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More Games to add to the Nintendo Selects

I was randomly looking at GameInformer.com a week back (I ordered magazines) and found out that four new games are being added to the Nintendo Selects pile; Punch Out!!, Mario Strikers Charged, Super Paper Mario, and Super Mario Galaxy (FINALLY :shock: ) are now being added to the 20 bucks bandwagon.

I'm so happy because i can finally get more games for the Wii on one sitting. This may also help the wii's profits boost up, though i doubt gamers will pay attention to the console with the wii u coming out... =( So wii owners, cross your finger and hope this is true! :D

If u dont believe me, see for yourself:


Wii Ware Need Fixing?

The Nintendo Points Card is one thing Wii owners can use to buy retro classics made by Nintendo and other 3rd party organizations. Though i enjoyed playing old classics like SMB3 and Megaman, Wii Ware/Virtual Console may need more enhancements in the games it provides and the quality of those games it decides to put on "sale" in the Wii Shop Channel.

When compared to the Xbox Live Arcade and the Playstation Network, Wii's version of the gaming shop system falls a little short. Firstly, the games that Nintendo allows to be played on the Wii has a lack of variety. Now, that statement may be partly false, as i do admit that there are many retro games available; however, the thing that annoys me is that the more famous characters, such as Megaman, Kirby, and Mario, make almost 9/10 of the Virtual Console. Once again, these games are enjoyable, but the PS and Xbox have arcade-type games that are enjoyable but are not remade into another game like what Nintendo did to Tetris back in the NES days. Games such as Half-Minute Hero would have been nice to have on the Wii.

Another thing I noticed with the Virtual Console is that they took out many unlockables and other gameplay extras. So how do they get off calling the Virtual Console when the NES had more to the game?

Maybe Nintendo should try to find new games for Wii Ware that PS and Xbox have included, or persuade 3rd party organizations to add some of their games on Nintendo's home console. Though it may cost money, it might even attract PS/Xbox fans to the Wii and would give Wii owners more to look forward to.

It would make a nice change on the Wii U...

Pokemon Declining

Everyone knows that Pokemon was a big hit when the graphic novel, Pokemon Adventures, game, and anime came out. But it seems after almost 20 years of creating the lovable creatures, they have lost their creativity. Instead of cute or majestic creatures, we are now greeted with unusual and abominal creatures, like ice cream cones! The anime isn't up to par, either. Though the graphics have been enhanced, I find it quite unsettling. Should Pokemon end their creatures after 20 years of profit, or should they go back to the drawing board and create remakes of the old editions that made the franchise glorious?

Check out my reviews on Pokemon games (the games are better than the anime XD):

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