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The Road movie Review

I know its late ppl, but just recently, i watch "The Road" online. and since i haven't done one of these before, now is a good time, i guess. Anyways, here is my review :D ! Enjoy

The Road

"The Road" is a 2009 Sci-Fi Drama film directed by John Hillcoat, starring Viggo Mortensen and Kodi Smit-McPhee.

The film follows a father and son, several years after a serious of unexplained apoctalyptic events that kill off most plants, animals, and humans on the Earth. The two embark a journey in hopes of reaching the east coast of the U.S., in hopes of finding food, better climate, and other "good people." On their journey they carry with them a rusty shopping cart filled with supplies they find on their way, and a gun with 2 bullets in it for protection from cannabalistic gangs on the streets, or suicide.

The film tries to keep somewhat of a mysterious felling to it, as the names of the father and son are never mentioned, and it is never said exactly wear they are, however, from clues given, it is likely they are near Massachussets, or New Jersey (or something like that).

The film is, in a way, mortally depressing. From the start, the father narrates the situation, proving how hopeless survival would be in that situation present in the film. The depressing material in the film will likely keep you focused away from the moral of the film, such as the father's risks to protect his child through anything. On their way, the two suffer many events that add to their worries, such as food stolen, or nearly captured by cannabils. While occasionally hitting a streek of good luck here and there, such as finding an un-opened can of Coca-Cola, or discovering a basement of supplies at an untouched house.

This is either a apoctalyptic America, or a modern North Korea.

This is either a post apoctalyptic America, or a modern North Korea., it might just be better than this Transformers 3.9: The Rise of the Cobra Revenge Fallen or whatever. It has a sense of bleakness that gets you to really know the situation in the movie, told so perfectlly, that you think that you're right there in all of the madness.

The film isn't bad ,though. If anything

The acting is amazing. I've never seen Viggo act for **** such as his role in G. I. Jane, where he sucked. But this film proved he had some seriously kick ass acting in him. He can't take all of the credit, though. Kodi did just as good, maybe even better, and he is a 12 year old! Talent scouts new what they were doing this time.

The trailer is somewhat misleading however. Some scenes in the trailer never happen, and the trailer makes it look like an action movie. Except for a few scenes, it is most certaintly a drama film. But that's not bad, of course.

"Give me your canned vegetables, foo!"

All right, here is my final review:


  • Has amazing story telling.
  • Flawless acting.
  • Proves better than higher grossing films.
  • Viggo Mortensen is back!
  • Outstanding, realistic effects to provided amazing scenery.


  • Misleading trailer
  • Too depressing at some points, to the extent that you mislook the film's true moral

Overall grade: (90%) A- :D -Luweegee


I'm back ppl!- I never really went anywhere


Sup ppl this is Luweegee on his first post in almost 4 monthes! In order to prove I'm back to the Gamespot community, i will review4 games by the end of the day. Look out for reviews on these4 games:

  • Call of Duty: Modern Warefare (Reflex)
  • Rock Band 2
  • The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks
  • Daxter

File:Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare.jpgFile:Rb2-box.JPGFile:The Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks box art.jpgFile:Daxter with rating.jpg

Be on the look out for many changes I'll be making to my account.



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i JUST GOT mgs3 AND IT IS FRICKEN SWEET! The game is a prequel to the whole series as you play as Snake, a special forces agent and spy,whos mission is to resque a nuclear scientist from the Soviets during the cold war. The game is a load of strategy, enjoyment, and brutal action. Although the beginning is mostly cutscenes rather than gameplay, and controls take some time to get used to. But regardless, the game is sweet, and I highly recommend it. LTRZ~



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