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Summer where did u go....

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well its about time for me to wrap up my summer it feels like it only been a couple days but time flys when ur having a blast as for games this summer my life was on steam practically i didnt get time to finish off others cuz i forgot all about them and i slept off most my days this looks like the end of summer for me what about u guys?

oh man sumone stop meh D:

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ok schools almost done so i guess im back so HEYYO :D and btw SUMONE STOP MEH FROM WATCHING THAT ASSASSAINS CREED new trailer is so amazing i guess i shud pre oreder it iunno , play count = 67 :D so later for now :D

Amazons cool,Gamestops not

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i pre ordered dissidia duodecim from gamestop CAUSE I REALLY WANT THE KH SKIN FOR CLOUD but they s%$&^ed me over caus the pre paid credit card (not leggally old enough for legit one) was not regestered and i end up losing 30 bucks but i still have enough for the amazon one so i oredered it and they said theres some account mix up type thing and sent me a free tifa skin WITHOUT STEALING MY money so yeah amazons cool GAMESTOP=BAD SERVICE RIPOFFS AND NOT EVEN COOL so how u guys been? :D

Christmas stuff

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got sum pretty cool stuff for christmas like MGS peace walker finally got KH BBS playing on proud is super intense and got sum moar dj max games to keep up with the carpel tunnels and the best gift of all SLEEEP no school for 2 weeks is the best so how u guys doing?

Dissidia Duodecim OMG :)

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true final fantasy fans know about duodecim so far characters confirmed are lightning (she can use paradigm shift) kain( dragoon from ff4) and tifa ill keep at my best finding info

Sora your lucky my summer vacation is over

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well summer officially over for me because school is tomorrow and well i did quite a bit in gaming. beat star wars force unleashed on the wii motion controls make it better, 358 days on ds and kingdom hearts 2 again on ps2. but my biggest acheivement i think is dj max portable hot tunes this game is sooooo hard look it up on youtube u have to have mad skills to beat this game been playin month non stop and only 34% complete and well thats it. this will probably be my last blog until december ish time so i guess i leveled anyway i see u guys around later


Note: this is officaially my longest blog since it is longer than 3 sentences :p

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