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Good morning my friends. I returned to my apartment last night and have just read your comments on the previous post and I want to say thank to all of you who spent time encouraging me through this hard time. I do wish I had something better to say, but truly thank you for making this small page a confidential place where I could write down things I couldn't elsewhere.

Also my apology for being vague in the last post, it was a fibroma in a little bit nasty position but the medical tests have confirmed that it was not malignant. To be honest, I feel so ashamed when rereading my previous post. I shouldn't have been so, well, pathetic, should I? But you see, in my memory some relations on my father's side died of cancerous tumors and I really do not have much knowledge on this topic. So I can only say to myself that's what happens when one is both ignorant and alone.

On my sick bed

Although the incision is healing well, I still feel a bit too cranky for gaming right now. Instead, I have been listening to music a lot and reading my favorite book, a biography of Frederic Chopin. The old book was given to me by my aunt very long ago, and despite having gone through it more than ten times, I always find something new and amazing whenever opening it. This time, the above quotation, an attitude quite different from mine, isn't it?

My friend took a few photos for me in the hospital with her cell-phone. Do you think shameful and miserable experiences are as worth remembering as happy moments in our life?

Under the Knife

Tomorrow on the operating table will not be any game, but I. Different, isn't it? Between finding a catchy title, sliding the rating bar: 8.0, 8.5... and receiving the result of your medical tests and an advice "You SHOULD take an operation ASAP"? I remember in all those teen-killer movies, the damsels always have some maudlin guys who wait anxiously outside the operating room and keep babbling "How... how is she?" whenever someone gets out. I do not. Just a few days ago I hesitantly asked one of my colleagues and probably my only friend here to drop into the hospital if she had time and the lady kindly promised to stay with me during and after the surgery. It reminds me that lately, ever since I moved to this city some half a year ago, I have become terrible at making friends, meaning people you feel comfortable to ask for favors in situations like this. And it's even worse to ponder over the Emergency Contact field on the form. Who could possibly? Not my parents, for they are far away and time has worn out their nerves, making them so easy to get panicked. I don't even risk posting this on my main blog because they may happen to read it sometimes. So these few lines are about everything on these miserable moments.

I have been thinking that our time is similar to a seamless flow and rarely do we realize that it's getting away every moment. But some events on that do face us against our current position and how far we have strayed from another point in the past. Anyhow, that's enough rambling. Please pray for me or write a few nice words down here to let me know someone in the world still cares for me. I'm logging out, since it's better to have an early night.

Return to The Frozen Throne

The Frozen Throne (TFT) used to cost me an arm and a leg, I mean if time is money. This is probably the only game I have spent so much time on to develop my skill. Although it's a true milestone in the evolution of the Real time strategy genre, in my own experience, it was even more special. Firstly, it was published at a time when the Net in my country became good enough for me to play on European an US servers. Imagine, before that I had been playing Broodwar solely on LAN with local players, this new experience was quite overwhelming. And secondly, everybody was so damn crazy when it came out, and so was I. I still remember how my ex bringing the TFT cd and we installed it together. Though our first 2 vs 2 on Battle net was a loss, we soon developed an imbalanced Night Elf and Undead combo (hunt, fiend rushing :D) which allowed us to have statistics like 30-6. I still keep some of our replays though it hurts too much to upload here :cry:.

My TFT Profile

Nevertheless, enough about the past. Back to now, I have spent the last few days playing on Garena and practising to play on Battle net again. It's great to play solo games though I'm also looking for some good undead player to fill in the blank of my life. My account on both Blizzard Battle Net (Kalimdor and Azeroth) and Garena is Lovely_beauty, of course. Please add me to your friend list if you happen to be playing this game right now, and post your account name here so that I can add you too. Anyone want to solo vs me, you have a duel. Just don't suck like this guy please!

The Olden Days

Do you all have a diary? I have one which I have kept at the bottom of my treasure chest for a long time and which I feel ashamed to open. How could it be? How could so many meaningful moments, the happiest years of our lives dwindle in to these soulless lines, though meticulous but powerless to retain what we have gone through? At times, such as tonight while I was sitting alone with my in front of the keyboard, the thought that I have no control over my language, or the language itself has no hold of my ideas, keeps pressing upon my mind.

The Longest Journey

Yet, there is another thing I keep in that treasure box: "The Longest Journey" CD set. It's nearly ten years you know. Ten years since the first time that little duckling dragged the mouse inside her awkward fingers and clicked on that line: "Start the Journey" to open up a world of wonder. Ten years since the time she spent endless hours dipping her stunned mind into this old cumbersome screen. Ten years since the small rat sneaked out of her bed every night to turn on her noisy computer, despite the risk of being caught by her angry mother.

Yet ten years later, she is setting up the old game on another computer, half an hour of flutter only to have some ridiculous warning about compatibility? Halt! A marvel! It opens again, before her astonished eyes. You know, the old days are somewhere, but always with us if want them back.

Anyone could help me with Gamespot HTML editor please?

Hi there, I am trying to manipulate HTML source code of my post with div and table tags to control my layout. However, after I click Preview or Summit buttons, these tags just disappear totally from my post and of course my layout is ruined. I get so frustrated! Could anyone help me please?

Ps: Please tell me if you need screen shots but I think the description above is clear enough. By the way, I was trying to create a layout similar to this blog post.


Update: I have just received a message from an admin of our site in which he clarifies: "HTML and any fancy CSS is automatically stripped out of blog and forum posts not done by anyone with an Admin status, unfortunately". However, why does the editor have function like accessing HTML source and inserting table if we are not allowed to use these HTML elements freely?!!!Anyway, my thanks to anyone reading this post and trying to help me.


Update #2:

Who is this?


Hey guys and gals, first of all I hate drug abuse. And second, I have just received my IELTS score this afternoon:
Listening: 7.5
Reading: 8.5
Writing: 8.0
Speaking: 7.0
Overall: 8.0
Not only does it help me to fulfill the requirements for a degree course I want to take this June but I also have a better chance of promotion thanks to my proficiency in the language. So I just want to tell you guys that I'm so happy and gonna sleep soundly tonight, and praps strut pompously down the high street tomorrow for some shopping! Bye for now.

Hi, I'm finally back!

I have been away from gaming and Gamespot for the past few months, which were really a hard period in my life.I'm not going into details of what happened to me and how I could manage through these months (for it sounds a bit like an old, bitter spinster to me :D). However, there were times when I thought that I could never return to video games any more, not because of my schedule or something, but of the constant feeling that it seemed to be a waste of time compared to other ... more important matters in life. Unfortunately, "Old habits die hard", especially once things have returned to normal. So I'm here.

Actually I have been back to gaming for few weeks, but it was 2 days ago I started to write review again. What inspired me to do so was my meeting with a very interesting guy from a gaming magazine in my country.Two game addictors reached each other's thoughts quite easily for the first date and he sent my this very useful document to improve my writing. I haven't finished reading it but there seems to be a big amount of information on video game genres, which is essential when we try to evaluate a game. You know, with such knowledge we will hardly praise a game unduly merely because it re-execute some common features of its type. On the other hand, we can avoid overlooking precious innovations of the genre.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Besides, I really appreciate the fact that after few months of inactivity, I still have so many friends on my list. It's really nice to see you all again ;)

Very Baby Men

A 45 year old man with no money to buy a raincoat and has to ask his wife for pocket-money?! Yeah, if you look around, life is just sick. In another happening, I played the role of bridesmaid the third time in my life in one of my gal's urgent wedding because there will be no gown fitting the bride next month. Honestly, I shocked to my core when first hearing her decision, not because of my fear of dying alone as a spinster, but have a look at this guy: 30 years old, junior sales staff in a petroleum company with a rent flat, rickety salary and neither foreseeable promotion, nor desire to leverage his qualifications. And one more point to add, he's good looking. So seriously why not just f**k him with diaphragm or condom (or both) on? Or if it gets worse, why not just "nip it in the bud"? People call this savage, but is that better than giving the child a life that he may not feel like merely because of your lack of responsibility and preparation? I should have protested it to the end, but it would be a game with no win condition for me. And after all, it would require a Messiah to sweep away all these sick things in life. Let's wait until he comes.

The Return of The King

Champion of USOpen 2008

It has always been a pleasure to watch a star rising, but it is an outburst of happiness and veneration to see one revive at the moment everybody thinks he will be plunged into darkness. This was my feeling after watching Federer outmatched Murray on Arthur Ashe Stadium last night. However, despite my joy and satisfaction, I still can't help but wonder whether what happened justifies the statement that a man can achieve everything with his constant determination and tireless effort. The first reason for this doubtful attitude is because Fed did not played versus Nadal, the one I hope he finds the way to control. The second is the controversial point on the fifth game of second set when Murray had the most obvious chance in the whole match to turn the tide. The TV replay actually showed that Federer's shot was long but the lineman called it in. Unfortunately, inexperienced Murray did not challenge such a critical point, and therefore missed the opportunity. It's not that I don't want to see the King return but I want to see how far Fed can get with his exertion. And in order to figure that out, let's wait for a bigger challenge to encounter him, something like Roland Garros next year.

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