so if you can see he is now 8 levels stronger now!

Saturday 6 July 2013 (evening): I wanted to get further again on the evening time, so the first one was at midnight from 23:35 to 01:35 pokémon training at the Saffron city for the rebattle against the gym leader named Brock. So want to challenge another gym leader on Saffron city, if not rebattle against another gym leader then want to train my Starmie at the location called mount Silver, so here we go for the first hour and this will become two hours again because have not so much time because then is my favorite TV show shall be get started on the Turkish television channel called Kanal D. Here we go to train my pokémons at Saffron city right now dear trainers!

~16:00~ Ooh yeah I have another gym leader rebattle to do for this two hours against Whitney, let's try at the first time what Pokémon shall I need right now. I see what I need against Whitney, I need only two pokémon named Rhyperior and Starmie. Rhyperior's earthquake and Rock smash is good enough, even for Starmie is Thunder enough to beat Bibarel. So have Meganium for the emergency, because if my Starmie is knock out then can I call my Meganium to beat Bibarel with Energy ball attack. So my Rhyperior is on level 90, but he need to come 10 levels stronger to reach his max level on level 100 dear trainers.

~17:00~ I have rebattled against the trainer named Todd at the Johto region and beated, so back to Saffron city for continue the rebattle against the gym leader named Whitney, meanwhile my Starmie is now at level 54 right now. So my pokémons Starmie is now at level 54, Meganium is now at level 82 and Rhyperior is now at level 92 so if you can see that Rhyperior needs 8 levels to reach his max level at 100 dear trainers. So this is my two hours marathon today for the whole month of pokémon games, so must close up the game and will get rest for Sunday to play the game again for the last time because then want to get further with Pokémon emerald version game. So today get three pokémons leveled up again and they are those pokémons. So here they comes Rhyperior level 93 (7 levels needed for the max level 100), Meganium level 82 and Starmie level 54. So they are strong, so wonder what pokémon to train tomorrow dear trainers. Here is the list already what I did so far on training my pokémons!

  • Houndoom (level 46).
  • Meganium (level 82).
  • Starmie (level 54).
  • Rhyperior (level 93).

On this so far training with my pokémons, you can also see that my pokémon named Rhyperior is almost getting to his maximum power of his level. Because Rhyperior is on level 93 right now and he need 7 levels to reach the level 100. How do you like it didnt I done the nice work so far, so far so good isnt dear trainers?

Sunday 7 July 2013: this is the last day of the week before the other pokémon game will be started for tomorrow named "Pokémon emerald version" so will play this game do final two hours and am some of couple minutes late, that minutes must be written extra for that two hours and some couple of minutes extra dear trainers. This must be great and nice game play, want to rebattle against the next gym leader!

~16:00~ Yeah that's great going go battle against gym leader Sabrina, so want to try to search what pokémons are perfect advantage against her. So there against her can I train only two pokémons and so they are Meganium and Rhyperior dear trainers. Yeah perfect my pokémon is now at level 94 right now, so he needs 6 levels to reach level 100. Sabrina is some hard psychic lady that we can fight against the girl gym leaders ever, maybe she is the strongest psychic gym leader ever. I can tell you why that I need Meganium, I need that pokémon only for the move Perish song that I want protect my Rhyperior to train him to level 100. My pokémon named Houndoom now reached on the level 48.

~17:00~ Ooh yeah so here is my pokémon Rhyperior getting to the level 95, he need 5 levels right now to get on the max level 100 dear trainers. So even my Meganium is leveling up already right now to level 84. Ooh yeah my Rhyperior is already level 96 right now and I don't tell you every time how much levels he need for the level 100 dear trainers. Yahoo my Meganium is now at level 85 right now, okay the week of the pokémon game called "Pokémon soul silver version" is completed. Had done so much stuff there and you can read all the story or you readed all the story right now.

Week one for Pokémon soul silver version is completed right now: This was the perfect week, I can tell you that I had heavy time against the last rebattle against the Saffron city gym leader named Sabrina. I used against her the pokémons named Meganium for assist for knock out to make the strongest pokémon named Rhyperior protective strategy, the beat with Meganium Alakazam and Jynx, because Alakazam use always the grass attack named Energy ball and Jynx use the Perish song (that move will count on every pokémon who has It will knock that pokémon directly down, dont work on the switch pokémon system) thats what I use the Meganium on that two battles on Sabrina. Then when that pokémon of her is down than I want to take Rhyperior to take the of her pokémon down to win the match against lady Sabrina. Here is the pokémon list for this week, so check how strong they are right now dear trainers. Okay this week is completed and please stand by for the next week and you can read on the next introduction about week two for the pokémon game called "Pokémon emerald version" right now and that week will get started on Tuesday 9 July. Please tell me how I trained my pokémon, can you do better than me for a week dear trainers?

  • Houndoom (level 48).
  • Meganium (level 84).
  • Starmie (level 54).
  • Rhyperior (level 96).

Karting game of the month: Sonic and all stars racing transformed (June 2013)

Game of the month for the June is absolutely Sonic & all stars racing transformed on the PS3 that Ive selected for this month, the months marathon was not already completed and I had already selected the game of the month June with the title of Karting game of the month: Sonic & all stars racing transformed (June 2013) I have selected the blue color on my texts, because Sonic is all blue colored hedgeh0g. Why that Ive decided for this game of the month on the kart games month marathon theme. So please read all the reasons here at this report from my gaming month marathon and tell me about this.

This game is totally awesome and another kart game, because you can race on the ground, in the air and over the sea. You can even fly and race through the outer space, how awesome can it be? One vehicle can transform into the plane, boat and kart, so you can race over the whole stage to become the first and win the race. What you must know about this game, want to tell you everything and give some reason why I have decided at the first week of the months karting marathon of the month June for the game of the month Sonic & all stars racing transformed with the sort of game preview style, shall we start with the report right now, please have fun and read this one if you want to. Please comment after you have read this one dear gamers!

This game is awesome and Sonic and his friends, even whole the characters from SEGA games races here whole the game. Then they made the first racing game transformed ever for the first time, not even mister Shigeru Miyamoto has this idea for his own Mario kart games so thats why the Karting game of the month will become the chosen one from me. As you can read, you can do everything to win the races. Like the tracks either and want to share what tracks I love to race in later, but before that want to share everything inside the game. Online racing comes later on the year, maybe in the year 2014 (next year) about the online races. Because was focused on the single (offline) races on the game. I can tell you about my favorite characters to race with and they are

  • Sonic the Hedgehog.
  • Tails.
  • Amy Rose.
  • Danica Patrick.

Those are my favorite characters to race with, but there is number one racer that I really like and thats the Sonics sidekick Tails. Because he is so fast and you can take more control on this one, but there is one that I like to and not too much. Its a girl racer of formula one and you know about who am I talking about, its the lady Danica Patrick but I like Tails much more!

The power-up is much more then Mario kart games, there is some power-ups and Mario doesnt have on the Mario kart games. The first of all is the Super pick up this one can give you the double or triple power-up of those items that you can single pickups on the red one, but this Super pick-up is gold and cant find it easily on some stages but well easy on some stages. It depends where you race on there. There is two power-ups that I read love on the game, the first one is the clove this item can take the item when you take the shot from your opponent and want to add on your power-up block and you can use that item directly to your other opponents and take them down. The second one is the Hard rock that power-up can you use twice, so be careful where you want to use and on what timing you must use, so if this one is on red and you dont use then you will be punished that you will be slowed down for 2 seconds and if you use at the second one then will be explode and whos on your side short and closely they will be taked down on the track cool huh? Those are my favorite and this power-ups are not available in Mario kart games, there is more and you must discover when you want to play this game.

Want to write about the track (stage) right now, this part must be awesome to know for you all. What can I tell you all about the tracks how I like those stages, the stages are too great n awesome design on the stages how to feel free to watch the wonderful and magical design of the tracks. But do not feel free to watch the landscapes too much, because you must focus on the track where youre racing on that tracks. Those are my favorite tracks

  • Temple trouble (Monkey ball).
  • Sanctuary falls (Sonic the Hedgehog).
  • Galactic parade (Sonic the Hedgehog).
  • Seasonal shrine (Shinobi).

Those four are all my favorite tracks, but the ultimate and top favorite one is that the Galactic parade why when you ask me about that one? Thats simple, because I love all the colorful stages and I will become relaxed on that track. You can drive and fly at the stage of outer space, you can see and compare with Rainbow road from Mario kart games and this is the Rainbow road on Sonic style. This is awesome track and bigger than the Rainbow road from Mario kart games. So you can understand now (I think) why this game is my favorite and become the karting game of the month June is right now!

The game is great to play and love the game, was the game so great that I want to play further even the week was over on that event. But must follow my own order to make this event running perfect, so was sad about ending on the first week of this game Sonic & all stars racing transformed and want to play further. So thats why I made this game of the month June on the event monthly marathon called June: the month of the karting games and want to tell you all gamers why right now!

Cool: This game is great to play and love the game very much, just like all the karting games that we know already and they are CTR (Crash Team Racing), Mario kart and Sonic & all stars racing games. This second game of the Sonic & all star racing transformed is just great. Because you can drive with your car and boat, even you can fly on the air and outer space. So if you want to race on kart games with some powerful transforming play this game, there is some item that Mario kart games never has. This called be that one Super pick up double of that items then you get the item at the normal pick box!

Not cool: This negative point is on the items, because there is not so cool items on the game I can say that Mario kart has more powerful items then this Sonic & all stars racing transformed thats so bad on the game and not so cool. But the items will not take the fun of the game, so this game is still the karting game of the month June 2013. Because of the positive points and at the story of this document can you read why that I call this game of the month June 2013. The game is sometimes not cool on the tracks and when you fail the stunt, because your kart will be slowed down when the stun is failed, at the Mario kart wii and Mario kart 7 will not be slowed down when the stunt is fail (I think, because I never failed the stunt) maybe is there never stunt fail on Mario kart wii and Mario kart 7 games!

My favorite character: My favorite character on this game Sonic & all stars racing transformed is mostly and cutest hedgehog ever, she is cute and her color is pink and her boyfriend (at the future) is Sonic. Yes youre maybe right about who am I talking about and she is on the picture too. Her name is Amy Rose and she is only available on the Sonic the Hedgehog games from the game series on Sonic adventure 2 deluxe and going further on the Sonic games and her last available game to see her is on the Sonic generations game and maybe she will continue to track Sonic the Hedgehog on the future games, she is also playable on the Mario & Sonic at the Olympic games game series. I want to tell about her why I love her to much!

Amy Rose: Nice to meet you: Amys first appearance is on the TV show called Sonic X on the television channel called Jetix and this channel is now known as Disney XL right now. There is maybe continue the Sonic X TV show still there on Disney XL. What can I tell about her and her game shown at the Sonic adventure, Mario & Sonic at the Olympic games, Sonic & all stars (transformed) and Sonic generations. She is so cute to look at her and you can take contact with her too, but I want to warn you one thing, take her Sonic the Hedgehog not from her because she will be angry and thats not good to happen with you if she get angry. She take her biggest hammer and will punish you with the big shot and hit with her biggest hammer, so watch out what you do with her boyfriend Sonic the Hedgehog. Thats why is Amy Rose my favorite character!

»My favorite track: There is my favorite top number one track, that makes enough for karting game of the month. There is one track that I love so much and want to tell you why that one my top number one favorite track will become. The track is just the same as the Mario karts Rainbow road and its much easier and ultimate track that we can see on the outer shape for making the kart and racing exciter there. Okay want to tell you why right now!

Galactic Parade: This is ultimate track, my favorites are still the tracks on this game are Temple trouble and Sky sanctuary racing track. There is perfect and nice to race there, but they are not enough good and exciter like this one Galactic parade. This is the copy of Rainbow road from Mario kart games and even better, because you can fly there and you will be shooted with the lacer from the minions of Eggman. This track will chance with every lap, but on this track you cant drive a boat because youre in outer space to race against the other racers!

Okay thats all what I know about that game and you have readed already why I have chosen this karting game for the month of the karting games June, what can I tell you about this game further on the final words. I told you already I think when I have played the week and was even greatest week ever, when it was ended for the week of that karting game I was sad about it asked to my own why is the weeks always short, want to have this week longer because I want to play further and have fun more. I want to become game journalist and thats why I planned to make it that way on the monthly theme marathon. So please wait for the next game of the month and that will be on the Pokémon theme!

With love Mehmet (Lucarita26) Özkan

My future plans for the next year!

Hey hello and welcome to my future plans news update for the future gaming activitty and plans for the next year 2014, want to tell you what I all want to do future for the games news updates and reviews make it bigger work with youtube, facebook, twitter and gamespot to tracking more gamers for the gaming activity to follow me on the Gaming Galaxy NL (news group) and if you want to follow me go to the facebook page Gaming Galaxy NL (news group), twitter Gaming Galaxy NL and here on Lucarita26. But please follow me on my private youtube channel on Mehmet Özkan and soon on 2014 you can also follow me on Lucarita26's Gaming Shrine channel (LGS) with the youtube account usrename of Lucarita26 so please follow me there dear gamers!

»Roxio game capture HD pro« With this can I make some perfect gaming episodes and want to train on my private youtube channel first till the 2014 for some actions what I can learn about and make some perfect video till I make the original youtube channel with the name Lucarita26's Gaming Shrine channel (LGS) with the youtube account username of Lucarita26. Then want to share all my gaming (gameplay) episodes from the first episode and want to start on the month January with the, I can have it on the month of this year at July and from then can I train my video recording for the voice acting to make it good episode and my training will going till the month January of the year 2014 and the want to make the youtube account username Lucarita26 with the channel name "Lucarita26's Gaming Shrine (LGS)" for making more original episodes and starts at Janaury 2014 with gaming marathon months still running then, so make the episodes and reports for some episodes on youtube and chapters here on gamespot website!

»Make chapters for the gaming month with some theme« Here is some update and started since this month June and you can read it on my weblog articles about the gaming archieves and the first one you can read it right now at the 2 parts of the gaming activity marathon of the month named "June: the month of the karting games" and you can read them all and the first part is all complete, so you can click on that article at the words "To be continued" the part two starts from tuesday with the "Mario kart wii" the third week. So please read them and follow them all, after read reading please comment on my weblog what you think about it and give me goodluck wishing for all my work dear gamers!

»Two different working locations on the web« I have decided to make me easier to work from now on and want t prapare for the next year, so if you can see that I have more works from more gaming news update and gaming reviews that all comes to the twitter and facebook page Gaming Galaxy NL (news group) for more writing reports for the gaming news update, gaming month marathon chapters and gaming reviews. On the youtube is only Vlog, gaming month marathon episodes and video reviews about the games that I want to tell on the greatest and quality video reviews about the games!